Beyoncé Latest News: Beyoncé And Jay Z Welcome Twins To Family

Written by Emma Skylar, Modified October 16, 2018
Beyoncé Latest News:

Always looking forward to what celebrity life has to offer? Well don’t look further. With the latest news on social media, you will always be at par with what is currently happening. Being in sync with your social media is what will boost your touch and update you regularly, fast and with first- hand information as desired. Well the latest celebrity news to hit the social media of late is the fact that Beyoncé and her hubby Jay Z are about to add two more family members to their family of three. Waoh! Imagine that. I am steel reeling from the news and the excitement is still bounding off me as I write this.


1. Pregnancy News


Pregnancy News


It has reportedly been said that Beyoncé has dropped the latest celebrity gossip lines expected to go for a period of time before cooling down. Beyoncé latest news as told by the People is that they are thrilled and overall excited to be welcoming twins to their family. They have already started sharing the news of Beyoncé twins with close friends and family members. Beyoncé and Jay Z already have a young five old daughter blue Ivy. Therefore, parenting isn’t a new thing to them but welcoming twins is still a major thing to any family and especially a celebrity family.



2. Baby Shower


In May, Beyoncé held a baby shower for her unborn twins and celebrated it with her closest friends and celebrity partners including her mates in the destiny child’s band Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. Serena Williams who is another mom to be was also in attendance and La Anthony was also present in the celebrations. Beyoncé kids are now about to hit three in her 35 years of age while Jay Z is about 47. What else can one ask for at such a time? I believe this is a happy couple especially with the newly shared pregnancy news.


3. Social Media


Social Media


It came as a shock to many when Beyoncé revealed the fact that when was expecting twins. She did it on social media back in February with a classic photo and a simple but informative statement. The captioned instagram image was of her surrounded by beautiful bouquets of flowers of different types and colours. The arrangement is simply amazing to the eye. However, that not the catching element in this specific photo, but the fact that she is wearing a veil and lingerie and holding her baby bump with both hands. The statement said that she was happy and above all thrilled to share the family’s happiness with the entire world. She said that they were being blessed double to two times this round. She said she was thankful that they were growing as a family and thanked their entire well -wishers.


4. Instagram Record Keeping


Beyoncé pregnancy news has lit a forever burning candle in the social media. Beyoncé latest news and her pregnancy bump photo have broken instagram records with the most likes of around eleven million likes. She has taken over Serena Gomez record on instagram likes with around 6.3 million likes. Well if aiming to beat this specific record, you will require amazing news for these many people to be interested in what you have to offer. As for now, the floor is being left to Beyoncé and her pregnancy news.


5. Twitter going Crazy


Twitter going Crazy


Well, instagram may have received the news first and development a huge liking and following for Beyoncé twins. However, twitter has also been hilariously taken over by Beyoncé pregnancy news. Some of the statements indicate that people have had fun moments and made jokes regarding the fact. Some even say that the day Beyoncé has her twins will no longer be someone else’s birthday anymore. I believe that she believes that Beyoncé twins are bound to take over that day as well. Some were even twitting their devastation over receiving the news late such as an hour late. @robinthede says that she gets alerts on her phone for any form of information or tragedies but it took an hour for her to come across the news about Beyoncé pregnancy news. She says that it is a travesty for her to come across this information that late.


6. Social Media Detectives


It is apparent that Beyoncé latest news comes as a shock to many. However, it is expected that she is to be having a girl and a boy due to the colours she selected in the photo. This is attributed to the pink ribbon she is wearing for a girl and the blue bottoms for a boy. Therefore, Beyoncé twins are said to be a boy and a girl. This will be a huge addition to Beyoncé kids as she will now have two girls and a boy if that is actually the case.


7. Future Performances


Future performances


Beyoncé was set to perform in April at the Coachella festival. It is being rumoured that the organisers of the said festival had no idea about the songstress’s pregnancy news. We are now eagerly awaiting the decision of this famous songstress about performing in the said festival. It is apparent that she will be in the heights of her pregnancy which will make it difficult to perform as vigorously as we all know she does. Failure to appear at the festival will also lead to massive loss in the fan base. To tell the truth, many are going to see her and her performance of the night and not being there may cause people not to attend the festival in general. Well, I believe she can put up any kind of performance if she puts herself up to it. How about awards and ceremonies? Well lets wait and see.




Beyoncé just gave the world a turnabout in celebrity life and lifestyle. It is apparent that she is a proud mother of a five-years old daughter and twins that are on the way. Furthermore, she is an amazing artist, performer and songstress. What else can one ask for at such a time? Let’s wait and see how the events unfold by being tuned to our celebrity news and lifestyles through social media and the likes.

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