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Top 10 Awesome Bachelor Party Ideas

by GorgeousGirl Staff, Updated October 14, 2022
Top 10 Awesome Bachelor Party Ideas

Bachelorette Party Ideas

Is your best friend or sister getting married? If yes, then you might already be going crazy by now trying to look for amazing bachelorette party ideas to make sure that she will be spending her last few days of being a bachelorette with a bang!

Well, don’t worry, we have got you covered! Below are some amazing bachelorette party ideas that will make her party one night that she would never forget.

Lingerie themed bachelorette party

Host a lingerie themed bachelorette party

Ask all the guests to bring a sexy piece of lingerie and let the bride guess who gave her each piece. This is one idea that both the bride (and especially) the groom will love you for!

Coed Olympics

Coed Olympics

If the bride and the groom are the type of couple who doesn’t want to be away from each other too long, this is the best idea for them. Have each team dress up in a cute Team Bride and Team Groom outfits then plan an entire day of competing with each other.

Exercise together

Sweat it out together

For the bride who is a health and fitness buff, let her sweat it out with the ladies she loves most. You can schedule an intense fitness class with for the whole entourage. You can celebrate with cocktails afterward.

Camping with friends

Go camping

Who says bachelorette parties have to be fancy to be fun? Go camping and get in touch with nature and give the bride the adventure of a lifetime.

Wine Tasting

Go champagne or wine tasting

For the sophisticated bride, an entire day of wine tasting is the best way to leave singlehood with a bang. Make sure to hire a van for this event so that no one of you has to drive.

Scavenger hunt game

Enjoy a scavenger hunt

Put your bride’s hunting skills to the test by planning an elaborate game of scavenger hunt. Make sure that your bride would have to go out of her comfort zone to solve this one!


Go on a dessert crawl

If your bride is a sugar junkie, take her to some of the best dessert spots all throughout the city. Just make sure everyone only had light dinner before the tour.


Sing your hearts out at karaoke

For the bride who has always wanted to be a rock star, here is an idea that will make all her dreams come true.

Pole dancing

Enroll in a pole dancing class

Let the bride-to-be learn one skill that her husband-to-be will surely appreciate—pole dancing! Learning to wrap your body around a pole is actually quite fun!

Fortune telling night

Enjoy a fortune telling night with the ladies

Hire an astrologer who will read palms and tarot cards and predict the future. If the future bride is having wedding jitters, this idea will let her take a peek into how her future would look like.

Include all the things mentioned above in your honeymoon packing checklist and you can surely be able to make the most out of your honeymoon.

By Gorgeousgirl Staff

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