7 Weird and Funny Things You Should Know About Your Boobs

Written by Emma Skylar, Modified October 24, 2017
Know About Your Boobs

They have many names, boobies, breasts, melons, bazongas or The Girls. Whatever your preferences is, breasts can be confusing, weird and funny to both those who have it and those who do not. Their existence is not a mystery. They are an elementary unit of life that we all have a chance to interact with at one time or another- during either breastfeeding or just for pleasure. What might be astounding is the fact that these two mounds of spongy flesh can hold many secrets. This is a compilation of these secretes that take the interesting boobs to another level. They range from the downright funny or just weird. If you ever wondered, why men have “useless” boobs, well, look no further: We have the answers for you.


1. All Men Were girls


The reason why men have nipples and boobs is that we were all girls. During fetal development in the womb, we were all conceived, as girls. At this stage, we are all similar, not even a difference in hormones. It is only after six weeks that testosterone takes control in the male fetus. This is weird. It becomes funny when you think that at some point, masculine men such as “The Rock”, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Vin Diesel were all girls. This is a scientific fact. Some of us are religiously inclined to thinking that the woman came into being by the donation of a rib from man. Girls may balance out this belief using this scientific fact- all men were girls.


2. More Than a Pair Of Boobs Or Nipples?


More than a pair of boobs or nipples?


Have you ever heard of Polythelia or polymastia? If you have not, then most probably you have just two nipples. If you know what these two words mean, then you might be among the 6% of people with an extra breast tissue that may sometimes manifest as a nipple. What makes this weird is that this extra mammary gland may not necessarily appear on the chest area. They mostly occur under the arm, the genital area, mid-chest, the back or the sternum and rarely under the foot. Most people mistaken these nipples to be fatty tumors or moles. These nipples function similar to normal nipples. Grab a mirror and carefully inspect your body. If you find it or them, you should not worry because this is very normal.


3. Small Spenders Are Attracted To Big Bobs


If that handsome man loves your big naturals, then there are very high chances that you do not like him for his wealth. According to a study done in 2013, the size of breast that a man likes is directly connected to his financial security. Men with lots of cash will settle for men with small-modest boobs. Men who are short of cash relatively have a penchant of women with generous, plentiful, bigger breasts. Before you go out with him, be sure to ask him what he likes most about your physical appearance.



4. Boobs Are Evolving Fast But Only In Size


Boobs Are Evolving Fast But Only In Size

The average woman (I do not know her) says that she is currently wearing a size 34DD bra. 20 years ago, the average woman wore a size 34B. This is according to the study. To put this in outlook, the band measurement is similar; however, it is almost bigger by three inches in the part where the chest is fullest. Maybe 20 more years from now, our definition of small boobs might have changed.


5. Boobs Are a Way To Tighten The Bond Between You And Your Sexual Partner


According to a 2012 study, nipple stimulation is away to bring two lovebirds even closer. The aim of this study was to find out why men are really attracted to boobs. The conclusion was that this was a result of evolution. In detail, men have discovered that a woman becomes more inclined to be physically connected or attracted to her male partner when he stimulates the nipple. Moreover, some women can achieve orgasm by nipples stimulation. The science behind this is that the brain of a woman cannot differentiate between nipple and genital stimulation


6. Are Boobs Related To The Bright Red Buttocks Of Our Ape Ancestors?


Are boobs related to the bright red buttocks Of Our Ape Ancestors?


Scientists have no explanation as to why women’s breasts are always full. Primates (consisting of monkeys, apes and humans) only have full breast when they are breastfeeding. Their breast quickly go back to normal-flat when they are done. This fact of course excludes women. So… what gives? There are many theories regarding this issue. One of the most substantial ones is that our full breasts are very comparable with the round and red butt cheeks of our ancestral apes.



7. Nipples Are Just All Over The Place


Like snowflakes, there are no similar nipples, not even the ones on a single pair of a girl’s boobs. They all have a very slight or major variation. Technically, nipples are characterized by protrusion. There are four different types of nipples.

  • Normal – These are the most common. They just stick out a few millimeters from the areola.
  • Flat – These nipples do not protrude completely.
  • Puffy – these might be confused with flat. This is because the nipples are flat. The only difference is that the areola is raised
  • Inverted – these nipples are inward.




Girls’ breasts are very popular. Boobs can be termed as the common ground of all men and women, straight or gay. They all agree: boobs are great to look at and satisfying to touch. We live in a boob-staring world. Women slightly glare at them while men stare at them. Sometimes the stares quickly drifts us off to a fantasy where we can only return to reality from a slap from the owner of the pair. Despite their popularity, do we really know enough about breasts? Some of these facts are weird while some may be funny. At least, you can now feel a tad more at par with the Commando.

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