Christmas Tree Decorations: Yes! Its Time To Put Up Your Decorations

Written by Janella Domingo Diaz, Modified October 18, 2018
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Do you smell the Christmas breeze? Nothing screams more about the holidays than the fresh, crisp air filled with the scent of pine trees! Nothing reminds us more of the cheer and celebration that comes with the season than the good old Christmas tree!

To make your house or office more festive and modern, here are some of the best Christmas tree decorations you can make and try!

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? Because I Do!

Unfortunately, some regions of the world do not experience snow during the Christmas season. But if you live in a place like this, it should be no reason to dampen your spirits! Snowing or not, you can always brighten your Christmas tree with a sprinkle of glittery white snowballs and snowmen ornaments! Here’s how you can make them:

1. Glittered Snowballs Christmas Tree Decorations

Glittered snowballs Christmas tree decorations

  • In a bowl, mix about a cup of glue with 2 teaspoons of water.
  • Roll or tap the foam balls into the glue mixture or use a paintbrush to lightly coat them.
  • On top of a sheet of newspaper or another bowl, sprinkle some glitters on the balls.
  • Allow these to dry on the wax paper, turning every few minutes to prevent the glue from clumping at one area.
  • Use a piece of string to tie a ribbon on the balls for instant ornaments for your tree.

a) Felt Snowman Ornaments

  • Cut out snowman shapes on the white felt. Make sure to make 2 copies of each cut out if you’re doing different sizes.
  • Embroider some eyes, a carrot nose, and a smile on the felt snowman. Glue or sew some sequins for buttons.
  • Make a loop with some string or yarn and tie a knot on one end.
  • Sew together the two pieces of felt using your embroidery needle and thread, making sure to include the string which will allow you to hang the ornaments on your tree.
  • Cut strips of blue felt and stitch these on to serve as the snowman’s scarf.


2. Light it up!

Christmas tree lights

No Christmas tree is complete without lights, right? Also, the first step on how to decorate a Christmas tree professionally is to know how to arrange the lights. So, here are different tips on how to use the appropriate lighting for your tree.

a) Freshly-cut Christmas Tree

  • Instead of winding your lights around the tree, weave the string of lights back and forth starting from the top to bottom. Make sure not to cross the cord over itself or leave any sections unlit.

b) Artificial Christmas Tree

  • For subdued lighting, use a dozen boxes of 50-light strands for a six-foot tree. From the bottom of the tree next to the trunk, loop and wrap some of the cord on the branches to conceal them, leaving the bulbs close to the tips, but leaving some gaps between bulbs.
  • For moderate lighting, use 20 boxes of 50-light strands for a 6-foot tree. Follow the same method as subdued lighting but leave smaller gaps between the bulbs.
  • For showcase lighting, wrap 40 boxes of 50-light strands around every visible green part, working from the bottom upward and the tips toward the trunk.

3. DIY Homemade Crafts:

DIY Homemade crafts for Christmas tree

If you don’t want to spend too much on buying ornaments and decorations for your tree and are looking for elegant Christmas tree decorating ideas, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some DIY projects to put you in the holiday spirits.

a) Nature-inspired Christmas Ornaments

  • Simply paint some styrofoam balls brown and hot glue acorn caps around the ball. You can also use other stuff you can find outdoors such as shells, pieces of wood, pine cones, and leaves.
  • Sprinkle them with some glitters to match your other decorations and top them off with some twine and ribbon for hanging!

b) Whimsical Bunting Christmas tree decorations

This is a new trend on Christmas tree decorations 2017 that’s quickly gaining popularity.

  • Simply cut some patterned scrapbook paper with Christmas designs into triangles.
  • Punch a hole on each of the top two corners. Thread some twine or garland through the holes.
  • Make a decorative bunting out of it and wrap around your tree or use it to decorate your house.


4. Ribbons and Old St. Nick

Santa claus christmas tree decorations

Of course, you can’t leave out the most famous person during Christmas from your decorations!

a) Santa Claus Felt and Wood Christmas tree decorations

  • Cut the shape of Santa’s hat from a piece of red felt and using hot glue, attach it to a 4-inch white wood circle, adding a small cotton ball or white pompom on top.
  • Hot glue two black beads for eyes, wooden ears and a wooden nose to it.
  • Use craft white fur to add the beard and a mustache.
  • Attach a loop of ribbon at the back to hang.

b) Santa Bows Christmas tree decorations

  • Cut four pieces of 3cm wide by 12cm long strips of red glittery fabric.
  • Take a strip and fold it in half to simulate one side of a bow. Crinkle at the ends and secure with hot glue. Do the same on another strip.
  • Take the third strip and crinkle on one end without folding the ends together. Secure with hot glue. This will be the leg of the bow. Repeat on another strip.
  • Cut a small square of gold fabric or ribbon and a slightly smaller square of black fabric with glitters. Hot glue the latter on top of the former and attach this on the center of the ribbons where all four strips meet.
  • Using a pencil, draw the shape of shoes on a black piece of paper.
  • Attach a shoe on the open ends of the “leg” strips. Add some white faux hair fabric on top of the shoes.

5. Chocolate Ornaments

chocolate ornaments Christmas tree

Don’t let yourself get fooled! This treat is for your eyes only and should not be eaten! One of my favorite Christmas tree theme ideas is the use of pastries on your tree. But of course, real pastries attract ants, pets, or kids! So, instead of using real ones, why not make fake ones that look so much like the real thing?

  • Drip some hot glue over some glass ball ornaments, allowing some globs to run. Allow this to cool down and set.
  • One cooled, spray paint the whole thing using a chocolate colored paint, such as October Brown Milk Chocolate from Design Master.
  • Apply some mod podge or all-purpose glue on the runny areas and sprinkle with some sugar-looking glitters on top.
  • You can also add some craft berries or crushed bits of plastic peppermint sticks for a nice pop of color!

So, that’s it for easy and affordable Christmas tree decoration ideas 2017! These Christmas tree decorations will surely lift the spirits of everyone who will see them, plus, you won’t even have to spend too much! With a few supplies and a touch of creativity, who knew you could add so much brightness and cheer to your holiday decorations, right?

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