What Is Body Shop Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser?

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser is a daily facial wash that gently takes away blemishes on the skin. Teat tree oil cleans and keeps the face oil-free without stripping moisture and leaving the skin awkwardly tight. This foaming cleanser rebalances the pH and chemistry of the skin to help reduce and regulate oil production. This Body Shop Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser Review will bring you facts about this product.

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Body Shop Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser

Body Shop Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser is a daily facial wash that gently takes away blemishes on the skin.

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Anita Roddick’s founded The Body Shop in 1976. Over four decades, they made a bold move and made skin care formulations that the market does not offer. With careful study and utilization of nature’s gift, they came up with safe and effective products that are not diluted with synthetic chemicals. Anita plans to continue with what they have started and use ingredients that are ethically prepared and under fair trade.

To reap the benefits of The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser, wet face and apply a small portion of this cleaners in circular motions. Work your way from the forehead to the jawlines. Rinse thoroughly and pat your face dry with a clean towel. The Body Shop recommends using this product twice daily. Although this product may not be suitable for all skin types.

The Body Shop products are posted on their official website. You can find more information about this cleanser at their website. However, they do not perform purchase transaction from their official website. They will redirect you to the nearest store from you. This product costs $15 and is available in 150ml bottles.

Body Shop Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser Ingredients

Tea Tree Oil

This ingredient is popularly known to decrease the skin’s oil production and help prevent acne breakouts.


This ingredient helps skin retain moisture while reducing inflammation.

Citric acid

This is a wonderful ingredient for treating several skin problems like mild acne, pigmentation, clogged pores, sun tanning, wrinkles, and dark spots. However it may cause irritation or a rash to form.

Sodium Hydroxide

This ingredient prevents irritation by helping to maintain the skin’s moisture barrier.

Pros and Cons of Body Shop Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser

  • This cleanser helps rebalance the chemistry and pH of the skin to keep it oil-free.
  • This foaming cleanse soothes the skin and gently removes blemishes. Although customers reviews tells a different story.
  • This product takes away oil while keeping the skin moisturized.
  • Some users found this product ineffective and did not help with their oil problems.
  • A few users have reported that this product’s scent is overwhelming.
  • This product has a tendency to dry out the skin.
  • This product may cause skin breakouts.


If you are not happy with The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser, you may return it as long as your product is unopened within 14 days. If your product is opened and unsuitable, you can return your item within 28 days for a full refund.

The Final Word

Over the years, The Body Shop has made effective products that many people have enjoyed using. This foaming wash promises to help manage oil and get rid of acne. However, it may also cause some undesirable effect on some skin types.

Although it removes oil effectively, some users experienced skin dryness overusing it. Also, some did not find the scent of this product pleasant.

Overall, we strongly recommend you look for other products keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized while keeping the oil production of the skin minimal.

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