The Cutest Celebrity Couples Of 2019 {Relationship Goals Alert}

Written by Gracie Allen, Modified January 4, 2019

The Cutest Celebrity Couples Of 2019 (Relationship Goals Alert!)
2019 has begun with some cute celebrity couples showing off their love. And they are just too sweet to not be shared with you all! Here are 8 cutest celebrity couples of all times!

1. Daryl Sabara And Meghan Trainor


Meghan Trainor is a bliss. That said, she literally could not remember how she got proposed when the former actor from Spy Kids finally asked the question. They were all over each other and Meghan is one of those who wants the world to see their love. She “blacked out” when interviewed in ‘Tonight Show’ as she did not expect that question to be popped.

Just check her Instagram; her relationship is a goal for many girls out there! Both of them are always replying to each other for the love they had and posting tons of pictures about their relationship. Both have confirmed that marriage talk is underway and Meghan just can’t stop showing off her engagement ring. Cute!

2. Tom Holland And Zendaya


For whatever reasons, these two lovebirds have been dating in secret for the last one year. Ever since that meeting on the set of Spiderman: Homecoming, they have been reportedly seen together. Of course, both of them were denying what looked so obvious, but an insider report has confirmed this.

Zendaya said Tom is just one of her best friend and they have been seen together, replying each other on Twitter and have spent weeks together on set (and weeks later on for the sequel). They also walked the red carpet together and looked pretty good with each other, yup.

“Privacy reasons” kept their dating life in the dark to the public. However, a close friend of the actress has spilled the beans; Tom has met the family and it’s going pretty smooth. Let’s hope for the best!

3. Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid


The former One Direction boyband member and top model Gigi Hadid has been showing off their love to the world in every possible way. The most recent birthday surprise was lit; pink cake, pink cardigan, and a kiss on the cheek.

That’s not the only cute thing about them. The hundreds of pictures always showed them together in matching outfits and holding hands together. They were trying to make everybody jealous of their love, but c’mon can you hate these cute little puppies?

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4. Liam Hemsworth And Miley Cyrus


If the relationships above looks too good to be true, here’s a couple that has gone through thick and thin in their relationship. They’ve been on and off and were even engaged, but ended the relationship again back in 2013.

A space for each other was all they needed. After years being apart and figuring out themselves, they got back together again in 2017. Family members of Liam mentioned that they were glad to see Miley standing beside him again. She was always the right one because Liam never found anyone else. Surely, love will find a way back and they are close to proving it true.

5. Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez


Jelena is full of ups and downs. 2009 was the first time they met and until today in 2019, both are still going on and off. They began as one of the most popular teenage celebrity couples. Their last feud on Instagram in 2016 were burning; Justin Bieber was openly posting about his new relationship on his social media accounts (which did not seem to last long).

Although we can say that was a temporary thing because they were again seen back together in 2017. Selena Gomez was diagnosed with lupus back in 2015 but was more open about it in 2017. She had just received a kidney transplant and had to rest from the entertainment world. This probably became a huge slap on both of them to start rekindling and figuring out what they really want.

Well, they have been seen spending time together real often and Selena is back to her single status again, so fingers crossed!

6. Ed Sheeran And Cherry Seaborn


The “Perfect” singer has finally proposed to Cherry Seaborn and is now officially engaged. 2019 started out smoothly to both of them.

It all started with a crush in high school. Cherry loved hockey and Ed loved singing. But that did not stop love to bloom in 2015. Cherry became a professional hockey player in the US and had recently moved back to England because of Ed.

Well, now we know the shape of the woman whom Ed thinks is Perfect! Late congratulations to these two lovebirds.

7. Gal Gadot And Yaron Versano


So, maybe lots of people have not realized that WonderWoman’s actress is married and is already blessed with an adorable girl. But who is Yaron Versano and why are they such a goal?

Yaron is 10 years older than Gadot and is a successful Israeli businessman. Their love sparked from the very first time they met more than a decade ago in 2006 in a party. They hit it up and Yaron was ready to propose her on their second date! The tied the know in 2008 and love is always blooming around them. Recently they were seen together on the red carpet of Golden Globe Award.

Her Instagram posts of their private life are just sweet and adorable. If this story sounds like a fairytale, then now you know that fairytale does happen.

8. Hugh Jackman And Debora-Lee Furness


They are 13 years apart and Furness was adamant about not dating any actors anymore in 1995. But life took a swing and Deb was met with Hugh through a TV series Corelli. For the past 22 years, Hugh and Deb are happily married till this very day.

The best relationship goal is one where two different individuals are still into each other even after decades of being together. We can all upvote this fact and Hugh is here to become a proof that it is possible. After Hugh received an award for Les Misérablesin Comedy Golden Globe, he could not stop praising his wife for being there to support him. Deb was the biggest influencer that kept Hugh going.

Behind a great man, there’s always a great woman and we all need just that.

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