11 Famous Celebrity Makeup Artists To Follow For Hot Beauty Tips

Written by Gracie Allen, Modified February 21, 2018
celebrity makeup artists

Celebrity makeup has never-ending options. It includes making someone look so different and changing people’s image to suit their mood or moment. Being a celebrity makeup artist comes with many responsibilities. One has to make a face pop on the red carpet. You have to make the skin to sing and look healthy. You can’t make a mistake of sending anyone out of your chair without careful and light, appropriate contouring. A celebrity makeup artist has to know all the latest and trendy makeup styles. Every year there are unexpected changes, and it’s up to the artist to know what makeup is regarded as the best. The current world is covered by technology, and social media has turned it into a global village.

Fashion has also been boosted through sharing on the social media platforms. Through Instagram however, various famous makeup artists share their best works and beauty tips to the world, and I must admit that their work is adorable. Here are some of the famous makeup artists Instagram accounts and their tips.

1. Sir John B

sir john b

Ladies love Beyonce’s style of makeup. Sir John B is her trusted makeup artist. This is the genius responsible for Beyonce’s flawless face. Queen B at times never wakes up looking the way she glows during the day.

Sir John B makeup artist has mastered the art or creating the best makeup in the presence of Beyonce. Sir John B’s approach to beauty emphasizes glowing skin and a natural look.

This celebrity makeup artist has also worked with other celebrities such as Karlie Kloss, Joan Smalls, Serena Williams and Priyanka Chopra. One of his tips is multi-masking, a balancing act where he applies different masks that have various uses. Sir John B is available on Instagram as sirjohnofficial and @sirjohnofficial on Twitter.

2. Mary Phillips

mary phillips

Mary Phillips is one of the world’s greatest celebrity makeup artist. She is the lady behind Chrissy Teigen’s glowing makeup on the red carpet. Her focus is on the Lit-from-within. Also, she has a concentrated approach to skincare before applying makeup. This is one of the reasons all her clients have radiant complexions when we see them on camera. She is also Jennifer Lopez’s makeup artist. Mary Philips can be followed on Instagram through her account name @1maryphillips and on twitter @maryphillips.

3. Pat McGrath

pat mcgrath

Among the best makeup artists, Pat McGrath is a guru in fashion. Her kind demeanor has made her famous in the fashion biz. She has her makeup line that is supported by the best models. Her influence reigns over every corner of the fashion and beauty industry. She has two decades experience of work and 1.4 million Instagram making her the world’s most influential makeup artist. She has worked with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. Using her fingertips to apply makeup is her ultimate trick. Her other tip is applying concealer after foundation. Pat McGrath can be found on various social media platforms. She is on Instagram as patmcgrathreal and on Twitter as @patmcgrathreal.

4. Patrick Ta

patrick ta

Patrick Ta is an artist who specializes in easy, effortless West Coast beauty. He is the artist behind Chrissy Teigen, Gigi Hadid, Olivia Munn, and Shay Mitchell’s makeup. He is mastered in doing makeup during various seasons such as summer where he has done makeup for Gigi Hadid. For selfie-perfect lashes, Patrick has a tip of applying waterproof mascara on the bottom lashes to prevent smudging. For a dewy and flawless skin, he powders the t-zone only leaving the perimeter of your face looking fresh and dewy. Patrick Ta can be followed on Instagram as @patrickta.

5. Aaron de Mey

aaron deMey

Aaron is the artistic director for Lancome has also garnered a huge celeb following in Instagram. He’s the ultimate choice for fresh-faced beauties Miley Cyrus and Kate Upton. He is also a regular lead for backstage at fashion shows and on editorial shoots. This celebrity makeup artist has various tips, but the ultimate one is color, whether it is for eyes or lips. He says blue looks striking when applied over chocolate or black eye pencil and finished with black mascara. He is on Instagram as @aarondemey1.


6. Lottie Tomlinson

lottie tomlinson

Lottie Tomlinson (17 years) is kid sister of One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson. However, she is one of the upcoming celebrity makeup artist. Lottie has worked on the famous Fashion Week, and she has her own popular YouTube tutorials. Lottie has been reached by Selena Gomes, and it seems she has all it takes. For flawless brows, she fills in and shapes the brows with a series of brushes.

Lottie can be followed on Instagram through @lottietomlinson.

7. Mario Dedivanovic

mario dedivanovi

Mario is the brain behind bringing the contour craze to the mainstream. He is the celebrity make up artist responsible for Kim Kardashian’s ultra-contoured cheekbones as well as her face.

Dedivanovic doesn’t use a primer. He feels that the primer puts a wall between the makeup and the skin and doesn’t allow it to become one. His tips include starting off his work with an emollient moisturizer which grabs hold of powder and creates a natural look. One can follow Mario Dedivanovic on Instagram through his official account @makeupbymario.

8. Gucci Westman

gucci westman

Westman has been doing work in many fashion shows. She emphasizes on glowing natural beauty. Among the celebrities, she has worked with is Blake Lively and Jennifer Aniston. For a healthy glow and the look of luminous skin she starts with primer and then a cream. She would then use the SK-II Mid-Day Essence and add luminizer for the cheeks. On Instagram, Gucci can be followed through @gucciwestman and on twitter @gucciwestman.

9. Joyce Bonelli

joyce bonelli

She is Kardashian’s go-to makeup artist believes that more is more. One of her major tips is having bright lips, major lashes, and strong brows with a generous approach to contour and highlight. Joyce is available on Instagram through @joycebonelli and on Twitter through @jOYCEBONELLi.

10. Charlotte Tilbury

charlotte tilbury

Charlotte has worked with celebrities such as Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, and Olivia Culpo. She is the master of glamorous looks, and you can easily learn from her wildly popular eponymous makeup line. For a smoky eye, she prefers using blender brush. The celebrity makeup artist is available on Instagram as @ctilburymekeup and Twitter as @ctilburymakeup. She can also be followed on Facebook through her page Charlotte Tilbury.

11. Jillian Dempsey

jillian dempsey

Jillian Dempsey works with Reese Witherspoon and Kirsten Dunst. She helps in keeping them ready for the red-carpet. Her biggest secret is using the best makeup products such as perfect shades, lipsticks or mascara that never clumps. On Instagram, Jillian can be followed through @jilliandempsey.

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