Booty Glitter Is the Weird and Latest Beauty Beach Trend

Written by Janella Domingo Diaz, Modified October 18, 2018
Booty Glitter

Summer is almost upon us, and for sure, you are already going crazy trying to achieve the beach body that you have always wanted. Many of us have certainly worked hard to achieve a rocking body that can make us the apple of everyone’s eye during the summer season. But these days, sadly, it is not enough that you have the perfect body nor the perfect haircuts for summer to look good and stand out on the beach. Nowadays, you need to join the bandwagon and sport the various beach trends that are quickly conquering the beach scene if you wish to stand out in the crowd of swimsuit-clad women.

Before, we have seen the rise of various beach trends like wearing crochet straps around your feet; sporting glittered jewelry tattoos in your body and many more. I am sure that many of you will agree that some of these trends make sense but some are just totally out of this world.

During the latter part of the 90’s, we have fallen in love with the body glitter trend. Well, this summer, people are taking things to a whole new level—including this glittery trend!


The Latest Beauty Trend To Watch Out For

If you think those trends were crazy, well, you should brace yourself because there’s an even more insane trend that has been spotted on various beaches and social media posts and this is no other than—booty glitter.

The Latest Beauty Trend


What is Booty Glitter?

As we all know, glitter has the tendency this amazing way of making everything look more magical, whimsical and just absolutely prettier. You have seen glitters being placed on the lips, in our body, at men’s beards and even at our nipples. Well, this time, they have another awkward and weird place for it—our booties!

In this trend, the glitters are not placed all over the body. Instead, they are concentrated in our bottoms—in the exposed areas located in the lower part of our bikinis. With this trend, you can highlight those shapely bums that you have worked oh so hard for! This might be the next most questionable body décor trend that took place after vajazzling (or the trend that involved placing jewels on your private parts), but the results are quite amazing that you may not be able to resist it (like the hundreds of Instagram users who have already tried this trend!).

What is Booty Glitter?


Who Started This Trend?

This latest beach trend was developed and popularized by a makeup artist named Mia Kennington. She works as an artist for The Gypsy Shine which is a UK-based glitter shop that was built to help people make their bodies as sparkly as possible with the help of glitters. This group has been glitterizing people in various events like music festivals, bridal showers, derrieres and many more and now they have made a trend that is taking the beach bums by storm.

Who Started This Trend?


How Did This Idea Start?

Well, are you familiar with the feeling of sitting on a beach and when you stand up, you will find your body, especially your legs and booties, all covered up in the sand? That is where Mia has gotten her now-famous idea of covering our bums with glitters. Instead of being bothered by sand, Mia has found a way to make this dilemma look a lot more glamorous than it really is and so the idea of the booty glitter came to the picture.

The idea occurred to her during one of their photo shoots for their website content. They were at the beach, in their bikinis, and they keep on getting sand all over their butts. She thought of enhancing the sand in the butt idea by covering the butt with glitters as a more elegant and sparkly substitute to the less glamorous sand.

And that is how this amazing yet weird trend came to play. Now, the company has released lots of creative booty glitter ideas like mermaid style, rainbow design, and of course, the simple yet equally fabulous all gold glittered booty.

How Did This Idea Start?


Can You Do This Trend By Yourself?

Yes, of course! The Gypsy Trends suggests that you apply hair gel on your skin first before you throw in the glitters. If you are feeling a bit creative, you can even add designs using body gems or paint.

Creating the booty glitter is actually quite easy! All that you have to do is to apply hair gel on your bum up to the leg area (if you want it to be that noticeable!) and then pour glitter (in any color of your choice) over the gel. Let the gel dry for a while before you head to the beach to show off your amazing masterpiece!

Can You Do This Trend By Yourself?


Who Should Try This Trend?


If you have always dreamt of becoming a mermaid or you wish to know what it feels like to have the bottom part of your body be covered with eye-catching scales, this trend is the next best option that you have! Slather glitter on your butt and enjoy the opportunity to be more glamorous than mermaids for once in your life!

If you think that nobody will ever try this crazy trend, think again! Head to Instagram and your timeline will surely be filled with pictures of booties all covered in colorful glitters! Anyone who is anyone is trying out this trend and so should you! Head to the beach or any music festival and fill those booties with glitters! Just make sure you are wearing either a bikini or really short shorts so you can show off your masterpiece.

Summer is the perfect time for you to go crazy! This hot season allows us to be carefree enough to try out even the weirdest beach trends that we have in the market. So, what are you waiting for? Go forth and try out this glittery trend and rock this look on the beach!

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  1. A typical day at the beach normally consists of sun, sweat, and lots of sand sticking to your butt. Now, one of the most annoying feelings in the world now is very trendy. One word booty glitter. Crazy thing.

  2. IT’S the most bizarre beauty trend. This is the crazy new beauty trend we secretly always wanted. Weirdest of the weird. The craziest beauty trends right now! Great article Gorgeous Girl.

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