What Is 4 Long Lashes?

4 Long Lashes is an eyelash treatment formula designed to help enhance the growth and development of longer, stronger and thicker eyelashes. It delivers moisture-enhancing ingredients that help your hair strands and follicles recover faster from damage while simultaneously providing protection from damage and premature fall outs that can thin your hair.

4 Long Lashes is made for adults who are taking any medication by way of eye drops must refrain from taking this product to avoid any untoward reaction with their treatment.

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4 Long Lashes

4 Long Lashes

4 Long Lashes is made for use on adult skin. Men and women who are longing to see more dramatic, thicker eyelashes on their naturally thin or sparse eyelashes.

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How does 4 Long Lashes Work?

4 Long Lashes work by delivering moisture and nutrients to help improve the appearance of your eyelashes. It adds in peptides as well as components that help improve micro-circulation and nutrient uptake. By enhancing the health of your hair and follicles, the health of new growth is also enhanced.

What Are The 4 Long Lashes Key Ingredients?


It consists of peptides that support faster damage recovery of hair strands and follicles. By growing stronger hair, this ingredient also provides better protection for future hair growth which, in turn, lengthens the life cycle of each strand.[1]


It coats and protects each strand from breakage and other damage that may shorten its life cycle. It also keeps moisture trapped inside, promoting hydration that lasts for long hours following application.[2]


An ingredient complex engineered to stimulate local circulation and blood flow. That means, more nutrients available to fuel skin mechanisms that help keep moisture in as well as enhance new growth to last lo their full life cycle.[3]


It gives 4 Long Lashes a deep, soothing relief on skin on your eyelids and around your eyes. This helps repair your damaged follicles and hair strands while also strengthening these so new growth can last much longer to their full cycle.[4]

Allantoin acts as an emollient that keeps your skin moisturized and prevents dryness and irritation, as we documented in our Vibriance Super C Serum article.

Pros and Cons of 4 Long Lashes

  • Product is available online via multiple individual reseller websites
  • This is specially formulated to help address sparse, thinning and balding lashes.
  • 4 Long Lashes supports moisture enhancement and reduces brittleness of hair strands.
  • It comes with a precision applicator to help not to get the product into your eyes.
  • It is easy to use and may be worn under your daytime makeup.
  • This product appears to have a limited distribution network and may not be available in several locations.
  • The full ingredients list is not disclosed anywhere.
  • There is no official product website where details being shared online about this product may be validated.
  • There is no information available about its makers which makes establishing accountability for results arising from product use severely problematic.
  • User reviews are extremely limited and do not provide reliable and sufficient firsthand information about this serum’s performance.

4 Long Lashes Before and After Pictures

4 long lashes – customer reviews

It makes your lashes grow but after 1 month of use I had to go to eye doctor because i had terrible swollen and itchy eyes so it’s not worth your health ladies and money. ~ Krushna

I had false lashes for 5 years. I took them off, my natural lashes were very short and weak. I’ve noticed a difference after 3 weeks of using this product. Definetly will purchase it again. ~ Zacky

Turns out the serum is so aggressive, that the follicles of my lashes got irritated and swollen, and started to scratch my eyes. Meanwhile, my lashes grew a bit longer, but the price I paid for that wasn’t worth it! ~ Roy

Seems to really work, my lashes seem to grow really nicely now, so much that when I put on mascara it leaves little marks just by my brows where the touch!! ~ Susin

It’s quite good, as long as you use it your lashes will be in a better condition. Expect an improvement but be realistic as well. In general I recommend it and will order it again. ~ Micha


Does 4 Long Lashes Have Any Side-Effects?

A: Without a full listing of ingredients, it is hard to say for sure how this serum may negatively impact your health and appearance.

Should You Buy 4 Long Lashes?

A: 4 Long Lashes, based on active ingredients disclosed may be able to help you with your sparse and thinning eyelashes concerns. The active components are well-known to deliver beneficial impacts that promote hair health. Anyhow, side-effects remain possible, most especially in the absence of a full list of ingredients. Besides, some underlying causes of hair loss, particularly those that have medical causes.

What Is Product Guarantee?

A: This eyelash treatment product are not available with the guarantees for this serum.

Where To Buy 4 Long Lashes?

A: This product is available via independent online reseller stores at varying prices and that, unfortunately, cannot guarantee the privacy and security of transactions.

What Is The Price And Quantity Of Long Lashes?

A: 4 Long Lashes sells for varying prices, and is listed on a leading reseller website for $23 for a 3 ml bottle.

4 Long Lashes Review— Eye Creams — Before & After

4 Long Lashes Before and After Pictures

Final Line

4 Long Lashes is an advanced lash treatment that utilizes a
scientific formulation to promote longer, thicker and smoother lashes with exceptional vitality. Eyelash growth enhancement to obtain thicker, fuller and longer lashes are one of the most sought-after aesthetic desires.

To achieve long eyelashes, there are various home remedies which have been used. These home remedies vary with their availability, cost, and choice of the user though they have offered significant outcomes over the ages.

Aditionally, Nanolash eyelash serum is also a unique formula made of natural & high-quality ingredients. It is safe for use on delicate eyes and is a wonderful option for enhancing eyebrows and eyelashes for long-lasting results.

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