9 Foods For Better Sex Life, You Need To Know: Sexual Health Awareness

Written by Janella Domingo Diaz, Modified October 22, 2018
Foods For Better Sex

When you were still in your teenage years, you are crazy about sex. In fact, your sex drive is out of this world. But sadly, this all changes when we grow older. You will start to experience this when you have your job, get married, and have children.

Before, you want to have it every single night, but now, you are already too tired to even think about doing it. And even if you did find the energy to do it, the event already feels so predictable already. So life happened, and your sex drive and sex life got lost along the way. But of course, you would want to bring it back. If that’s the case, we can help you out!


1. Why Is Better Sex Important?


Why Is Better Sex Important


Why do you need better sex in your life? Well, there are a lot of reasons why! But of course, it starts with this-the better the sex, the more sex you will have. The more sex you will have, the closer, more intimate and connected you and your partner will be.

But more than emotional benefits, more sex means lots of health benefits for you and your partner too. Some of these benefits include better sleep, reduced risk of heart attack, improved immune system, lesser stress and better cardiovascular health. And since experts claim that having sex is as beneficial as exercising, more sex means a fitter you too!


2. How Diet Can Affect Your Sex Life


Foods For Sexual Health


Many experts claim that there are foods for sexual health, but you may be wondering, how can the foods you eat affect your sex life?

The food that we eat can change the chemistry inside our body. The foods that we consume can increase testosterone and estrogen levels in the body. These are the hormones that can increase our sex drive. On the other hand, there are also some foods that can lower the levels of these hormones in the body, ultimately diminishing our sex drive so we must be really careful in choosing what to eat.


3. Foods For Better Sex (And How It Can Help You!)


Best Foods For Sexual Health


Now that you know that diet can affect your sex life and drive, then the next question would be-what food is good for better sex? Well, you do not have to wait for this any further! We have already researched for you! Without further ado, here are the best foods for sexual health!

If you have no ideas as to what foods you should eat for boosting your sex drive and in time, improving your sex life, then continue reading. Below you can find the best foods for better sex along with some information on how they work!



  • Avocados




    Avocados are rich in unsaturated fats but low in saturated fats, making them good for the heart but did you know that this is one of the best foods for better sex too? When your heart is beating strong, it means that it can be able to deliver blood to all the right places, including your private parts! If you are a man, consuming avocado can help address possible sexual health problems like erectile dysfunction.


  • Almonds




    Do you love nuts? If you don’t, then it’s about time that you warm up to the idea of snacking on almonds because it can give your sex life plenty of benefits. For decades now, almonds have been used as a sexual stimulant. This is because this type of nut contains selenium, vitamin E, and zinc. Zinc is known to enhance the sex drive and libido of a person.


  • Strawberries




    Berries are known to be superfoods because aside from being a good source of antioxidant, berries are also aphrodisiacs. This fruit contains a good amount of folic acid which is associated with high sperm counts. If you want to boost your sexual drive, we highly suggest that you dip strawberries in chocolate and enjoy a delicious dessert and later on, an amazing sexual experience!


  • Dark Chocolate


    Dark Chocolate


    Why do you need to dip strawberries in chocolate? Well, aside from the fact that this combination is delicious, dark chocolate is also considered to be an aphrodisiac too, so it is a win-win for all!

    According to studies, chocolate can increase the dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain which lowers your stress level and make you feel happy generally. As a result, it will put you in the right mood for sexy time. Last but not the least, dark chocolate also has cocoa which increases blood flow to all the right body parts.


  • Pepper




    We all know that anything hot can be a great ingredient for better sex. Peppers are hot, and they can boost your metabolism and stimulate endorphin release and most of all, it can speed up your heart rate which can certainly get your blood flowing!


  • Green tea


    Green tea


    This hot (oops, another hot item on the list!) beverage contains compounds called catechins. These are known for melting away belly fat and improve your metabolism but more than that, it can also help improve sexual desire by bringing blood to your nether regions.


  • Oysters




    This seafood is rich in zinc. This mineral boosts testosterone levels and also aids in fertility. In addition to that, it is also said to boost growth factor hormone as well. Both of these hormones help you to achieve physical performance not just in the gym but the bed as well. So it seems like this seafood will give you all the benefits you need to enjoy a better sex life.


  • Pesto



    Pesto contains pine nuts that are also full of zinc which can drive your sex drive up the roof!


  • Pumpkin Seeds


    Pumpkin Seeds


    Pumpkin is one of the best sources of Tryptophan which boosts the production of serotonin, easing your stress levels and putting you in the right mood.

    Everyone wants to enjoy better and more satisfying sexual experience, and you and your partner are no exceptions! If you wish to enjoy a better sex life and satisfy the sexual desires of your loved one, then you need to make sure that you are eating all the right foods. Incorporate the foods for better sex that we have mentioned above and bring your sex drive back, no matter how busy you are!

“Hope you find the post helpful and we excited to hear what you think of it!”

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