Best Date Night Movies You Should Definitely Watch For Perfect Evening

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Finding movies to watch on date night can be difficult. This is because you have to balance between two different tastes, and still manage to maintain a cheerful makeout mood. Going for a scary movie can provide a perfect opportunity for cuddling. However, the romance might be killed if you are hoping to take matters to the next level. You may assume that uber-romantic is great, only to discover that you’ve set yourselves up for fictional, unrealistic romantic leads. Although funny may come to your rescue, you should always avoid excessive gross-out humor. Here are some must watch movies of all time to watch on date night.


1. The Princess Bride




This date night movie is what you need the next time you hang out with your loved one. It has dozens of kissing scenes that will ensure you stay glued to the screen. Besides kissing it has everything else including torture, fighting, fencing, chases, monsters, giants, miracles, true love and so much more. Just make sure you stay awake.


2. Silver Linings Playbook


This is the perfect date night movie for two. It has numerous mental and love health aspects. It’s a Chris Tucker movie you don’t want to miss. If you fight a lot during dates, this film’s characters will smoothen things up not to mention the great happy ending.


3. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World




Movies to watch on date night need to have humor, and that’s what you’ll find in this film. Additionally, the movie has lots of romance scenes to give you a great movie-date experience. It’s video game references galore make it the ideal movie for geeky daters.


4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind



This is one good movie for almost all occasions. The main characters are kind of optimistic in an amazing away. The characters want to give each other another chance although the memory of how they burned and crushed the first time is very fresh on their minds.


5. Forgetting Sarah Marshall




You agree that breaking up can be very hard. However, watching Kristen and Jason Segal break up in the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall is less hard. Watching Jason Segal rebound with Mila Kunis is the film’s best part.


6. Hitch


This Will Smith movie is ridiculously hilarious and is one of the good movies to watch for a perfect evening. In the Hitch, Will Smith acts as a smooth operator where he helps men persuade the ladies they like. The way Smith owns his role will guarantee you a good time.


7. Safety Not Guaranteed




This movie is very fun and will guarantee a great time. It is kind of a peculiar choice for a quasi-sci-fi, quirky date night. The movie Safety Not Guaranteed is ideal for daters who love the dry humor of Aubrey Plaza. The film examines breaking up and love hilariously. Additionally, the role of pop music in the movie provides deep contemplation and laughing in equal measure.


8. Almost Famous


This date night movie is ideal, especially for music lovers. Watch Almost Famous now and start reminiscing how deep you two thought were in middle school when you made it your favorite movie.



9. The Graduate




The Graduate may prove a bit awkward if you are on a scandalous date with a family friend older than you. However, The Graduate is a perfect and classic date night movie especially if you are anticipating more talking than kissing at the end of the movie.


10. Annie Hall


Sometimes dates can be awkward with very little action and a lot of talking. For many years, the Annie Hall movie has been the perfect date night movie. In most cases, the movie is attributed to revitalizing romantic comedy. Additionally, this movie is genuinely funny. In the movie, Diane Keaton’s choice of fashion makes Annie Hall worth viewing.


11. When Harry Met Sally




You should make When Harry Met Sally your date night movie especially if you want something classic. The movie provides hilarious insights how women and men relate to one another. Actors Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal made this movie stand the test of time.


12. 50 First Dates


You will not feel like you’ve completely wasted your time after watching 50 First Dates. Although the movie is a romcom, it doesn’t imply that it lacks mass appeal and more importantly, it is an Adam Sandler movie.


13. Pitch Perfect




This movie perfectly showcased the funny part of collegiate a capella. Try this Pitch Perfect on your movie night and have a fantastic evening.


14. Cruel Intentions


This film will add a little sexiness in your date night and set the tone for your evening. It is an answer to Dangerous Liaisons of the late ‘90s. Remember to have some tissues near you in case you are not the Ryan, and Reese split yet.


15. Mr. and Mrs. Smith




If you want little sexiness and action on your date night, go for Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Team Jen, the most adamant member, can’t even disagree with the chemistry between Brangelina.


16. True Lies


This is a hot action movie to try on your date night. It features a romantic and strong storyline and more importantly, James Cameron is in this movie.


17. Jurassic Park




This movie is amazing, and everyone seems to like it. Consider testing it with your date and watch your night date unfold just the way you wanted.


18. The Avengers


This is a great movie with a mass appeal. Being the most popular movie of all time, it will make your date amazing with its comedy, romance, and action.


These movies to watch on date night will make your date night memorable, fun, and worth the time. With a bit of romance, adventure, break up, horror, sci-fi, humor, love, and a happy ending, these date movies work like magic. They will set the mood you want on your behalf. In case you are looking to break up, avoid The Spectacular Now because it tricks you to believe that the world is the best place on earth.

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