Ciara Shares the Very First Public Photo of 9-Month Old Daughter Sienna on TraceMe

Written by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Modified November 27, 2019

American R & B icon and hip hop princess, Ciara, just publicly shared the very first photo of her 9-month old baby girl, Sienna Princess Wilson, on her new app, TraceMe, which was created in partnership with her husband, Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson. The photograph shared on this social media announcement was one that was snapped by Wilson himself, the baby’s proud daddy.

Earlier today, Ciara shared a bit of a teaser announcement on her Instagram account, hinting that there was something special coming to her new mobile app, a social media platform that will create a unique and personal connection between the singer-songwriter and her fan base. The Instagram post also shared a sneak peek of baby Sienna.

A few hours later, Ciara’s TraceMe post went live with the very first photo of her second born child, a modern-day princess in the music world, and it is an image that is sure to capture the hearts of her entire viewing audience.

Ciara has expressed genuine excitement about the roll out of this new app as a means for her to connect with her followers. Despite the fact that she has remained quite private about her personal life throughout her career, she is taking a bold step in the direction of opening up and sharing more of her personal life with her loyal fans as a sign of her appreciation for their continued support. Ciara fans will look forward to catching glimpses into the reality of life as a famous American singer.

Ciara also has announced plans of launching a live chat series called Real Talk where she will interact and engage in discussions on various topics with her fans. Before Ciara’s post on her TraceMe channel, her husband was the first to be featured on the app on his own separate channel, keeping the roll out of this new social media platform very much a family affair.

Sienna Princess Wilson is Ciara’s second child. Ciara also has a 3 1/2 year old son, Future Zahir Wilburn, with American rapper Future.

Want to follow along in the lives of Ciara, Russell Wilson, and their growing family? Download the TraceMe app on your iPhone today.

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