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9 Common Breastfeeding Problems And Their Solutions

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated December 20, 2023
9 Common Breastfeeding Problems And Their Solutions

Breastfeeding is a natural way to provide your baby the nutrition he needs. But the process of breastfeeding does not come naturally for the mother at first. There are a few problems that you will struggle with along the way, but once you get the hang of it, breastfeeding becomes easy and natural for you.

To help you out, here are some of the nine common breastfeeding problems that you may come across and their solutions.

1.Sore and cracked nipples

This is one of the signs that the baby isn’t latching on properly.

Solution: To soothe sore nipples, you can gently rub a few drops of your milk onto it. Wearing cotton bra is also recommended as it can allow the air to circulate. Lastly, you can apply moisturizer or Vaseline onto the cracked nipple to facilitate faster healing.

2.Improper latching of baby

At first, your baby may find it difficult to find and latch onto your nipples.

Solution: Give your baby support as he tries to latch onto your nipple. You can pull him closer but avoid pushing his head. For the first few days, you may have to feed him from a syringe.

3.Breast thrush

When the normal yeast growth in your baby’s mouth gets out of control, your baby can get thrush, and he can pass it to your nipple when he latches. Signs of thrush include pain, itching or burning at your nipple.

Solution: Pay a visit to your doctor, and he might prescribe you the antibiotics to combat the infection.


When a milk duct is blocked for a long time, it may lead to an infection called mastitis. Some symptoms include tenderness and low-grade fever.

Solution: Putting a warm compress over the affected area and massaging your breasts before breastfeeding will help. If it persists for 24-48 hours, consult your doctor.

5.Low milk Supply

If you have experienced some problems establishing breastfeeding or if one of you had to get treated for a medical problem for a while, your milk supply may become low.

Solution: You can eat foods that promote lactation. Pumping may also help.

6.Baby has reflux

Symptoms include discomfort when swallowing, back is arched when crying or crying when spitting up milk.

Solution: Give your baby a pacifier and hold him upright after feeding.

7.Inverted nipples

3 to 9 percent of pregnant women have inverted nipples.

Solution: You can draw out your nipples through pumping. Or you can use silicone nipple shields for your baby to latch on.

8.Baby bites

When your baby has brand new teeth, his gums become sore, and it gets relieved when he bites.

Solution: When your baby bites, push him closer to you so his nose gets blocked and he will automatically unlatch.

9.Too much milk supply

This can be uncomfortable for your baby and can result in numerous reflux incidents.

Solution: Lie back when breastfeeding to regulate the flow of milk. Also, use the same breast for consecutive feedings to decrease milk production on the other breast.

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