7 Proven Benefits Of a Healthy Sex Life And How To Maintain It

Written by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Modified October 16, 2018
benefits of a healthy sex life

While previously considered a taboo, the topic of having an active sex life has slowly become acceptable. And, why not? The benefits of a healthy sex life will surprise you.

So, here are some great examples that prove that there are health benefits of love making:

1. People Who Have Sex On a Regular Basis Gets Higher Levels Of Immunity

sex increases immunity level

A sexual health expert stated in a journal of sexual medicine that most sexually active men and women take fewer sick days. It has been said that they develop increased immunity to germs, viruses, bacteria, and other potential intruders that may cause your body harm. A study showed that college students who have sexual intercourse for two to three times a week had higher levels of immunoglobulin A IGA than those who have lesser activity.

Having a boosted immunity is perfect in warding off cough, colds, and flu. Of course, it should go without saying that a healthy and active lifestyle is still necessary to have a strong immune system. Take care of yourself by eating right, doing physical exercises, and sleeping early.

2. Some of the health benefits of sex for females is the role it plays in the improvement of their bladder control and a decrease in menstrual cramps

 sex decreases menstrual cramps

Incontinence affects more than one-fourth of the women population at some point during their lifetime. Sex is a great way to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Orgasm causes contractions of those particular muscles, which serves as a complete workout. This fights off any chances of suffering incontinence.

Menstrual cramps can be alleviated through regular sex. It has been proven that in many cases, sexual activities have managed to eliminate not only the cramps but other unpleasant feelings a woman experience when she is having her period. This effect is also attributed to orgasms, contractions, and eventual releases. Who knew about the many excellent benefits of a healthy sex life can do to women’s health?

3. For Men Who Have Sex Regularly, The Chances Of Developing Prostate Cancer Become Thinner

sex benefits

A study showed that men who had sex and ejaculated frequently with a minimum of 21 times in a month had shown less likelihood of contracting the disease. This is probably one of the best sex benefits for men. The interesting part is that it does not have to be just sexual intercourse, it can be achieved via nocturnal emission and masturbation. Although, it is important to note that the study is not clear on whether all factors that can affect a patient’s risk of developing cancer were considered.

4. A Healthy Sex Life Makes a Great Substitute For An Aspirin

health benefits of sex

As stated previously, orgasm seems to counteract pain. During orgasm, a particular hormone is released. This hormone can raise the pain threshold of a person. While it does not seem to actually dwindle down the pain, increasing your tolerance of it can do the trick. For some, stimulation can help in easing the pain even without the orgasm. Some women said that genital self-stimulation had shown great effects on improving cramps, headache, and the pain that goes with arthritis.

5. Hormone Prolactin Released After An Orgasm Is a Great Sleeping Aid

 importance of healthy sex life

If you are having troubles snoozing, sex may just be the answer. Most people attribute sleepiness due to feeling because sex is a strenuous activity. However, it does not seem to be the only case. This hormone prolactin is released through orgasm and can make you feel more relaxed and a lot more sleepy. If you need a good night’s rest, you know what to do.


6. Take Care Of Your Mental Health Through An Active Sexual Lifestyle

effect of sex on mental health

Sex is an answer to anxiety and stress. In this day and age, everyone seems to be on edge. Physical contact with a loved one actually releases a happy hormone that makes you feel good. On the other hand, the arousal you get from sexual tension puts your brain in a state of pleasure. Another one of the many benefits of a healthy sex life is the immediate boost in confidence it provides. It is easy to feel more at eased and comfortable of your own skin after having sex.

Surprisingly, most of there are also health benefits of kissing, so you need not go all the way.

7. Healthy Sex Life Is That It Is Good For The Heart

health benefits of sex
There are claims that people have died to experience heart attacks during intercourse, and this got many people thinking that sex triggers a heart attack. This is not the case. The cause of their sudden infarction maybe due to stress and other outlying factors. There is no denying that it increases one’s heart rate as it is a form of physical exercise, but there are many studies that show people who have active sexual life have lesser chances of experiencing heart attacks, provided they do not have any previous heart disease or pre-existing issues with their cardiovascular health.

  • How To Maintain a Healthy And Active Sex Life

 maintain a healthy sex life

Given all of the benefits of a healthy sex life, you may want to get some ideas on how to maintain one:

  • First, get routine check-ups. This is non-negotiable. Being active does not give you a leeway to be comfortable and negligent.
  • Always use protection. Having sex on a regular basis makes you susceptible to possible health issues. Better be safe than sorry.
  • Be relaxed. Stress can affect your performance. While sex is a great way to reduce stress, you do not want to bring it inside the bedroom.
  • Try to quit the cigarettes. Nicotine can affect your sexual performance, as well, due to its impact on restricting blood flow towards crucial sexual organs.
  • Feel confident. There is no room for insecurity in the bedroom. Experts say that if you are affected by the image you have, it can lead to poor sex life.

Everyone must be asking, “Is sex healthy everyday?”. Well, given all the benefits of a healthy sex life cited in this article, what do you think?

“Hope you find the post helpful and we are excited to hear what you think of it!”

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