How To Find Appropriate Underwear For Your Bum

Written by Emma Skylar, Modified October 18, 2018
Butt Shapes

How do you choose your underwear? Do you just go with what makes you feel sexy or do you fall for cute underwear? Did you know that there is an effective way of choosing an underwear?

This effective way involves getting to know what butt shape you have. To help you out, here are some of the types of butts and the corresponding types of underwear that are perfect for them.

Square shape

Square shape

Do you have more prominent hip bones? Or maybe you have obvious fat in the love handle area? Are your hip bones and outer thighs with one another? Or maybe both of your hip bones and outer thighs run perpendicular to the ground? If you answered yes to these questions, you have a square shape butt!

The perfect type of underwear for you: While they may cause wedgie to other butt types, boy shorts, thongs, bikinis, and G-strings as these can add volume to your bottom.



Do you have narrow hips and broad shoulders? Is the line between the pelvis and hips angling inward? Is the base of your butt less full than the top of your butt? If you have answered yes to these questions, then your butt shape, my friend, is a V-shaped one.

The perfect type of underwear for you: The downside of having this type of butt shape is that it is prone to sagging. Briefs, boy shorts, and hipsters are recommended as these can highlight the waist and make the silhouette more flattering.

Upside down heart

Upside down heart

Is your butt round shaped but they do not sag? Does your silhouette look more tapered from the waistline to the bottom part of your butt? If you answered yes to all these questions, then you have an upside down heart butt type.

The perfect type of underwear for you: The best type of underwear for you is a midi-brief that are not too high and are narrower on the side.



Do you have a pear shaped body? Does your butt widen below the hip bones? Are your fats distributed on the lower portion of your thigh and butt? If you answered yes to all, then you are one lucky woman as you have what is considered to be the most feminine of all butt types.

The perfect type of underwear for you: If you have an A-shaped butt type along with a skimpy waist, you can wear just about all types of underwear.

Round shape

Round shape

Do you have fat distributed around the butt cheeks? Are your butt cheeks perky and full? Is your butt a bit larger on the side? If so, congratulations as you have the same butt type as Kim K, J.Lo and Nicki Minaj have!

The perfect type of underwear for you: Since your butt needs more coverage, thongs, briefs and boy shorts are just what you need!

By knowing which of these types of butts you have, you can find an underwear that will suit you the most.

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