What Is Dermaquest Sheerzinc SPF 30?

Dermaquest Sheerzinc SPF 30 envelopes the skin with a protective layer to prevent the harmful UV rays from making damage to the skin. This broad-spectrum sunscreen bounces off and dissipates the harmful UVs so that the skin cells would not take substantial damage and darkening. This sunscreen is neutral and will not leave your skin with white smudges. This Dermaquest SPF 30 Review will show you what this product is made of and what it can do for your skin.

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Dermaquest Sheerzinc SPF 30

Dermaquest Sheerzinc SPF 30

Dermaquest Sheerzinc SPF 30 envelopes the skin with a protective layer to prevent the harmful UV rays from making damage to the skin.

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In 1990, Sam Dhatt recognized the need to have an efficient skin care delivery system that would bring skin health to its optimal level. With this in mind, he founded DermaQuest and dedicated his time to researching the most effective way for the skin to absorb the skincare product applied to it. Today, DermQuest has incorporated better and more efficient delivery systems that they have discovered from their research.

Dermaquest Sheerzinc SPF 30 should be applied at least thirty minutes before sun exposure for better protection. Apply a small amount evenly on the face and neck. Apply some amount to exposed skin. It is advised that you reapply a layer if you have perspired or after getting off from the pool or the beach.

Dermaquest Sheerzinc SPF 30 Ingredients

These are the ingredients in the formulation:

Vitamin C

This powerful antioxidant helps manage skin damage and reverse skin aging. This also protects the skin from further damage to preserve skin integrity.

Zinc Oxide

This compound absorbs ultraviolet light to prevent it from having contact with the skin.

Vitamin E

This vitamin is known to help and nourish the skin to promote skin cell growth. It also has antioxidative properties that preserve the skin’s youth.

Pros and Cons of Dermaquest Sheerzinc SPF 30

  • This sunscreen protects you from UVA and UVB.
  • The texture and consistency of this sunscreen are easily absorbed by the skin.
  • This sunscreen is formulated to give some protection against oxidative damage.
  • This sunscreen has a high price tag.
  • This product contains alcohol.
  • A few users have reported having their skin dried out after using this product


Dermaquest Sheerzinc SPF 30 that is bought from their official website can be returned and exchanged if you find that it does not have the quality the company claims. In case you just changed your mind, they will refund your purchase as long as it is not yet opened.

The Final Word

DermaQuest is known to manufacture safe and effective skincare products without utilizing harsh chemicals and synthetic preservatives. Using this product can help envelope your skin with protection. It also claims that it can help improve the skin health by delivering vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

However, this sunscreen comes at a steep price. Although it claims to nourish the skin while giving it lasting protection from the sun, its efficacy to do both is diminished. Lastly, this product contains alcohol. If you have dry skin, this can potentially aggravate your skin condition.

Overall, we recommend you look for specialized sunscreens that solely functions as a sun protectant. These types of products are best suited and found to be most effective in protecting the skin from sun damage. Lastly, there are better sunscreens out there that is not as expensive as this one.

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