Bioderma Sebium Global Description

Bioderma Sebium Global is marketed as a skin care treatment that can eliminate pimples and blackheads. It promises to target both the causes and consequences of acne breakouts. In addition to that, it claims to soothe and clear the skin as well as limit the scarring that will be left behind by breakouts.

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Bioderma Sebium Global

Bioderma Sebium Global

It promises to target both the causes and consequences of acne breakouts.

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Bioderma is a pioneer of skin care products since 1978. All of their products have been formulated based on their studies about the way healthy skin works. All of their products work by reactivating the natural resources of the skin to help it resist irritations and infections. For best results, apply the product liberally to the skin after thoroughly cleansing it. Avoid contact with the eye area. You can use it once to twice a day.

Bioderma Sebium Global Ingredients

Salicylic Acid:

This is a well-known acne treatment and it works by removing the dead skin cells on the top layer of the skin, helping to minimize redness and inflammation. As a result, the number of pimples that may form will be decreased. It can also speed up the healing process of the acne-prone skin.

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract:

This is considered to be the newest herb that exhibits anti-aging properties. Many studies have shown that this can act as a natural sunscreen and protect the skin from the harmful UV rays. Additionally, it is also a natural cleanser and can help reduce the inflammation on the skin.


This ingredient plays a great role in the repair of damaged skin. It also has amazing moisturizing properties which can help keep skin hydrated, moist and supple.


This boosts the protective barrier of the skin and can keep the skin hydrated and protected from environmental stressors. However, it can irritate the eyes and skin.

Propylene Glycol:

This is a hydrating ingredient that can allow the other ingredients to better penetrate the skin. This ingredient is not recommended for use for pregnant women and babies.

Pros and Cons of Bioderma Sebium Global

  • The product can be used under makeup. However, some users claim that it can be quite difficult to spread makeup over this product.
  • The treatment targets the causes of acne and blackheads. However, it can be a bit harsh for normal to dry skin.
  • It can also limit scarring.
  • The product contains fragrance.
  • The treatment has alcohol.
  • Users complain that the product produces a stinging sensation when applied.
  • They also claim that it is too drying and may not be suitable for dry skin.
  • Users also complained of experiencing breakouts upon using this product.


Price and Quantity

A:The quantity of Bioderma Sebium Global is 1 oz (30 ml) available in a bottle where the retail price range of Bioderma Sebium Global is $19 to $28.

Should You Buy It?

A:From the looks of it, it seems like this product is the answer to your all acne problems. But how effective is this?

Well, the ingredients list contains alcohol and fragrance, both of which can cause skin irritation and dryness. In short, they can do more harm than good. In addition to that, user reviews state that the product causes dryness and a stinging sensation when applied.

We recommend that you continue your search for an acne treatment that does not contain harsh chemicals and will not deliver unwanted results.

Does Bioderma Sebium Global Provides Guarantee?

A:Bioderma Sebium Global is not sold on it’s official Bioderma website, meaning it can be purchased only through authorized resellers. Because of this, the terms and availability of the return policy may vary from one seller to another, so it is best that you inquire to them about it.


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