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10 Sexual Health Facts Your Mom Never Told You

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated September 5, 2016
10 Sexual Health Facts Your Mom Never Told You

Benefits Of Sex

Do you feel you were given enough enlightenment about sex by your parents? No? Welcome to the club where most of us were only told about the rudiments of sex. These may not be enough when you start to have sexual affairs with people. Here are some other sexual health facts:


Sex helps the heart

During sexual activity, the heart beats faster. This helps in pumping and circulating blood to various parts of the body. It also prevents risk of heart attack or stroke.


Masturbation and depression

Masturbation helps to cure depression as hormones and emotions are released during orgasm. This puts the mind at ease and makes you feel much more comfortable with your body in general. With 4-5 minutes of masturbation, if you are able to touch the right spots, you will climax, and your whole world will be at ease.


Sex relieves stress

Having sexual intercourse may help in reducing your stress level. Having vaginal intercourse before performing a stressful task will help to lower blood pressures as well as stress level.
Better self-esteem

People usually have sex just to feel good about themselves. It is a sexual health fact that having sexual intercourse makes you feel more attractive and powerful. Although, some other have sex with humane intentions. All they actually want is for their partner to feel good.


Orgasm improves sperm quality

Frequent sex may help in improving the sperm quality of a man. This increases fertility. Men who ejaculate or have sex on a daily basis, usually have higher quality and more viable semen compared to those who have sexual intercourse less often. This may help couples with mild fertility problems to conceive.


Sex lowers cancer

Frequent ejaculation either by masturbation or sexual intercourse may help in lowering the risk of prostate cancer in men. In women, frequent activity on the breast during sexual intercourse may also help in lowering breast cancer.


Sex relieves pain

Having sexual intercourse can be a pain relief. During arousal and orgasm, a feel-good hormone known as oxytocin is produced by the hypothalamus in the brain. Oxytocin help women in relieving pain, especially stomach pains or cramps during their menstruation. Oxytocin also helps in relieving pain in men.


Sex makes the brain more active

When you are aroused, different regions of the brain will become activated just as a way of responding to stimulation of the clitoris, cervix, vagina, or nipples.


Sex and ovulation

As a result of the desire of a woman’s body to fertilize the released egg during ovulation, women crave for more sexual activity during this period compared to any other time all through their cycle.


Shaving the pubes

Pubic hair helps in protecting the vagina against infections. Clean shaved pubes are more prone to sexually transmitted infection. You can decide to go natural and still keep up a healthy hygiene.

Asides satisfaction and orgasm, above are some sexual health facts you may need to know. To derive all these sexual health benefits, indulge only in safe sex.

By Gorgeousgirl Staff

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