9 Fruitful Benefits Of Shea Butter In Delaying Your Skin Aging

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Have you ever come across Shea butter seed or produce intentionally or not without knowing its many glowing benefit and value to humanity? Now how does it feel to have not just a healthy but good-looking skin devoid of spots and wrinkles that you can be proud of anytime, any day? Everyone desires to have their skin look their best whether celebrities, corporate climbers, sit-at-home-mums and more. But ensuring your skin looks that great without blemish, wrinkle or aging fast is another ball game entirely.

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The human skin contains living cells that regenerate as well as can degenerate depending on what one feeds it with. Daily consumption of minerals and vitamins help keep the human cells alive and rejuvenated. These minerals and vitamins exist in what we apply on the skin, consume or expose our bodies to such as sunlight.

Shea butter provides humanity with so many wonders to help fight back the aging of the skin. But man is yet to harness to the fullest some of the many derivable benefits of the application of Shea butter products for improving the human skin. In this article, we explore the several wonders and benefits of Shea butter.

1. What Is Shea Butter?


We derive Shea butter from the seeds of the karite tree or Magnolia tree. It is nature’s own way of providing solutions to an aging skin, keeping it refreshed through a regular provision of collagen and other essential oil and minerals to help replenish the skin. Shea butter is the natural fat of the Shea seed called the Shea fat and extracted from the nuts of the Karite tree to provide health benefits for a dry skin.

They grow naturally across the savannah regions of West and Central Africa serving as a source of healing, a cosmetic product and offering economic benefits to society.

2. What Does Shea Butter Contain?


Here are some valuable components of the Shea butter identified by the American Shea Butter Institute that makes it a blessing to humanity:

Minerals and Vitamins

a. Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps replenish your skin by keeping it moisturized and avoiding a dry skin. With a healthy dose of vitamin-A, your body quickly rejuvenates from scars. It increases the production of collagen one of the ingredients for maintaining cell rejuvenation and major benefits of Shea butter.

b. Vitamin E

Vitamin E provides fast healing for injuries obscuring the blemish on your skin. It provides moisture for the skin keeping it fresh and tender. Its anti-oxidant properties make it possible to wade off the free radicals responsible for the aging of the skin faster and beautifying the skin surface.

c. Vitamin K

Vitamin K is one of the most vital vitamins for dealing with stretch marks, blood clotting, dark circles and maintaining a glowing looking skin.

d. Vitamin F

Vitamin F helps keep your skin looking tender as it contains fatty acids to add moisture to your skin surface. The presence of healthy fatty acid under the skin layer protects the skin from harsh conditions prevalent in warm, sunny and temperate regions such as that of the Savannah regions.

e. Fatty Acid

Shea butter comprises some of the finest minerals to help accentuate the looks of your skin and free it from radicals and anti-oxidants. Shea butter contains essential fatty acids that can help improve skin texture and fight aging include the stearic acid, linoleic acid, oleic acid and arachidic acids. The body can absorb these acids in the Shea butter stress-free to rejuvenate the skin and fight skin complications.

Besides the above Shea butter also possess UV-B absorbents called cinnamic acid, tocopherols, triterpenes, hydrocarbons for skin rehydration against dry skin and phytosterols. The above acids help keep the skin refreshed, heal faster and fight the aging process.

3. How Does Shea Butter Help Your Skin? 5 Ways Shea Butter Helps Reverse Or Delay Aging Skin

a. Anti-Aging Properties

The application of Shea butter on the skin helps return the skin to its elastic nature, removing wrinkles, blemishes to the skin and fight back the aging process through increase circulation of blood to the skin area, making it the key benefits of Shea butter.

b. Natural Skin Care

Due to its bountiful supply of Vitamins A and E Shea butter serves as a cream for the hair and skin. That way it can provide soothing relief from windburn, sunburn, winter dry skin and keep the skin looking young always.

c. Healing Value

The anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties of Shea butter provide an exceptional cover against a wide variety of ailments and skin reactions. Shea butter healing properties include taking care of acne on the face, cracks, and scars on any part of the body. When applied to the hair it can make the hair regain its shiny looks, stop hair loss or rebuild damaged skin and hair.
Other more amazing health benefits of the Shea butter includes, soothing relief against muscle aches, rheumatism, arthritis, helps lower cholesterol levels, stop nasal inflammation or congestion, treatment of diarrheal and wounds.

d. Moisturizer

The body must remain tender always to avoid dryness, wrinkles, aging, and breakage. Shea butter makes it easy to get rid of eczema, psoriasis, make hard skin and feet soft by restoring their tenderness and skin moisturizing occurs when the Shea butter penetrates the skin surface. The property contained in Shea butter is the same as that produced by the sebaceous gland to help moisturize the body when it is dry.

e. Eliminates Scalp And Body Rashes

Shea butter provides useful solutions to diaper rashes, dryness and itchy skin or scalp as well as bumps caused by irritation from razor use. Shea butter is also very rich as lip balms for keeping the lips soft and from cracking. It works for the treatment of mosquito or insect bites, nail cuticle cream, and skin patches as well.

4. Shea Butter For Stretch Marks


Stretch marks could be quite discomforting and once you’ve applied Shea butter it helps get rid of a stretch mark during pregnancy. Shea butter restores the skin surface eliminating the stretches.
Regenerates skin cell The presence of Vitamin A helps produce collagen for rebuilding worn-out tissues while Vitamin E softens the skin and eliminates skin dryness. The ability to regenerate cells as benefits of Shea butter makes it possible for wounds to heal fast.
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5. Shea Butter For Acne


Maintaining an oily or rehydrated skin helps prevent the skin from a lot of ailments and that’s one benefit of Shea butter in regenerating the skin cells. Acne gets eradicated when you apply qualities Shea butter on the head of the acne.

Cosmetic benefit Most cosmetic products make use of extracts or refined Shea butter containing vitamins A and E to help treat skin problems and restore the skin to its natural glowing state. The presence of Shea butter in cream, lotion, makeups, facial scrubs, lipstick all speaks volumes of its wonderful benefits.

6. Shea Butter For Skin Lightening


Speculations exist on the possibility of Shea butter lightening the skin. Shea butter contains ingredients that help the skin even out and eliminate dryness of the skin. By reducing inflammation, redness and in the same vein help restore the skins; natural texture and color. Regular application of Shea butter can eliminate dark spots around the eyes, stretch marks as well as pigmentation in the process it can tone the skin improving the complexion.

7. Shea Butter On Face At Night


The night time is always the best time to help rejuvenate the body cells. The body takes the night time as the opportunity to rebuild worn-out tissues and when you apply Shea butter on the face at night, the body absorbs and makes use of it faster, achieving better results in fighting the aging process.

8. Excelagene Anti-Aging Product By Solvaderm


Excelagene by Solvaderm is a scientifically advanced product that provides you an excellent solution for rejuvenating your skin. It is a clinically tested product that fights anti-aging and protects the skin from the causes of the aging process. Excelagene helps restore your youthfulness and good looking skin by boosting the body’s cell activities for rejuvenation.

9. Benefits Of Excelagene By Solvaderm


A. Provides anti-oxidant that helps the skin fight free radicals against aging. Also contains anti-aging properties.
B. Serves as a moisturizer.
C. Protects the skin surface.
D. Absorbs moisture from the environment to eliminate wrinkles.
E. Improves cell functionalities.
Benefits of Shea butter are in its anti-aging value. Get Solvaderm’s Excelagene to fight aging skin and repair worn-out tissues today and keep your skin glowing and restored.

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