About Us

Gorgeous Girl is a fun, one-stop go-to site that focuses on all-things womanly (although guys are always welcome!) We explore female interests that help our readers gain insights on the freshest teen and women-centric topics on the web, ranging from beauty, fashion, celebrity, skin care, health and diet, and product reviews, with a humorous and witty approach. We hope that through our website, you can be part of a positive network of modern girls and women.

An Iconic Site for Girls and Women

Gorgeous Girl is powered by authors who understand what young girls and women love to read. It showcases articles and encourages sharing of your own views on topics that matter most to women’s lives. We aim to teach, inspire and motivate our readers, and of course, to make them feel good about themselves – after all, we believe that every woman is beautiful and gorgeous in their own unique way.

What We Love To Talk About

Women love to chat about almost anything under the sun. Here at Gorgeous Girl, we take womanly conversations in a whole new level – we put the most talked about topics, issues and stories in one place, and then make it easily accessible to all. Check out our hottest picks!


Oh yes, of course we love to talk about makeup, nail care, hair care and beauty trends. We believe that inner beauty is amazing, and a must – but looking and feeling beautiful on the outside matters too. That’s why we love to share expert beauty advice, makeup and hairstyle tutorials, beauty tricks, and more without the fuss.


Anything about fashion is an eye candy – it’s probably because branded or not, we love to sport a fashionable garb and feel good about it. Gorgeous Girl is your fashion hub that gives you the latest fashion trends, accessories and jewelries, ranging from designer brands to practical ensembles that won’t make your bank account shudder.


We follow celebrities all the time. We adore them. We hate them. We envy them. It doesn’t matter. One thing’s for sure – we love to be kept updated. Don’t worry, we will keep you on the loop on the latest celebrity news, celebrity life, movies and TV shows.

Skin Care

We believe that every woman should love their skin. That’s why our site is packed with skin care advice and information on anti-aging problems, wrinkle care, cellulite care and acne. We promise that we won’t keep you hanging.

Health and Diet

Learn more about weight loss, healthy living, sexual health, puberty and growing up. After all, having optimal health is wealth – and key to a happy, untroubled and fulfilling life.

Product Reviews

We love writing reviews because we believe these are unbiased, practical way to know if a product is really worth trying. Here at Gorgeous Girl, we give truthful reviews on different skin care products such as wrinkle creams, anti-aging serum, skin brighteners, sunscreen, and more.

Gorgeous Girl has everything! So go on, feel free to explore our site.



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