Famous Celebrity Siblings: 6 Stars You Didn’t Know Had A Sibling

Written by Janella Domingo Diaz, Modified October 22, 2018
Famous Celebrity Siblings

Celebrity brothers and sisters. Aren’t we all brothers and sisters? But hey, in a familial sense, celebrities have families too! It can be a little hard to imagine, but, they really do have relatives!

Have you ever imagined favorite celebrities have siblings? Well, it’s like they just popped famously out of nowhere, but really, these celebs went to day care, went to school, some went to college, just like most of us!

They have brothers and sisters too, just like a normal family! You will be surprised that some of them shared the same womb! Let’s take a look at these famous celebrities whose, brothers and sisters, we don’t know about. You may even be surprised that some of them have the same career!


1. Beyoncé and Solange


Beyoncé And Solange


We all know about Beyoncé. We knew her from Destiny’s Child up to present. We knew from then that she has a powerful voice. Today, she had numerous concerts and tours throughout the world entertaining her audience with her witty songs and exotic dance.

Little do we know that she has a younger sister, Solange, who is also a singer! Well, it would be a difficult task to be known as Solange Knowles in the music industry when you are the sister of an iconic artist, Beyoncé. They could easily be your favorite celebrity siblings!

Solange had some temporary stints with the Destiny’s Child when she was young. She is a prodigy and lives up to her sister’s example. At the young age of 16, she already had released her own album! In one of her songs, God Given Name, she sings us a story of how she and her sister are different.


2. Cyrus Siblings


Cyrus Siblings


Yes, we are talking about Miley Cyrus. The Miley Cyrus. She has a sibling. No, she has five siblings. Discovering your favorite celebrity has a sibling quite surprising. Knowing that your favorite artist has five siblings is five times more surprising!

She has three siblings older than her. Brandi is the oldest among the Cyrus siblings followed by Trace. Christopher Cody is a few months older than Miley. Braison is about two years younger than Miley, and they have Noah as the youngest sibling.

All of the Cyrus siblings are involved in the showbusiness. Can you imagine that? Well, not all of them are as famous as Miley, but they have different stuff going in in their careers.


3. Joshua and Jessica Alba


Joshua and Jessica Alba


Jessica is a prized actress known for her performance in hit movies like Sin City and the Fantastic Four Series. Aside from acting, Jessica is also business oriented and is a philanthropist. Little do we know that she has a brother.

Joshua Alba is not quite as known as her sister. But he had played some roles in hit TV series like CSI, The Division, Dark Angel, and Monk. He also played a role on a 2015 sci-fi movie, Synapse. You will often see her escorting Jessica on some events.



4. Hunter and Scarlett Johansson


Hunter and Scarlett Johansson


When you see Scarlett, what movie can you think of? Maybe you would say, Avengers. Yep, that’s what I thought of too. Scarlet has played an awesome double agent spy/superhero role in the Avengers series. It’s a shame she doesn’t have her own movie title for the Marvel Universe Movies. I bet that would be Awesome!

But did you know, Scarlet has a sibling? In fact, they have shared the same womb! This two is probably one of the prettiest celebrity twins on the planet! Hunter often escorts Scarlett on the red carpet. The two look adorable together!

Hunter is also an actor but had not taken this career path as his priority. He is more politically inclined rather than the Hollywood. But I sincerely wish someday that Hunter takes up some role in some romantic comedy movies! I’m sure all you girls would watch this!


5. Chimene and Cameron Diaz


Chimene and Cameron Diaz


Cameron Diaz began her showbusiness career when she was 16 years old. She started out as a model and here she is now. Cameron was the 3rd highest grossing box office celebrity in 2015. Well, she has starred in numerous movies many of which you might have watched and enjoyed! She is a versatile actress that has played a role on different genres of movies (including Disney animated movies as Princess Fiona).

Outside the business, she has a caring sister, Chimene whom you might mistake as Cameron’s identical twin sister at a glance! Well, you won’t mistake them for being sisters when you see them together! Chimene is just three years older than Cameron, and the sisters are very close. They had shared laughter, joy, and heartaches when they were young. The big sister has far too many funny stories about Cameron!


6. Jake and Gwyneth Paltrow

Jake and Gwyneth Paltrow


Oh! If it isn’t Pepper Potts! Well, Gwyneth made herself known today as Ironman’s (Robert Downy Jr.) secretary/assistant/girlfriend/kryptonite (Oh! Did I use a DC comic reference?). Gwyneth took her acting to the ultimate level of the Ironman series. Who would have thought she is Already 44 in her stunts!

Gwyneth has a younger brother (41), Jake Paltrow. You might have seen his name in the credits section of some movies. Yes, he is not an actor, but they are in the same business. Jake is a director and has produced a few some few movies too. What do you know? The family is has a long history involvement in the showbusiness. Their father, Bruce Paltrow used to be a film director too!

Now, who’s your favorite? Are you shocked? Are you thrilled to know some of your favorite celebrity’s familial background? Now, you know that these people did not pop out of nowhere and swept our feet with their acting! They were born inside families like us, normal people!

I bet you feel closer to your favorite Hollywood celebrities now! It’s as if we became friends with them when we get to know more intimate details about their families!

“Hope you find the post helpful and we excited to hear what you think of it!”

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