9 Surprising Facts About Boobs That Will Blow You Away

Written by Emma Skylar, Modified October 24, 2017
Facts About Boobs

Do you know your boobs well? There is no denying the fact that our breasts are pretty interesting—they look amazing but more than that, they are functional as well (hello, breastfeeding!). But sadly, we, women, don’t tend to put much attention to our boobs except when looking for a bra.

For your information, there is more to boobs than you know. Behold are the surprising facts about boobs that women should know about:


Your boobs are not of the same size

We don’t know if you have noticed this already, but your boobs do not come in a matching set. They are not perfectly symmetrical so don’t expect them to be. Some studies claim that the left is bigger than the right while others say it is the other way around. Regardless of which is which, the fact remains: they are not of the same size.


You can have an orgasm through your nipples.

When your nipples are stimulated, the brain releases oxytocin which will cause your vagina to contract. And when done for a prolonged period, it may lead to a mind-blowing orgasm.


How big your boobs can get is determined by genetics and your weight.

How blessed you are (when it comes to boobs) is affected by your DNA and your size. This is because your breasts are mainly made up of fatty tissue so it can get bigger when you get fat and smaller when you become thinner.


Nipples come in different shapes and sizes.

There are different types of nipples including inverted (three types too!), puffy, flat and normal. The more interesting thing? Just like your breasts, nipples are not of the same size too!


The breasts are most prone to dryness than any of your body parts.

As you get old, your breasts get bigger, causing the skin to expand and become thinner. This increases their chance of getting dry as compared to all the other parts of your body so do not be afraid to slather some moisturizer on it from time to time.


Your breast size changes.

The changes in your body can lead to changes in your bra size. Breasts get bigger when you are pregnant. They also go a cup size higher at certain points during your menstrual period.


Breasts can be as heavy as 20 pounds.

Bras are designed to support boobs that weigh from ½ pound to boobs as heavy as 20 pounds. Now, we know why they are called melons!


If you sleep face down, the shape of your boobs may change.

To take care of your breasts and maintain their shape, doctors advise against sleeping face down. Additionally, they recommend placing a pillow under your breasts at night for added support.


Saggy boobs are unavoidable.

This is the worst part of all. As you grow old, your body will produce less estrogen which can cause the boobs to lose its firmness.

Keep these facts about boobs in mind and you can take good care of these babies!

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