6 Cute Skirts For Summer You Should Definitely Try This Season

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated December 22, 2023
6 Cute Skirts For Summer You Should Definitely Try This Season

The summer sun is finally upon us and the start of this season means that women are now finally free to bare their legs that they have kept hidden for the entire winter season (just make sure that you have shaved before doing that!). And there is no better way to show off your assets than wearing skirts.

Whatever your style is, whether it is classy, sporty, girly or edgy, there is a perfect skirt style for you! There are plenty of options when it comes to skirt styles that you can find on the market so that it won’t be a problem for you. If you are having some problems looking for skirts that are summer-worthy, you have come to the right place!

We must admit—we are obsessed about cute skirts for summer too. That’s why we could help you find the perfect skirt that you can wear this season! With that in mind, here are the best skirts for summer along with some ideas on cute skirt outfits for summer!

1. Maxi Skirt

Best Skirts For Summer
Many people know that summer is the season for short skirts, but nothing can ever beat the charm that long summer skirts have, and that is why the maxi skirt still continues to be in style. The light weight of this type of skirt makes it the go-to skirt when it comes to going on a romantic date, having a leisure stroll at the beach, enjoying barbecue parties and attending beach weddings. The best thing about this skirt is that you do not have to be super sexy so that you can pull off this skirt because it suits every body type!

How To Style It:
To make the maxi skirt summer-ready, you should pair it with a form fitting crop top. And if you wish to add an edgy factor to your look, you can simply put on a leather bike jacket.

2.High Waist Skirt

Long Summer Skirts
We have seen the rise of high waisted shorts during the 70’s, and it came back a few years ago. But sometimes, high waisted shorts can be a bit boring, so we should opt for the next best thing—high waisted skirt! The cut of this skirt is quite versatile and is flattering to most body types— even if you do not have a flat tummy!
To keep your high waist skirt updated for the summer, opt for a piece with bright colors or loud and interesting prints.

How To Style It:
Style your high waist skirt the way Miranda Kerr does by opting for a printed skirt and pairing it with a plain white top. If it is too windy outside, put on a light and breezy long blazer with graphic prints.

3. A-Line skirt

Cute Skirt Outfits For Summer
A-line skirt is super versatile that you can use it for all seasons—winter and summer! The thing that you would love the most about this skirt style is that it can draw attention to your waistline so you can finally show off your asset. It also has amazing slimming effects that you cannot get from any other summer skirt style!

How To Style It:
Make your A-line skirt playful and flirty by pairing it with an off-shoulder top. You can also try pairing it with a crop top. This simple ensemble will be perfect for a trip with your girls!


4. Circle Skirt

Cute long skirt outfits
Many people would refer to this as the skater skirt but whatever name you want to call it—you cannot deny the fact that this is one of the best skirts you can ever wear this summer. Because of its short length and fun cut, the skirt will help you achieve a playful yet polished look and a comfortable feel.

How To Style It:

These days, you can find a matching crop top and circle skirt ensemble. If that seems a bit safe for you, you can try pairing your skirt with a tank top, plaid button down shirt and a pair of sneakers.

5. Midi Skirt

Summer skirts and top
Yes, skirts of all sizes are perfect for the summer season, so you have every right to jump on the midi skirt bandwagon. Before this style is used only for cocktail parties and formal gatherings but thanks to the few modern twists that fashion designers have added to the midi skirt, it can now be worn to just about every summer destination you plan on going!

How To Style It:
You can style the midi skirt depending on your personality. For girly women, you can pair a lace midi skirt with a sleeveless and wedge. For a sporty or edgy woman, try pairing silk midi skirt with a graphic tee and a pair of boots or sneakers.

6. Culottes

Summer skirts and dresses
Many of your will argue that this is not a skirt, but with its wide leg size, this garment surely resembles a skirt. But the truth is, culottes are knee-length trousers that just look like a skirt, but since it is also popular during this season, we have decided to include it on the list. This bottom is perfect to be worn in the city when you are going to run a few errands, and you want to do it in the most comfortable and stylish way possible.

How To Style It:
The best way to style the lazy look and comfortable feel of this clothing is to pair it with a tight fitting top. Wear a body bag and finish the whole look with sandals. You can also put on a wide-brimmed hat to protect your face from the scorching heat of the sun.

If you wish to look hot this summer season, you should wear skirts! It is the best way to show off the summer body you have worked oh so hard for in the stylish and classiest way possible! Just please do keep a few skirt styling tips in mind to make sure that you will be able to take full advantage of the style and cute look of the summer skirts.

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