Common Myths About Cellulite Reduction Treatment That We All Believe

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated June 15, 2017
Common Myths About Cellulite Reduction Treatment That We All Believe

The myths about cellulite reduction treatment are becoming rampant because of the internet itself. Well, the internet paved the way for the proliferation and easy attainability of information, but it is also the reason why unreliable have become prevalent. This means that we should be wary about how and which information we should take in.

With this anomalous explosion of false information, many women naively buy-in and end up making unnecessary purchases and avail useless services!
To help you steer away from these false pieces of information, here is a list of the most common inconsistent claims about cellulite reduction.

Myth: Men don’t get cellulite.

Fact: Genetics, physiology, and hormones are the top three factors that influence the prevalence of cellulite. Gender is not an excuse. Men can get cellulite too. The thing though is, women have a more complex hormonal equilibrium. Women have a greater tendency to develop cellulite compared to men because of the spike in hormones, especially during the menstrual cycle.
Men have a simpler hormone temperament which makes them more resilient to catching cellulite.

Myth: Increasing water intake can eliminate cellulite.

Fact: Increasing fluid intake can do very little to eliminate, at the very least reduce, the appearance of cellulite. The fluid intake would not magically seep into the dimples to even your skin out. Don’t be fooled! Though water may be beneficial to your bodily functions, don’t rely on it to take away cellulite!
The body is made up of about 60-70% fluids. No matter how many gallons of water we chug, we will not be able to determine where it would go. Our body has a perfect mechanism to channel fluids where it is needed. Unfortunately, cellulite is not brought about by dehydration, therefore, it cannot be cured by rehydration.





Myth: Cellulite is a result of toxin accumulation.

Fact: Experts have long been researching for the ultimate cause of cellulite. Unfortunately, even the most funded research firm have only come up with leads and not the culprit. The best treatment for cellulite is yet to be discovered!

Activity (in some cases, inactivity), genetics, and hormones are the top three reasons that influence the occurrence of cellulite. Nutrition plays an important role too.

Antioxidants, on the other hand, can help maintain the integrity of the skin by ridding the cells of free radicals, not toxins. Free radicals are molecular anomalies and not toxic in nature.

Myth: Gaining weight builds cellulite.

Fact: Skinny people can be a victim of cellulite too. There is no weight bracket where cellulite would start to appear. It may not be easily noticeable to thin ladies, but it happens. Cellulite becomes more noticeable on people with more adipose tissues. The more weight you gain, the more visible they will look. Losing weight does not guarantee to be the ultimate cellulite removal treatment.


Gaining Weight Builds Cellulite.


Myth: Topical creams are the best cellulite treatment.

Fact: Creams have the potential to bring instant tight and smooth skin result. Unfortunately, the effect is short-lived and temporary. Many creams employ chemicals like caffeine to tighten the skin. The initial use of such products tightens the skin and gives the skin a smooth appearance.
After the effect of caffeine has worn off, your skin will be back to its original state. Creams can be a great short time solution, but, it is not the best and only solution to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Myth: Proper nutrition and working out can eliminate the dimples.

Fact: Elimination of cellulite is the ultimate goal of all women who have it, wouldn’t you agree? Well, the sad thing is, it’s not the go-to solution. It’s part of the healthy practice to reduce and avoid having cellulite, but it’s not a cure. Exercise, proper nutrition, topical creams, and other treatments are best used in combination to have a visible, lasting result.

Myth: Liposuction can rid you of cellulite.

Fact: Unfortunately, fat is not the cause of cellulite. It’s the underlying fascia and connective tissues that have grown anomalous. Liposuction will rid you of an excess bulge, but not the cellulite. It may help lessen the appearance of the dimples, but as soon as you gain that lost fat back, the original problem would still be there.


Liposuction Can Rid You Of Cellulite.



Myth: Wearing tights will reduce cellulite.

Fact: Compression socks and other forms of tight fitting clothing will prevent the jiggle as you move and workout. It will give you a better circulation and a more comfortable feel as you move around. Unfortunately, it doesn’t solve cellulite. Soon after you remove them, the dimples will be back!

The skin and the underlying fascia is not like a thing you can squeeze together to make them taut. On the other hand, bulking muscles will increase girth and give the skin a stretch filling the loose and saggy skin. This can help reduce the appearance of skin dimples.

Myth: Laser treatments are ineffective.

Fact: Laser skin treatment is getting popular and becoming a fad today. Why? Because they are, by far, the most effective and efficient way to treat cellulite (and other skin conditions too!). Laser treatment will not give you an instant fix. It takes a few sessions to see it taking effect. It usually takes around 3-6 months for a desirable outcome.

Laser treatment isn’t cheap. Needing multiple sessions makes it an expensive treatment for cellulite. But in the end, it’s all worth it.


Too much information over the internet can be overwhelming. Doing a thorough research before trying out solutions can be a great way to prevent conditions from getting worse. Word of mouth can be unreliable, so, you must be extra careful when dealing with them!

A combination of exercise, nutrition, weight management, skin care, and a laser treatment is your long-term solution for cellulite! A drastic change in lifestyle can yield drastic results! However, if you’re not sure you can do it all at once, planning a gradual modification in your daily activity, food selection, and treatment can be a great start!

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