Easy & Cute Galaxy Lips Tutorial

Written by Meighan James, Modified October 24, 2017
Galaxy Lips

Aren’t you amazed by the galaxy look in the “Interstellar” movie? Or is it the “Guardians Of The Galaxy” that impressed you the most? Surely its the dramatic galaxy look that took everyone’s attention. If you love galaxy and stars, flaunt this sparkling galaxy look on your lips.

Yes! You heard it right ! You can capture the beauty of space on your eyes and lips as well. The video above shows how to give yourself mysterious “Galaxy Lips”. This look is for those who are not afraid of dark colors and glitters.

You can use wide range of colors from vibrant purple, blue to matte black lipstick tones blended with each other for painting base while shimmery white lip gloss to create starry effect. Play with different colors till you get desired galaxy lip look.

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