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Dermaquest Dermaclear Mask is effective in drawing away oil from the skin and leaving it renewed. It also claims to quell redness, inflammation, and skin irritation. Effectively, they claim that this mask can dramatically reduce the occurrence of acne. Following the manufacturer’s recommended use will help balance the skin’s oil production. In this Dermaquest Dermaclear Mask Review, we will be going over every detail you’ll need to know before you decide to purchase a new addition to your skincare routine. In this review we’ll start off by going over the general description of the product above, then we’ll move on the positives and negatives we’ve researched on this product. We’ll then cover the remaining details about the brand, how to use the product, and what we personally think when it comes to whether or not you should purchase this product. Let’s get started!


Dermaquest claims that they have the most advanced product in the line of cosmetics and skincare, due to the seven factors they uphold, in the world. One of their main focus is the delivery system. With the optimized delivery of nourishing ingredients, the skin can absorb it thoroughly to maintain its state of health.

Dermaquest Dermaclear Mask can be used up to three times per week as directed by the manufacturer. Cleanse and tone the face before applying this mask to ensure that the nutrients it contains are optimally absorbed by the skin. Apply the mask using your fingertips and spread it on the face. Leave for 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

This product can be purchased directly from their website at $46 for every 4oz. They are also posted at some online retail stores and other third-party reseller websites.

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Dermaquest Dermaclear Mask

Dermaquest Dermaclear Mask

Dermaquest Dermaclear Mask is effective in drawing away oil from the skin and leaving it renewed. It also claims to quell redness, inflammation, and skin irritation.

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Dermaquest Dermaclear Mask Ingredients

Salicylic Acid:

This acid mildly exfoliates the skin and gets rid of oil and debris stuck on skin pores. This helps prevent the occurrence of acne. Although, it leads to skin rashes and peeling of skin.

Willow Bark Extract:

This extract helps relieve skin redness and inflammation. It soothes the skin and calms irritation.It can also cause itching, rash, and allergic reactions, particularly in people allergic to aspirin.


This earthen ingredient is rich in minerals that help absorb excess oil and regulate the skin’s pH to render the face oil free for longer periods.

Lilac Stem Cell:

This ingredient is a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps reduce the redness and inflammation of the skin. It also has anti-microbial properties that prevent the growth of harmful bacteria on the face.

Pros and Cons of Dermaquest Dermaclear Mask

  • This mask absorbs excess oil on the face and regulates its production.
  • This product calms and soothes irritated skin. Although it can lead to itching and rashes!
  • This soothing mask helps keep acne at bay.
  • This product has a steep price tag.
  • Some users reported that this mask has a burning and stinging sensation on the face.
  • A few users have found that the scent of this mask is not pleasing.
  • Very few reviews and information are available online.

Recommending To Purchase?

This mask promises to keep the face free from oil and help regulate and correct its levels of production. It is advised to be used at least twice a day for a lasting effect. However, there are some drawbacks that you may want to consider.

This product has a high price tag for its quantity. It’s main ingredient, salicylic acid, can also be found on similar products that are not this expensive. Overall, we strongly recommend you look for other products that have a lower price compared to this.


It is not mentioned on their official website of how many days you can return Dermaquest Dermaclear Mask bought from them. However, they will happily refund and replace products in the event that they are faulty. If you happen to just change your mind, they will still issue a refund as long as the product is not opened and intact in its packaging.

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