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Sisley Double Tenseur&is a lifting primer that claims to provide the skin with immediate and long-lasting protection by functioning as a “second skin.” An in vitro test was conducted on the active ingredients, which proves that it firms the skin day after day by strengthening its dermal structure. It can also diminish signs of fatigue by lifting the skin, giving it tautness, smoothness and a youthful glow. Lemon and Rhatany extracts tighten large pores for better skin clarity. This product is also said to make skin more toned and feel denser to the touch.

Formulated with botanical extracts, Double Tenseur is also multi-functional: it can be used as a base for make up, so foundation lasts longer, or as touch-up to keep your face looking fresh all day, or to give it an instant beauty boost in the evening. The gel texture is lightweight and allows the skin to breathe. To learn more about this product, read our full&Double Tenseur review &and see if this high-end lifting moisturizer is a worthy addition to your beauty kit.

Sisley is a skin care brand that’s based in Paris. It is a family-owned operation, which is advantageous since there’s more focus in managing it towards the future. This brand claims to use the best of modern technology, botanical and other natural extracts for high efficacy formulations that treat specific skin concerns. It is quite known in the beauty industry and one of its highlights is the 30 day money back guarantee for all merchandise. However all its products comes with a hefty price tag.

This skin care formulation being reviewed is still relatively new on the market. It delivers firming and lifting effects that last all day. In addition, it makes the skin visibly toned and plumped after four weeks. However, there are mixed Sisley Double Tenseur reviews online, with most saying it doesn’t offer anything remarkable. There are some satisfied customers because of its good priming and hydrating effect, but it doesn’t last very long on some people. There are reports of the formula causing irritation and/or drying out the skin as well.

How to Use: This product can be applied over your daily skin care, but it is also a good makeup base that helps extend the life of your foundation. It can be used anytime for an instant beauty boost too.

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Sisley Paris Double Tenseur

Sisley Paris Double Tenseur

Double Tenseur is also multi-functional: it can be used as a base for make up, so foundation lasts longer, or as touch-up to keep your face looking fresh all day

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Sisley Paris Double Tenseur Ingredients

Rhatany Extract

This is a natural toner and astringent that is claimed to deliver an instant lifting effect on the skin. However, there’s no substantial evidence of this benefit.

Lemon Extract

It is also an astringent and toner although many individuals are sensitive to this component, which can cause instant irritation of the skin.

Oat Seed Extract

Claimed to deliver a dramatic lifting effect, it helps restore the skin’s youthful appearance; however, there’s limited clinical evidence to back this claim.

Cotton Extract

Vegetable Glycerin

It is for softening skin, making it softer and plumper.
Although there’s no solid proof, it is claimed to have regenerative and replenishing properties that restore the skin’s youthful smoothness and softness.

Pros and Cons of Sisley Paris Double Tenseur Line Lifting Transformation

  • Provides immediate and long-term effects with continued use however customer reviews states a different story.
  • Designed to fade signs of fatigue.
  • made to Tones the skin after 4 weeks.
  • May cause mild irritation due to some ingredients
  • Some components have not been tested thoroughly to prove that they are effective and safe.
  • Has very few reviews online, which makes it difficult to determine if it really works.
  • Not backed by a clinical study or a consumer use study.
  • Pricey for something that isn’t made with remarkable components
  • Many better options are being sold at around half its price.

Ren Canvas Serum Price & Quantity

A 1 fl. oz. bottle of Sisley Paris Double Tenseur&can be purchased online for $192.

Does It Come With A Guarantee?

Double Tenseur Sisley comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. You may return all or a part of your order within 30 days of receipt.

Conclusion – Should You Buy It?

Based on the ingredients of this product, it is a good anti-aging concoction with many potential benefits. It can be used to address several issues, including dryness, premature aging, and dark spots. On the other hand, no clinical evidence is available to prove it is effective, and there’s negative feedback as well, due to unimpressive results. It is still worth trying although there are significantly more affordable alternatives that use more potent active components.

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