What Are The Eucerin Aquaporin Active?

Eucerin Aquaporin Active cream gives the skin 24hours moisture with just a single application. This cream is formulated specially to rescue dry skin. Eucerin based their formulation on the fact that the skin needs extensive hydration to combat the first sign of aging. The first symptom of skin degeneration and aging starts with skin dryness.

By addressing the root of all the skin problems, the manifestation of skin aging is reversed.


Eucerin has been manufacturing skin care product long before we have even existed! This company was founded in 1902 and has a long and extensive experience in manufacturing skin care products. Their long existence in the field is enough story to tell how much their clients are satisfied with their product.

Eucerin Aquaporin Active Rich benefits revive the skin and increase its state of health. Since the beginning of this company, they have focused on dealing with dry skin to promote skin health. Today, they manufacture a wide range of product that addresses skin dryness of different skin types. However it may also cause some allergic reactions.

To enjoy using this cream, simply apply it over clean skin surface evenly. Cover the face, neck, and decollete area to start getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles. The manufacturer advice using this product twice daily for quick results and lasting benefits.

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Eucerin Aquaporin Active For Dry Skin

Eucerin Aquaporin Active For Dry Skin

Eucerin Aquaporin Active For Dry Skin is an excellent eye cream for fine wrinkles and dark circles. This eye lotion for brightening features vegan collagen, genuine gold, a triple vitamin C complex, and antioxidants.

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What Are The Eucerin Aquaporin Active For Dry Skin Ingredients?

Eucerin is sensibly formulated to deal with parched skin and restore its lost nutrient. To accomplish this, the manufacturer formulated it with the following ingredients:


This ingredient is a combination of glucose and glycerol that provides intense moisture to the skin and traps it inside the skin cells to give lasting hydration.[1]

Hyaluronic Acid

This acid is an effective humectant that increases the moisture of the skin cells and retains it in place. This effectively gives the skin volume and increases its overall state of health.&However it may cause allergic reactions.[2]


This cream contains biotin that is an integral part of maintaining skin health. This also gives protection from skin infection caused by fungi and other harmful microorganisms.[3]

Jojoba Oil

To become the most hydrating cream you could ever have, the manufacturer added jojoba oil on top of all the other humectants this product contains to get rid of the dull and lifeless skin.[4]

Pros and Cons of Eucerin Aquaporin Active For Dry Skin

  • This cream gives the skin a whole day of hydration. However some customer claims that this product leaves greasy feeling to the skin.
  • This product addresses the root cause of skin aging and gives you a glowing, healthy skin.
  • Feels comfortable on the skin.
  • This cream contains a large portion of alcohol in its formulation.
  • Finding more information about this product is quite difficult.
  • Many users have found the scent of this cream to be a little awkward.
  • This product leaves an uncomfortable greasy layer on the skin.

Eucerin Aquaporin Active For Dry Skin Before and After – See Real Results

Eucerin Aquaporin Active for Dry Skin Before and After Pictures

Eucerin Aquaporin Active for Dry Skin Before and After Pictures


What Is The Price And Quantity Of Eucerin Aquaporin Active For Dry Skin?

A 50ml jar of this cream costs about $16-21. You can purchase this product from Eucerin’s official retailer and other skincare websites that carry their brand.

How Long Does It Take Eucerin to Work?

A: I didn’t experience the first results that Eucerin claimed to have after two weeks. After three weeks, though, I could detect a softening and fading around the margins of the two areas on my cheeks.

Does Eucerin Repair Skin?

A: For skin that looks and feels healthy, Eucerin Advanced Repair Lotion repairs extremely dry skin and delivers 48 hours of moisture.

Is Eucerin Cream Good for Dry Skin?

A: Meanwhile, Eucerin’s formulation consists of water in an oil emulsion. It works to lock in moisture and heal dry skin. Both can be beneficial for skin.

Do Dermatologists Recommend Eucerin?

A: Eucerin is the dermatologist-recommended skincare brand that is based on an uncompromising approach to science. Eucerin restores and sustains healthy-looking skin, and gives you the confidence that comes with having radiant, healthy-looking skin.

Should You Buy It?

A: Eucerin Aquaporin Active moisturising cream is an excellent source of hydration for your skin. However, carefully analyzing what it can do for you and considering the things other people have found out, you may want to reconsider your purchase.

This product contains a lot of alcohol for a moisturizing cream. Also, this cream does is not as popular as its competitor and has a smaller pool of client who is enjoying this product. Some users have found the scent to be a bit overwhelming. A few users cannot tolerate the greasy feeling it leaves to the skin.

Overall, we strongly recommend you find some other moisturizing cream that gives excellent hydration to the skin without leaving a greasy feeling.

What is the Money Back Guarantee?

A: There is no specific guideline posted on their website on how to make a return in case you are not satisfied with Eucerin’s product. You may contact their customer service and ask for their policy about getting a refund. If you got your product from another supplier, you might want to refer to their returns policy.

What Do the Reviews Say?

Eucerin Aquaporin Active For Dry Skin — Face Moisturizers

Final Thoughts

Eucerin aquaporin active for dry skin is an innovative face moisturizer that enhances the skin’s own hydration system and leaves skin supple, smooth, and radiant. It provides deep and long-lasting hydration for supple, smooth, and radiant-looking sensitive skin. They help reduce the speed with which our skin loses moisture to the outside environment. but for sure dermatologists don’t recommend this cream due to weakness in the skin.


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