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F. Miller Face Oil contains a blend of 15 carefully selected botanical oils and extracts. Among the many plants and other plant-derived extracts out there, F. Miller chose the best ingredients with the highest antioxidative properties and provided the skin with lasting moisture. This oil helps the skin regenerate and increase the rate of growth and repair of skin cells for faster cellular turnover and resurfacing. If you are curious about this product, read this F Miller Face Oil Review and find out more details about it.


F. Miller takes pride in their pure formulation. Every product they manufacture is formulated with undiluted essential oils that pampers the skin with nourishment and hydration. Before F. Miller products were available in the market, it took two years of extensive research and testing to create effective products that are free from harmful chemicals.

To make the most out of F. Miller Face Oil, shake the bottle first before dispensing it. Apply two to three drops of this oil on the face, neck, and decollete area. Make sure that the skin is thoroughly cleansed and toned for better absorption of this product. F. Miller advises using this product day and night. Some customer review states that it may cause skin rashes.

You can find this product posted for sale on their official website for $98. Each bottle of this luscious oil contains 30ml.

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F. Miller Face Oil

F. Miller Face Oil

F. Miller Face Oil helps the skin regenerate and increase the rate of growth and repair of skin cells for faster cellular turnover and resurfacing.

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F. Miller Face Oil Ingredients

This product contains the following potent oils:

Argan Oil

This oil soothes and calms the skin to and prevent skin rashes while giving it intensive moisture.

Sweet Almond Oil

This oil contains high concentrations of antioxidants that protect the skin from free radical damage.

Apricot Kernel Oil

This product contains apricot kernel oil that improves the texture of the skin.

Jojoba Oil

This oil packs intensive moisturizing elements that effectively hydrates the skin. It can cause some side effects such as rash and allergic reactions.

Pros and Cons of F. Miller Face Oil

  • This product gives the skin intensive hydration.
  • This face oil helps balance the natural moisture and oil production of the skin but contains potential acne breakout ingredients.
  • This facial oil contains potent amounts of antioxidants that fend off free radicals.
  • This product has a short shelf life.
  • This face oil is packed in a clear bottle which exposes the contents to light that increases the rate of oxidation.
  • The consistency of this oil is thin and a little heavy on the skin.
  • This product causes a little itch on the skin.

Recommending To Purchase?

F. Miller is an emerging skincare company that is manufacturing products with pure concentrations. Their oils are undiluted and provide the skin with a huge range of benefits. However, this product comes with a hefty price.

You only get 30ml of this cocktail of oil with your $98. Also, the packaging of this product is not ideal and may not effectively prevent oxidation of the oil which leads to short shelf life. Lastly, some users report that this product causes some itch on the skin.

Overall, we strongly recommend you look for another facial oil that is not as expensive as this one and has established its name in the market. You can also give it a try to Elemis Superfood Facial Oil as users found the best results while applying it.


You can return your F. Miller Face Oil in case you are not happy with it. Contact their customer support for more information on how to process a return. Please email within 15 days of receiving your order to let us know your reason for requesting an exchange or store credit along with your preference between the two.

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