11 Cute Back To School Outfits : OOTD Ideas That Everyone Must Try

Written by Janella Domingo Diaz, Modified October 18, 2018
Cute Back To School Outfits

Are you excited to get back to school? As they say, first impressions last. If that’s the case, do you already have the best back to school outfit for your first day of school?

If you are looking for cute back to school outfits, you have come to the right place! Below are back to school outfits 2017 ideas that you should try!


1. First Day Frill


Back To School Outfits


When it comes to cute back to school outfits, nothing can ever compare to the charm and elegance that a lacy ensemble has! Pair a simple lace top with a lace shorts or skirts—whatever tickles your fancy!

Style Tip: Finish off the look with nude block heels for the ultimate girly look!


2. Mismatched Denim On Denim


Mismatched Denim On Denim


If you think that the denim on denim trend is cute but totally overrated, you can put a trendier twist to it! Instead of wearing denim clothes in the same shade, put on different hues of denim for that eye-catching contrast:

Style Tip: You can wear a feminine top underneath your denim jacket to balance off the look.



3. The Queen B Attire


The Queen B Attire


If you are a Gossip Girl addict or fan, then one of your style icons is no other than Queen B, and if there’s one thing that you can copy from her style, it would be no other than her statement jacket! If you wish to channel your inner Blair Waldorf, just don a white feminine dress and layer it on with a black and white statement jacket.

Style Tip: It is best that you finish off your look with a pair of red pumps for that extra oomph.


4. The Girl Next Door


Back To School Fashion


If you wish to keep your first-day outfit classic, cute and comfortable, then the white tee and denim pants ensemble is just the perfect thing for you! If you think the look is pretty boring, you can add a modern twist to it by wearing distressed jeans.

Style Tip: You can give this outfit a pop look by putting on eye catching earrings and wearing bold makeup.


5. Boho Queen


Back To School Outfits 2017


Bring your summer look with a touch of fall to school on your first day by going bohemian. Put on your favorite shorts (but not too short please!), a shirt and finish it off with an oversized cardigan.

Style Tip: If you wish to go full bohemian, pair this outfit with gladiator sandals!


6. Nighttime Turned Daytime


Best Back To School Outfit


If you wish to stand out, then take your nighttime outfits and make them daytime ready—like your sequined top for example! Put a solid colored top over it, so it will look daytime ready and pair it with skinny black pants.

Style Tip: Finish off the look with cool and chill sneakers to tone down the sparkle!


7. Spencer Hastings Look Alike




If you are a fan of the preppy look, then Spencer (from PLL!) might be your style icon! You can easily copy her usual look by wearing a short sleeve romper over an Oxford shirt.

Style Tip: Give it a modern update by putting on a sweatshirt over your shoulders and wearing loafers.


8. Statement Jeans


Statement Jeans


If you don’t like the idea of wearing statement jacket, then wear statement jeans! If you have an old pair of jeans that you no longer use, you can give it a trendy update with the use of cool patches!
Style Tip: Make sure to pair the jeans with a simple and neutral colored top to make your jeans the center of attention.


9. Feminine With An Edge


Floral Dress With Backpack


Put on a floral dress or skirt and a tank top. To balance off the look, pair this ensemble with a varsity jacket! Now that is one contrast that will definitely take everybody by surprise!
Style Tip: You can go all out sporty by putting on a backpack and a trucker cap.


10. Eye Catching Athleisure


Jacket With Bold Color


If you have spent your summer working out, then let everyone know about it! You can take your athleisure outfit to school by wearing a varsity jacket with bold color and a sporty tee.

Style Tip: Don’t forget to wear your coolest sneakers while you’re at it!



11. Polka Love


Polka Pants


For a classic and forever timeless back to school outfit, put your polka on! Don on a polka printed pants and pair it with a top with fierce animal graphics.

Style Tip: Add a classy touch to your look by putting on a golden collar necklace.

These back to school outfits are the perfect OOTD’s for the coming school year! These back to school fashion ideas will surely make you the campus sweetie! Every guy will like you, and every woman would like to be you!

“Hope you find the post helpful and we are excited to hear what you think of it!”

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