DermaQuest Mini Pumpkin Mask Description

DermaQuest Mini Pumpkin Mask is marketed as a highly brightening and rejuvenating mask. It promises to deliver the skin anti-inflammatory benefits to keep skin irritations at bay. This DermaQuest Mini Pumpkin Mask Review can help you find out if you need this product!


DermaQuest Inc is founded by an Indian chemist named Sam Dhatt in 1990. With three decades of experience in the market.

For best results, apply a dime-sized amount of the mask to the skin. Evenly distribute it to the different parts of the face but try to avoid contact with the eye area and any open blemishes. However it may result to itchiness or if irritation. A 2 fl oz (56.7 g) tube of DermaQuest Mini Pumpkin Mask is sold for a price of USD 32 in the official DermaQuest Inc website. You can also buy it from retailer sites.

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DermaQuest Mini Pumpkin Mask

DermaQuest Mini Pumpkin Mask

DermaQuest Mini Pumpkin Mask promises to deliver the skin anti-inflammatory benefits to keep skin irritations at bay.

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DermaQuest Mini Pumpkin Mask Ingredients

Some of the active ingredients in the mask are as follows:

Pumpkin Pulp:

This pulp is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that can protect and nourish the skin. In addition to that, it is also said to brighten and address hyperpigmentation problems in the skin[1].

Mandelic Acid:

This has been proven to be effective in treating pigmentation and photo-aging issues.

Lactic Acid:

This can reduce acne breakouts and can deliver gentle exfoliation to the skin. However it may cause dry skin and itching.

Pros and Cons of DermaQuest Mini Pumpkin Mask

  • The mask has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Treats and prevents acne and breakouts.
  • It is recommended for acne and pigmentation.However some customer reviews says that it has allergic reaction.
  • It is pricier than the other masks in the market.
  • It has alcohol.
  • It also contains fragrance.

Recommending To Purchase?

Experts recommend that we use a face mask at least twice a week if we want our skin to look beautiful. But is this the mask that you should use? That we have to find out.

The mask contains lots of beneficial ingredients as we have mentioned above. But along with the good ingredients come the bad ones—fragrance and alcohol. Both of these substances have been linked to skin irritation which you would not want to experience.

With this in mind, we think it would be best that you continue your search for a mask that is affordable and free from all of these unwanted chemicals.


The purchase of DermaQuest Mini Pumpkin Mask is covered by a return policy. You can return the product to the company if the product is defective or no longer fresh. Upon receiving the product, the company will inspect the item and will notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund request.


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