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Clear Vaginal Discharge: Why, What & How To Treat (Scientific Reasons)

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated July 15, 2021
Clear Vaginal Discharge: Why, What & How To Treat (Scientific Reasons)

Concerned about the clear vaginal discharge you have been experiencing recently? Surely, no woman is ever comfortable about this topic. Unfortunately, it is worth the discussion because your body may be telling you something.

According to many gynecologists, vaginal discharge is normal. If the woman has a normal menstrual cycle, there is likely only a few days that she would not have a discharge, given that she is not on any birth control pills.

1. What Causes Clear Vaginal Discharge?

causes clear vaginal discharge
Contrary to popular belief, clear vaginal discharge does not always mean anything negative.

Here are a few normal reasons that maybe causing you to have clear vaginal discharge:

A. Ovulation

Clear watery discharge is normal when you are ovulating. You may have noticed the clear jelly like discharge that can be comparable to raw egg whites in appearance. This is a clear sign you are ovulating. This happens when your ovary releases a mature egg which eventually passes through the fallopian tube. This clear, sometimes white discharge makes it easy for the sperm to reach the egg. For women who are aiming to conceive, you should keep track of any clear vaginal discharge.

B. Menstruation Period

Once the ovulation stops, the cervical mucus is lessened, which means you might have a break from any vaginal discharges at the time being. But once your period is lurking around the corner, you might start having one again. For some women, a thick white discharge before period is their number one sign to stock up on tampons or sanitary napkins/pads. White discharge after period is also fairly common.

C. Pregnancy

An increased amount of clear vaginal discharge is quite common during pregnancy. More so during the latter stages of pregnancy, since most women experience white discharge early in pregnancy. The thick and heavy discharge is due to the softening of the cervix and vaginal walls. The increased discharge prevents possible infections to travel up from the vagina to the womb.

D. Stress

effects of stress
Stress is one factor that can be considered as one of the most possible clear or white discharge reasons. When women get stressed, hormonal imbalances ensue. This results in vaginal discharges.

E. Sexual Arousal

During intercourse, a sexually aroused woman often experience discharge to lubricate the vagina for ease of penetration. This can remain a few hours after sex. However, it is important to note that the watery discharge did not come from the vagina itself, but the two glands above it.

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2. What Can You Do To Reduce Clear Vaginal Discharge?

steps to reduce clear vaginal discharge
Don’t feel so helpless; if the discharge gets too uncomfortable, there are plenty of ways you can manage, such as:

A. Change Your Underwear More Often Than Usual.

Sometimes, even though the discharges are caused by natural factors, you cannot help but feel annoyed due to the heavy flow. Changing your underwear not only remedies the problem, but you are also avoiding one. The moisture that results can cause bacteria buildup in no time. Also, the sight of white discharge at the bottom of their underwear can make any woman feel uneasy.

B. Use Feminine Wipes Or Baby Wipes To Keep Your Vagina Clean.

Do this after urinating or just when you feel like wiping away the wetness of the discharge. Do not insert the wipes for further cleaning. Just wipe the outside area. Choose unscented ones to lessen exposure of your reproductive system to harmful chemicals.

C. Use Pads Or Panty Liners.

use of panty liners
Thin pads can help ensure that your underwear remains dry which helps to keep your vagina dry. You do not have to worry about being unable to move freely because thin pads are very comfortable. Change it at least twice a day to avoid feeling self-conscious and keep your vaginal area clean.

You may not be up for it, but sleeping naked at night can air out any bacteria imbalances and reduces irritation.
While the body can sort it out on its own, increasing the air will definitely speed things up. Just remember to place a towel on the bottom of your bed to avoid getting it wet.

D. Take Natural Herbs To Boost Your Immune System.

No, it does not mean you are unhealthy if you are experiencing clear vaginal discharge. However, the moisture might make you more exposed to infection. Certain herbs and products can boost the immune system and steer you away from possible infections. Look for supplements that contain vitamin C, D -Mannose, Saraca Ashoka, and Cimicifuga Racemosa. You can also strengthen your urinary tract by taking cranberry juice to cleanse out your entire reproductive system.


3. Possible Meanings Of Clear Vaginal Discharge

meanings of vaginal discharge
While all of the previously mentioned causes quite unavoidable and do not pose any health risks, experiencing clear vaginal discharge may also be brought about by infections or diseases.

Here are possible things vaginal discharge might be telling you:

A. Yeast Infection

A thick, white clumpy discharge is an indication of a yeast infection or thrush. One other defining characteristic is the smell of cottage cheese. Thrush usually happens when the yeast infection is normally found in the gut had an overgrowth and got out of control. One common cause for this is taking antibiotics which may affect healthy bacteria. This is an example of why antibiotics should only be taken when prescribed.

B. Bacterial Vaginosis

It is more common in older women. Estrogen can protect the vagina and keeps germs in the right balance due to moisture. But, since women experience decreasing estrogen levels as they age, they develop more susceptibility to certain diseases. Grey discharge is caused by the bacteria which is accompanied by itching and swelling of the vagina.

C. Sexually Transmitted Infections

sexually transmitted infections
STI’s should be a cause for concern, especially if the watery discharge is colored such as a milky white discharge.

D. Some Of The Primary Causes Of Infection Discharges Are The Following:

i. Pale or dark yellow is a possible indication of gonorrhea, along with itching of the vagina and foul odor that can be described as something fishy. Pain in sexual activity and urination are signs to look out for.

ii. Yellow or green watery discharge with a fishy sour smell is common among women with chlamydia or trichomoniasis. The discharge comes with redness in the area and pelvic pain.

If you have one of the following symptoms as mentioned above, you should check with the physician about what you can do about it. Of course, making sure that your sexual partners are clean is important in avoiding contracting these infections. But, abstinence is still the most effective method.

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