Brittle Nail Causes: Why Do My Nails Break and How To Prevent It?

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated August 14, 2017
Brittle Nail Causes: Why Do My Nails Break and How To Prevent It?

Taking care of your nails is an essential part of hygiene and grooming. But aside from that, nails are great fashion accessories! You can paint them with whatever color you want that suits your outfit. You can grow them long for prettier style. Actually, growing your nails long are the best way to have it.

Unfortunately, the longer you grow your nails, they become more prone to breakage. Washing the dishes can be a challenge in maintaining your long nails! Even a bath or a shower can soften your nails and make it prone to breakage.

But aside from this, some brittle nail causes are related to the food we eat! Let’s find out some ways to prevent broken and chipped nails and while at it, let’s dive deeper and discover the food that can help maintain our nails stronger.


1 – How To Spot a Brittle Nails


Brittle nails are easy to notice. You can easily feel it by scratching your skin with your nails. Any breakage or ridges at the tip of your nails will feel sharp, and you will notice it easily.

There are two types of brittle nails that dermatologists see in their patients. The first type is dry, brittle nails. The lack moisture and can easily break. The other is soft and has too much moisture. Both conditions make the nails weak, and small impacts may break it.


2 – What Causes Brittle Nails




According to experts, brittle nails are rarely caused by a deficiency in vitamins. In such cases, the most common cause is anemia. But aside from that, here are some of the most common causes of brittle nails.

  • Lack Of Moisture

The common cause of nail brittleness is probably our own doing (unfortunately). Too little moisture in the nails means that we may not be hydrating ourselves optimally which can lead to weak nails. The nails are the farthest tissue of the body that receives nutrients. So, this means that they can be easily affected by your fluids consumption or the lack.

Solution: Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day ensures that you receive enough fluids to maintain body functions and stay hydrated. On hot or humid days, you can increase this consumption to compensate for the insensible fluid losses.

*Tip: hydrating with electrolyte water can help you maintain the balance in the retention of water in your body.

Aside from your fluid consumption, using strong detergents can also dehydrate your finger nails and make it weak and prone to damage.

Solution: Use mild detergents instead of strong and harsh detergent. You may also want to use a hand lotion after washing and drying your hands to ensure that you return the lost moisture in your hand and nails.

Another probable cause of nail dryness is nail polish remover. Using strong nail polish remover (pure acetone) can suck up moisture in your nails and make them brittle and easy to chip. A small bump can crack or split the ends of the nails.

Solution: Find a nail polish remover that is mildly formulated and has a moisturizing effect to counteract the effect of drying acetone.


  • Too Much Moisture



If you wash your hands too frequently (as the case for healthcare professionals), chances are, you will have thin brittle nails that are easy to chip. Soaking your nails too much can soften the nails. This, in turn, can make your nails weak and easily torn.

Solution 1: Avoid soaking your hands too much in water. If you can’t avoid it, air dry your hands after washing.

Solution 2: Wear a nail polish to waterproof your nails.


3 – How To Fix Broken Nails




The easiest solution to fix broken nails is to cut it up to the point of breakage. However, you would have to wait for a few weeks to be able to grow and flaunt them again. But if you need your nails that badly for a party, you can have it fixed instead!

You Will Need:
Tea Bag
Nail Glue
Nail buffer

1. Cut a small strip of tea bag enough to cover the crack on the nail.

2. Apply glue on the surface of the nail and place the cut-out tea bag.

3. Apply another layer of nail glue on top of the tea bag and let it set and harden for at least half an hour.

4. Using your nail buffer, smoothen out the edges of the glued part.

5. Apply nail polish, and you’re done!


4 – Eat Your Way To A Health Nail




Aside from addressing what causes weak nails, there is another way to strengthen your nails. And you know what, everyone will enjoy this! By eating, we can give our nails (and all the bodily functions for that) proper nutrients to grow long and strong faster.

  • Salmon

salmon fish


Salmon is rich in protein and B-vitamins. Protein is the building block of keratin (keratin is what makes the fingernails. Without enough protein, the body won’t be able to grow healthy hair and nails. The B-vitamins this fish contains help in the optimal absorption of the food we eat.

  • Eggs

Eating eggs every day can give you a good amount of protein to help your nails grow long and strong. Eggs are also packed with vitamins essential for the absorption of the nutrients we get from other food.

  • Legumes



If you are not fond of eating beans, now is the time to have them on your diet and benefit from the many good effects it has on the body. Legume is a rich plant source of protein and is packed with vitamins and minerals. These trace minerals help thicken the nails.

  • Oysters

Oysters are rich in zinc. This element plays an important role in the division of fast growing cells of the body. The hair, nails, and skin tissues are affected by a healthy amount of zinc you consume.

Brittle nail causes can be addressed by following the guidelines listed above. You don’t have to suffer from a brittle nail or weak nail. You don’t have to suffer from easily chipped nails! Eat your way in having stronger nails!

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