7 Facts You Would Want To Know About The Best Condoms To Use

Written by Janella Domingo Diaz, Modified October 16, 2018
Best Condoms

These days, the use of contraceptives has become quite rampant, and with the type of society and the economic conditions that we have nowadays, it no longer comes a surprise. Many people today wish to enjoy the pleasures of having sex without the unwanted consequences that come with it-having children-and that is what contraceptives are for. But more than, the use of contraceptives is also useful for protecting yourself from possible sexually transmitted diseases.

If you are a sexually active person, you may want to look for the best condoms to use. Sadly though, you cannot ask just anyone about it. And most probably, you will also be too embarrassed to do so!

Do not worry though! We got you! We have prepared this article to provide you with everything you need to know about which are the best condoms for her, types of condoms and any other condom questions that you may have. So if you are ready, let’s get started!


1. How To Put a Condom On?


putting on a condom


With one look, it may seem as if putting on the condom is quite easy but in reality, this act is a bit tricky. To master this, it is recommended that you practice on a banana first.

The first step is to make sure that the condom is placed in the right position-with its right side up. After that, pinch the tip and slowly, place it over the penis. In a gentle manner, roll down the condom until it reaches the end. And you’re done!


2. Why Do I Need To Leave Out Space At The End Of The Condom?


Best condom for women


The space serves as a cup for the semen-to prevent it from spilling out of the condom and reducing your risk of getting pregnant.


3. Who Should Put The Condom On-The Guy Or The Girl?


condom for male


Actually, anyone can put a condom on. It can be you or the guy so just go with what will tickle both your fancy.


4. What Are The Different Types Of Condom?


types of condom


There are actually plenty of types of condoms out there. If you wish to know what is the most suitable for you and your girl, here are some of the information you need to know about them:


  • Standard, Magnum And Snug Fit

    A snug fit condom can help minimize your chances of getting pregnant. An ill-fitting condom can be uncomfortable to the man, and it is most likely that he will remove the protection even before the sex is over if it does not fit him properly.

  • Ultra Thin

    Many women complain about the pain they experience when having sex with men wearing condoms. To minimize this, ultra thin condoms are made available. These condoms increase the pleasure for both parties by simulating the feeling of wearing nothing at all. As a result, he can be able to maintain erection, and she can be protected from pain.

  • Textured

    There are condoms that have different textures like dotted and many more. These textures are made for their partner’s pleasure.

  • Climax Control

    There are plenty of men who come too soon, and this condom would be perfect for them. The insides of these condoms are covered with numbing agent to prevent sensation. However, it comes with a few side effects.

    For one, then numbing agent may cause some men to go limp since he won’t be able to feel anything. Second, there is a chance that the numbing agent may get into the woman’s vulva which will also cause her to feel numb.

  • Spermicide

    There are some condoms that are coated with spermicide which also acts as a lubricant with the bonus of killing sperm on contact, providing added prevention. However, the active ingredient in these types of condoms is nonoxynol-9, and it can irritate the vaginal lining and vulvar tissue which can be harmful to the woman.

  • Condoms With Added Sensations

    This is perfect for couples who wish to spice things up in the bedroom. Some of the sensations added to the condom are cooling and tingling sensations that can make the sex much more sensational.

  • Non-Latex

    If your partner is allergic to latex, then this is the condom for you. Some of the latex allergy symptoms are rash, redness, and skin irritation.


5. How To Remove a Condom?


remove condom


Make sure to remove the condom while the penis of your partner is still erect. Take all precautions to prevent it from spilling. Tie it on the open portion of the condom then throw it in the trash can. Never flush the condom as it may lead to plumbing issues.


6. Why Do Condoms Break?


condom use


You may have already heard hundreds of stories of couples who use condoms and still fell victim to unwanted pregnancy. This is because condoms may break and there are three reasons why they do.

First, it may have been stretched too tight, Second; they might have been put on wrong. Last but not the least, the guy might be wearing the wrong size-either too loose or too tight.


7. What Can I Do If Our Condom Breaks?


condom problems


It is recommended that you use at least two types of contraceptive if you are sexually active. But if condom is the only birth control that you are using and it breaks, the next best thing that you can do is to take the after morning pill.

This is a pill that can reduce your chances of getting pregnant, but it will only work if you will take it within the next 24 hours.

The use of condoms has become popular, but still, there is still a lot of people who do not know much about it. There are plenty of types of condoms out there and choosing the right one can make all the difference. Aside from keeping you safe from STD’s and preventing unwanted pregnancies, the right condom for women can also help you to have the best sexual experience of your life and also, make sure that you will satisfy the sexual desires of your partner.

“Hope you find the post helpful and we excited to hear what you think of it!”

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