Chinese Ginseng And Rice Clarifying Mask Description

According to the manufacturer this polishing mask has been inspired by chinese traditions with all natural products that will exfoliate your skin until it’s clean and free of toxins.

In this Chinese Ginseng & Clarifying Mask Review, we’ll start off by going over the details and biography from the official product description so you get an overall feel of the product. Then we’ll go on to compare and contrast what makes this product shine and what customers tend to have issues with when using this particular product. From there, we’ll be going over how to use the product and how often you should be using it, as well as the active ingredients in the product. Closing the review we’ll give you our honest opinion of the product and the guarantee for if you end up not being happy with your purchase.


With the various claims and the manufacturing details with a dry face, use a mask brush to smooth on an even layer of the mask. However for getting, the best result apply to your neck as well. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Massage your face with a washcloth to make sure the mask is fully removed.

However, though you may find the claims about this product line to be quite spectacular on the company website, you are also likely to come across some negative Chinese Ginseng & Clarifying Mask Review online, which suggest that the product doesn’t deliver stellar results.

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Chinese Ginseng And Rice Clarifying Mask

Chinese Ginseng And Rice Clarifying Mask

The Body Shop Chinese Ginseng And Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask has been inspired by chinese traditions with all natural ingredients that will exfoliate your skin until it’s clean and free of toxins.

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Chinese Ginseng And Rice Clarifying Mask Ingredients


Works to provide a natural exfoliant that will not leave your skin irritated.

Sesame Seed Oil

Used to sooth and provide instant relief for those who have very sensitive skin. However, with sesame seed oil, you might end up developing skin rashes along with itching and redness.

Pros and Cons of Chinese Ginseng And Rice Clarifying Mask

  • This is a creamy mask consistency which is gentle and perfect for those with sensitive skin.
  • This product is for those with intense need for treatment and will work to remove any dullness or rough skin texture. However skin redness might be seen on the product!
  • This product has been known to cause too much moisture which then leads to clogged pores.
  • Many customers claimed it is not effective and didn’t work.

Recommending To Purchase?

For those with oily skin this product will not be idea for you. It can cause many issues for those who deal with clogged pores and acne, which is why we will not be recommending this product.


When you have found that you don’t like a skincare product and that it’s not doing what it’s supposed to, it’s important that you make sure you get in contact with the brand you bought the product from. Generally well established skincare brands will offer and money back guarantee, if they don’t take it as a red flag because they most likely don’t believe in all of their products. If you have any questions, contact the brand you bought from and they can walk you through the process of returning the purchase.

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