7 Best Eye Cream of 2019

Written by Meighan James, Modified January 4, 2019
Best Eye Cream

“A good eye cream is really important when you are traveling, busy and stressed-that’s when the dark puffy circles can get you.” Take it from Kate Winslet, you do need an eye cream even more for these stressful moments but, if you have mature skin, you’d rather have one every single day and night.

Here are some of the best eye creams out in the market:

2. Solvaderm Eyevage

With an ingredient lineup led by Phytonadione and Arnica Montana Extract, ingredients that accelerate skin healing and restoration,Solvaderm Eyevage commits to provide skin around your eyes with calming anti-inflammatories, protective antioxidants, and moisture enriching hyaluronic acid and botanical oils. Overall and with regular use, your skin experiences improved microcirculation, firmer and denser skin, and skin that is more resilient to signs of skin damage and aging.

1. Andre Lorent Eye Cream

Andre Lorent Eye Cream boasts of Sepilift, a wrinkle correcting ingredient, fused with the skin revitalizing properties of resveratrol. Formula also contains emollients, humectants and skin conditioners. The manufacturer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee but, does not make this product available for free trial. Product is not recommended for use on sensitive skin types.

3. Eau Thermale Avène Rétrinal Eyes Eye Contour Care

With retinol at the center of this product’s formulation, manufacturer claims that wrinkles, puffiness and dark under eye circles can be expected to become less noticeable. The downside is that this product must only be used at night because of its retinol content. Note that Eau Thermale Avène Rétrinal Eyes Eye Contour Care contains hormone disrupting parabens and neurotoxic phenoxyethanol.

4. SkinCell Eye Gel

SkinCell Eye Gel is available via a 14-day free trial offer only although 14 days is simply too short of a period to assess product effectiveness. Key ingredients listed include a ceramide complex, rosemary extract and balm mint extract, ingredients that hardly make any lasting improvements to your skin’s health and appearance. Unfortunately, there is very little information about product composition and how it works.

5. Dermalactives Eye Cream

All the products that have come from this brand, so far have been outrageously priced. Dermalactives Eye Cream , only lists glycerin and jojoba oil as its primary ingredients. None of these can bring about any lasting anti-aging benefits for your skin, however. Neither does the manufacturer provide any study to prove efficacy of product formula in restoring skin health and surfacing younger looking skin. Even if you did want to get your hands on this expensive eye cream though, the product is only available via the manufacturer website.

6. First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy AM Gel Cream

First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy AM Gel Cream is made with a formula that consists of cell communication enhancing peptides that help facilitate higher collagen production; marine botanical extracts that help restore the skin’s protective barrier and provide antioxidant shield at the same time; and, botanical extracts that help improve circulation. The major drawback is that for a daytime product, it is sad that this one does not already include sun protection as a function.

7. Vida Eye Revitalizer

Resellers are offering Vida Eye Revitalizer via a free trial order mechanism. The key ingredients in the formula include Vitamin K which enhances microcirulation, passion flower extract for treating UV damaged skin, aloe vera for rebuilding your skin’s outer surface layer, peptides to stimulate faster rates of collagen production, and grape extract which boosts your skin’s antioxidant content. There is, however, no information available about any study on product efficacy to deliver on its claims.


Skin around your eyes deserves more special attention and care. These days, you can’t just trust product claims, you need to be able to understand what’s in it to know what exactly it can deliver. This list of 7 must-know eye creams demonstrate how important information is in choosing the right product to take care of your delicate eye area.

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