Know What Is The Upcoming Birth Control Rule In The USA This Year

Written by Janella Domingo Diaz, Modified October 16, 2018
Birth Control Rules

Birth control rules are about to be turned upside down when the Affordable Care Act gets amended. Recently, the President ordered a revision of this act that will take out the subsidy for birth control. This move by President Trump is not something unusual. In fact, this may be something that he and his administration are well capable of.

The availability of over the counter birth control has a significant effect on the lives of many women. It gives a choice of when to have children. It empowers women and puts them in control. This opened up more opportunities for women to have a career.

What happens when this is new birth control regulation is passed? What does the future hold when all of this is approved? Well, we can’t really see the future as clearly as we see the present. But we can speculate that there are huge implications and pronounced effect in the society.
What is happening and what should we expect?


1. Addressing Moral Issues


Affordable Care Act


Under the Affordable Care Act, employers who have strong religious opposition can file an exemption for co-pay for their employees. This means that there will be a process to regulate and not just exempt those who want to evade it.
Upon the approval, companies can stop covering for the birth control coverage by stating an objection. This means that there will be less resistance by the government to impose guidelines on companies regarding co-pay.


2. Or, No Resistance At All


So, it seems that there are requirements to fulfill to stop giving employees their co-pay entitlement. But in reality, companies have the final decision if they would provide it or not. The governing body would have no power to oblige it anymore.


3. Strong Political Opposition


Strong Political Opposition


Do you know Tom Price? Well, he is Trump’s Secretary for Health and Human Services. Since former President Obama’s reign, Price has already expressed strong opposition to his health care views. It may seem like we have a democratic country, but the truth is, those in position have high influence over the outcomes of policies. Now, in a government dominated by the Republicans, it may seem like it’s already set in stone.



4. Canceled Birth Control Subsidy


There will definitely be a rampant cancellation of birth control subsidy. This means that thousands of women who rely on this subsidy for birth control will have to pay the full price of their chosen method. This may prompt to a switch in a more affordable form of birth control. Some of them may not be as effective as the one they can avail with the subsidy.


5. Pro-Life Taxpayers Would Be Relieved




In all situations, there is at least two opposing ideology. Pro-choice taxpayers don’t have problem shouldering other people’s birth control expenses. Some other just don’t care. But of course, there are people who oppose them.
Now, those people who call themselves pro-life, will be relieved to hear that a portion of their taxes will not pay for birth control.


6. Women Will Have To Spend More For Birth Control From Their Own Pockets


The subsidy is a great thing. It helps women to get a quality assured birth control method that will help avoid unplanned pregnancy. But if this subsidy will be gone, all those who are availing this service will need to pay for female contraception out of their own pockets.
Eventually, they may opt for the cheaper and less effective method of birth control to save money or work harder to afford their previous method.


7. Unplanned Pregnancy


Unplanned Pregnancy

Ultimately, if you can’t afford some one day pill, IUDs, and other forms of effective contraception, women may eventually have an unplanned pregnancy. This robs every woman control over their lives and over their careers. It can lead to low productivity and more work-related stress!


8. Increased Infant Mortality Rate


This may seem like something too far from the beginning of this article. But, you know what, infant mortality rate can actually increase in cases of depression, violence, and other related tragedies that affect the mother.

This may not be the immediate future, but when people start to get unwanted pregnancies, they will be less keen on taking care of themselves and their babies.


9. Lesser Women At The Office


Women At Work


A few years later upon the enactment of this amended Affordable Care Act, there will be lesser and lesser women in the workforce. Soon, there will be a steep decline of careerwoman in the industry and less woman empowerment.


10. Your State Can Protect You


The federal government has a huge influence on the policies in the US. But you know what, there are states that won’t allow the federal government to rob you of your birth control provisions. Your state legislature may have already opted to enact a law to require companies to include birth control benefits without a co-pay. California, Vermont, Illinois, and Maryland have already taken this action to protect its citizens.

The repealing of Affordable Care Act (ACA) is quite a bold move by the Trump administration and can potentially have huge health and economic impact in the future. The effect of this amendment can span for decades and can limit the opportunity for women too.

Birth control may seem like something that is expendable. But the effects of halting it can be alarming in the future. Lack of birth control parameters can lead to a steady increase in the population. This means that more people would be relying on the government’s care in the future.

Though it may seem like the government would be saving a lot in cutting the birth control provisions, there may be a bigger expense in health care service because of the unplanned pregnancies that put both the mother and the child in the womb at risk.

The government should also rethink the effect of cancellation of birth control subsidy to the well-being of women. This can have an effect on the status of women in the society as the years go by.

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