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Biggest Fashion Trends Of 2022

by GorgeousGirl Staff, Updated October 13, 2022
Biggest Fashion Trends Of 2022

With a new year comes new and outdated fashion trends. Some styles are slowly receding into the dark, while some trends are surfacing and peeking out of the horizon. That’s just how the story goes.

As true fashionistas, it’s our job to know which of these fashion styles 2017 are in and out! So, cheers for an updated wardrobe, and here are the Fashion Trends of 2022!

Fashion trends in 2022- So which styles are in and out for 2022? Here are some ideas!


  • IN: Lace and Mesh


    Lace And Mesh


    The old game of peek-a-boo never goes out of trend, and the same goes for the latest fashion styles inspired by it. This year, see-through clothes that show a lot of skin, but not quite, will surely be in! Lace can be used for seductive, playful look with hints of class and sophistication.


  • OUT: The Fringe


    Fringed Bags


    Let’s face it, the fringe had its moment, but this year is finally its time to retire. Embellished accessories and fringed bags and jewelry will now be replaced with sleek silhouettes.



  • IN: Track Fashion


    Track Fashion


    Wide pants with side stripes and blouson style jackets will be on the fashion forefront! Paired with cool jackets and sleek footwear, these are both run worthy and sophisticated. Throw them on your daily mix of garments for a confident stride!


  • OUT: Exercise Wear


    Baggy Shirts


    This year, we bid goodbye to sloppy, although comfy baggy shirts, sweat pants, and such. Sure, some of us still prioritize comfort over style, but save these for your home wear to make way for more controlled, organized casual wear. 2022 will be more about sleek than slouch!


  • IN: Greens!


    Green Dress


    Greens don’t only mean vegetables, this year, Pantone also released and named a green as the color of the year, so you will surely see this lively color on the fashion table. Shades from clear to jade to bright green are expected to rock the summer and spring Fashion Trends of 2022.


  • OUT: All Black


    Black Gothic Fashion


    We all know that black will never truly go out of style, but all black gothic fashion will be saying goodbye! This year gives a brand new focus on the color, and will mix it with other strong hues like navy red, for a sharp, bold look!


  • IN: Long Skirts


    Long Skirts


    This year, full and mid-length skirts and dresses that reach the ankles will add a graceful touch on women’s wear. Wrap dresses with hems falling just below the knee is also definitely in. They don’t only give a strong, girly look but also give fluid silhouettes we all love!


  • OUT: Skintight Everything


    Skin Tight Skirt


    Balance is the focus on this year’s fashion shapeshift. Think volume-adding skirts over tight fitting body suits. Flared blouses over skinny jeans is the new way to go. So, don’t even think about wearing skintight from head to toe aside for workouts lest you end up tacky and outdated!


  • IN: Stripes




    Stripes are just so versatile that they’ve already been in front for at least two seasons, and are definitely not going out of style. Similar to how white t-shirts used to be, this old trend will still be up and running with the current fashion trends of this year!


  • OUT: Corsets




    With a fresh new wave of feminism and the revolutionary definitions of gender roles, we might be getting rid of corsets this year. They had their chance to shine last year, and the major press cover could also be their downfall.


  • IN: Sneakers




    Still in the spotlight are our all-time favorite sneakers that are also at the peek of their versatility this year. Designers are working hard and seem to never run out of designs and patterns that pair with multiple outfits!

    However, we might be saying goodbye to classic, plain sneakers and will be replacing them with animal print, shimmer, satin, or canvas sneakers that complete outfits without any effort. If not, then that’s one more reason to buy more pairs!


  • OUT: Super High Heels


    High Heels


    High heels four inches or higher are found to be rapidly disappearing from the fashion view. Today, the rise of the “strong independent woman” ideal led women to be more inclined to choose practical and comfortable clothing, so are seen to be choosing shoes that offer both style and comfort. This is also the reason for the booming demands for low block heels, wedges, and sneakers.


  • IN: Artsy Prints And Patterns


    Artsy Prints And Patterns


    Whether or not they’re directly influenced by certain artworks, artistic themes will continue to be flaunted in runways and streets around the world. Many brands are also developing their own ways to give art references new lives.


  • OUT: Sweet And Romantic Dresses


    Sweet And Romantic Dresses


    This year, this trend will be left for the previous year. Tulip flares will evolve into sharp, asymmetric hemlines. Lingerie-like softness will be taken over by strong, defined details and the velvets that were so popular last year will take on a modern easy-to-wear turn.


  • IN: The mule




    When it comes to shoes, experts are convinced that the mule will be taking over 2022. Be it sneaker, flat, low block-heeled, heeled, or espadrille mules, mules of all colors and fabrics ranging from canvas, satin, velvet, and embroidery, you will see more of them this year.


  • OUT: Slides




    Slides with furs have become a hot thing last year but it looks like their reign is over this year. Well, that does not come as a surprise considering that fur is hard to clean and more than that, it is quite expensive. The design may be cute but its elitisim is already boring people out!


  • IN: Studio 54


    Off Shoulder Tops


    A nightclub launched and made famous by Bianca Jagger, studio 54 will be inspiring today’s fashion with the style of the 70’s icons! Think off-the-shoulder tops and blouses, wrap dresses and skirts that reach below the knees yet have thigh-high slits.


  • OUT: Skinny Jeans


    Skinny Jeans


    The denim world will be undergoing a major change this year, and will be putting the pre-loved skinny jeans at the back of the closet. Denim styles will now rear towards contrast and vintage vibes.

    From clothes to dresses and accessories, it’s clear that this year’s fashion trends will display outfits that are bold, colorful, intricate, and huge! We will be inspired to mix and match, and go out of our fashion comfort zones, and let go of being too ordinary and simple. It will be all about making a statement and being strong and loud!

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