Fall Wardrobe Essentials: Must Haves Of Wardrobe In This Fall

Written by Gracie Allen, Modified October 22, 2018
Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Fall is just around the corner, and as usual, the transition from sunny and humid to airy and cold can be quite daunting. As of now, your wardrobe may consist of tank tops, short shorts, light dresses and bikinis (anything that can help you survive the scorching heat of the sun) but if you want to be ready for fall, now is the perfect time for you to stock up on fall wardrobe essentials.

As you may realize by now, trends change almost every year and this year is not an exception. If you are planning to build your fall wardrobe 2017, you need to know the fall and winter wardrobe essentials. Thanks to magazines and fashion shows, it has now become easy for all of us to know what are the fall 2017 must haves.

1.The Fall Wardrobe Essentials For 2017

If you do not want to tire yourself from browsing various fashion sites, relax! We are here to help you out. You may be looking for tips on how to build your fall wardrobe. Well, below we have compiled some of the fall wardrobe essentials 2017 that you should know about!

  • Skinny Jeans

    Fall Fashion Must Haves
    This bottom has always been one of the fall fashion must haves. Why? Well, that’s because it is slim enough to be worn underneath your long cardigans, oversized sweaters and scarves. It streamlined silhouette is the perfect canvass for layering your clothes so you can easily pair it with everything problem-free! Plus, let’s face it– this is the perfect match for your knee-high boots that you are dying to wear ever since the summer started.

    Pair it with: The best match for skinny jeans is a long blouse or an oversized sweater (with a scarf wrapped around your neck!). And of course, don’t forget your boots!

  • Cashmere Sweater

    Fall Fashion
    This type of sweater has always been a must-have for fall wardrobe, and that’s due to lots of good reasons! It is another versatile piece of fall clothing because it is made for layering!

    Pair it with: This sweater looks amazing with a collared shirt underneath it. To make your look more stylish, the collared top must be protruding underneath the sweater and the collar showing in the neck area. You can pair it with pants, distressed jeans and skirts—whatever tickles your fancy!

  • Slogan Shirts

    Slogan Shirts
    If you take pride in being an edgy girl instead of a feminine one, then one of the fall wardrobe essentials for you would be a slogan shirt. This is the perfect piece of clothing that can add statement to your ensembles.

    Pair it with: Wear your slogan shirt with a long sleeve top underneath it. You can also pair it with distressed jeans, sneakers and wear a plaid button down long sleeve over it.

  • Padded Shoulder Blazers

    Fall Fashion Look
    You may think that this is so 80’s but the padded shoulder blazers are making a big come back. In fact, many fashion experts claim that it is one of the fall wardrobe essentials 2017. And if you wish to look amazing during your job interview or in your workplace, then you need to suit up!

    Pair it with: This blazer is best paired with a plain tank top or a button-down blouse and a pair of trousers. Instead of wearing it the usual way, just simply drape the blazer around your neck for a more stylish look.


  • Wide Leg Pants

    Fall Wardrobe Fashion
    If you wish to shy away from the usual leggings and sweatshirt ensemble, then it is about time that you step up your fall fashion game by adding a pair of wide leg pants to your wardrobe. This bottom was popular during the 70’s and it is now returning as one of the fall fashion essentials 2017. Because of its versatility and high end fashion style, it is now made available in various sizes, styles and lengths.

    Pair it with: The most stylish design for wide leg pants is the high waist style. You can pair it with a crop top and to keep you feeling comfortable and warm all throughout the day, you can wear an oversized coat over your top. Of course, this pair of pants is best paired with high heeled shoes so you can look taller and a lot slimmer!

  • Chambray Shirts

    Fall Wardrobe 2017
    Your fall wardrobe 2017 will never be complete without this as it is probably the most stylish and versatile fall clothing piece that you can ever find in your closet. And the best thing about it is that its design never goes out of style so you can use it every year, no matter what the trends are!

    Pair it with: There are plenty of ways on how to wear it. You can tie it around your dress, wear it open over a tank top. It can also be worn all buttoned up and tucked in your distressed jeans.

  • White Button Up

    Fall Wardrobe Fashion 2017
    This is a work wardrobe staple that you should not miss out on. The crisp white shirt with long sleeves and collar would certainly come handy in the professional word once fall season comes. You can choose from a cotton boy-shirt or a silk one (or you can get both!).

    Pair it with: Well, thanks to its versatility, you can pair this top basically with everything in your closet! If you are just out with your friends, you can pair it with denim skirts, pleated skirts, shorts, pants and leggings. If you are heading to work, then tuck it underneath a pencil skirt.

    You can spice it up by wearing chandelier earrings. You can also button it all the way up then wear a statement necklace under the collar.

    Brace yourself for the transition of the seasons because it’s going to be one bumpy ride but having these fall wardrobe must haves for every woman, you can be able to ease your way through the changing of the seasons. These fall wardrobe essentials that we have mentioned above can make you look stylish and at the same time feel comfortable this coming season!

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