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Fall Shoe Trends: 11 Trending Shoe Styles You Can Wear In Every Fall

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated August 12, 2021
Fall Shoe Trends: 11 Trending Shoe Styles You Can Wear In Every Fall

Autumn has officially arrived and with it comes the changes in weather and temperature. Your apparel-game might be on lock for fall, but you might be missing out on this season’s shoes.

We rounded up the top eleven (because ten is definitely not enough) of the most fashionable fall shoe trends this time of the year and offer a glimpse of the styles already in the ever in-demand market. Yes, ankle boots are all the rage, but there are several new shoe styles coming up that might rival our go-to staple this season.

Get a load of the hottest trends from an updated version of the eighties slouch to the always-on-the-go combat boots. This selection promises to be excellent as we deliver you a plethora of foolproof styles to follow. Check out the latest shoe trends that are about to be everywhere this fall!

The Top 11 Fall Shoe Trends Of 2017

1. Glittery Shoes

Glitter Shoes
Ever since its runway debut on the Saint Laurent runway, we’ve been dying to try the bold accessory for ourselves.

We admit it; glittery shoes are attention grabbers. So how do we pull it off without flashing a “hey look at me!” vibe. This fall 2017 women shoes can make you stand out, even if you are just wearing a plain and boring office wear ensemble. You can also pair it with formal and casual clothes. Spread the sparkle with these shoes!

2. Over The Knee Boots

Over The Knee Boots

Electrify the autumn atmosphere by sporting over the knee boots and ankle booties. They have become extremely popular in recent years that ladies rock the seventies look even in the office. Wear them with tights and a suede skirt or pair it with skinny for a casual day.

An A-line midi skirt would also do with these shoes if you’re wary of showing some skin but prefer a skirted look. Unless you’re opting for a Broadway musical ensemble, opt for bright neutrals or stick to the perfect casual go-to of jeans and cashmere sweater in navy and black!

3. Combat Shoes

Combat Shoes

Combat boots are indispensable. Thanks to its bulkiness and boldness, it is the best pair of shoes to make a statement but its eye-catching style is also one of the reasons why many women get easily intimidated by it. Well, you will be surprised to know that there are plenty of clothes that you can wear with tis footwear. The options range from jeans to maxi skirts to short dresses and skirts.

An all-black ensemble screams motorcycle-chic while pairing them with a feminine dress gives the look a more toughened vibe.

4. Slouch Boots

Slouch Boots
Slouch boots are making a well-deserved comeback this fall as they make every woman’s “must have” boots for fall 2017. These fashion boots never seem to go out of style because they are quite versatile and gives off that effortlessly chic vibe.

Now don’t get discouraged because we tell you, these can do wonders on your silhouette as it can balance out top-heavy outfits but it would also go well with tailored and fitted clothing pieces. And that is why it is the reigning fall boot trend 2017.

5. Embellished And Textured Footwear

Fall Boot Trend 2017
Accessories on accessories? We are all in! Bring out the razzle-dazzle this season with luxe textured shoes ornamented with crystals, stones and bejewelled buckles. In case you missed it, embellished heels have taken over the runway and the streets.

Pair them with leggings, your favorite mini skirt, or a pair of skinny jeans, or even that beloved little black dress, and you’re set to take on the world with this fall shoe trend.

6. Mules

Mules Shoes
Mules are our go-to shoe this season – perfect for a little sun-kissed fun and an easy way to go from day to night. In fact, mules are still popular this season but instead of plain leather options, this year’s boots for fall come in an assortment of textures, colors, prints, and even materials.

You can wear mules with monochrome pieces to edgy outfits even with evening attire for the optimal fashion appeal. You’re smashing all the trends in these not-so-average mules!

7. Floral Jacquard

Floral Jacquard Shoes
To stand out of the season’s abundance of dead leaves, bring the spirit of spring this season with floral jacquards. They always deliver especially when they have charmingly playful and inventive patterns. Beat the crowds at the flower market on a Sunday as floral print shoes are taking the internet by storm.

Opt for a mix of pink and red tones and Bordeaux shades for an autumnal outfit. It’s no surprise everyone’s obsessed about it!


8. Satin And Velvet Shoes

Satin And Velvet Shoes

Precious fabrics are all the rage in footwear this season be it heels in satin or velvet boots. Satin should be on your feet right now, preferably in cerulean blue and sprinkled with a dusting of crystals. On the other hand, deep wine red velvet will always be the color of the season whether you call it Bordeaux, berry, oxblood, burgundy.

9. Sock Boots

Sock Boots
For this season, the fashion footwear trend is all about the fitted boot. This style is distinguished from all the other shoes out there by the snug fit and the long shaft. While not necessarily an ankle-wrap boot, the top of sock boots is made of soft fabric or even leather that wraps around the ankles perfectly.

Make sure the proportion of your outfit is right. Wear it with a dress or dropped wide-hemmed jeans. Cuffing your jeans to show off the boots would an extra oomph in your get up as large cuffs like these are unexpected and unique.

10. Red Shoes

Red Shoes For Fall
Red hot shoes are a staple style this season especially with all the neutral colors of autumn. Red gives a much-needed dash of color in bold statements. Plus, red screams uber sexy so why not join the bandwagon? Red pumps are a fabulous and easy way to express yourself as they make a fashion statement for themselves.

Adding a pair can spice up a drabby outfit, combine them with solid, basic colors. You can wear them at work, and you can even go to a wedding in them and bathe in the attention as the color won’t ever go unnoticed. You’ll look sexy and chic!

11. White Shoes

White Shoes For Fall
Look stylish this stark footwear as the color, or anti-color, is only gaining momentum in the world of fashion. Perfectly versatile and no longer clinical and never again going to be called blue-collar, white shoes are a staple in any wardrobe of any season. This fall, however, brightly polished white pumps are all the rage.

Whether sporting a monochromatic outfit or a top-heavy neutral casual get-up, white always adds a layer of sophistication. For the brave and the bold, an all-out and all white attire is a mega hit! You can also mix your shades from off-whites and ivory to champagne and cream.

And there you have it, your ultimate guide to this season’s current shoe styles. These are the fall shoe trends we’re looking toward to right now. These are the shoes you need to shop and wear ASAP for this year’s autumn.

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