Game Of Thrones: Lady Olenna Tyrell Is The True Queen Of Got!

Written by Janella Domingo Diaz, Modified February 9, 2018
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If you haven’t watched this episode of Game of Thrones yet, I beg you to close this browser and stay in your room. As much as possible, stay away from social media because many people can’t just hold off their tongues! Watch out for your friends who have already seen it and stay away from them!

I have warned you. There will be tons of spoilers in this post! Turn your back while you still can because the post is dark and full of spoilers.




game of thrones cast


The Game of Thrones realm is filled with women with great political insights which saved them from an unfortunate fate. Unlike Lyana Mormont, who is wickedly cool and would tear her peers probably with bare hands, the other female game of thrones characters showcased their cunning political prowess.

In this third episode entitled “The Queen’s Justice”, Cersei and the Queen of Thorns took the spotlight while Daenerys wait in Dragonstone (She had Jon Snow to keep her company though). But who shone brighter between these two sly queens?


Cersei’s Vengeance


Cersei’s Vengeance


Finally, finally, Cersei got Ellaria in her hands. It’s a sweet, sweet revenge for her surely. Thanks to Theon’s uncle, Euron Greyjoy, Cersei got her awesome prize. It was a vivid parade where Euron happily dragged Ellaria, Tyene, and Yara on their way to the Red Keep.

Cersei made a bitter promises marriage to Euron after the war is won for his commendable deed. It would not be easy to persuade a Queen in Cersei’s caliber. Chances are, she would have everything on her terms.

But here’s the best part. Cersei took Ellaria and Tyene and chained them to the prison cell. After a fierce exchange of words (or was it just Cersei bantering about how sweet her revenge is?), she gave Tyene the kiss of Long Farewell. Can you still remember this poison? Familiar, huh? Yes, it’s the same poison Ellaria used for Myrcella!

To make her revenge sweeter, Cersei promised that she would have the guards shove food down her throat to make sure Ellaria will witness all her daughter’s suffering until her body decays.

Wicked, right? Just as what we would expect from Cersei. But wait until Lady Olenna Tyrell takes her turn! We are all shocked about the turn of events that made Olenna stand out!



The Queen Of Thorns


The Queen Of Thorns


The Queen of Highgarden is undoubtedly one of the oldest rulers in the thrones realm. Considering the savagery and the rate of death for every episode, Olenna’s age is truly beyond remarkable! This Lady’s age alone tells a story of victory and survival. When you play the Game of Thrones, according to Cersei, it’s either you win, or you die.

Many died. But, obviously, Olenna has lived long enough to prove her cunning ability to play the game. She played the game well and turned odds into her favor.


The True Queen Of GOT


True Queen Of GOT


With the huge Lannister army in Jaime’s back and the dramatically orchestrated Rains of Castamere soundtrack, they marched toward Highgarden to claim their castle (and their gold). Before the sound track ends, piles of Highgarden army corpses were shown and Jaime ascends to the Queen’s study to confront Olenna.

After the unfavorable turn of events that annihilated the forces of Highgarden, Jaime cornered Olenna in her study. In this scene, we saw a different side of Jaime. Cersei wanted to cruelly end Olenna’s life, but, Jaime talked her into giving Olenna a peaceful death.

Instead of a bloodbath, Jaime poured her wine and put poison on it. Olenna was pleased with this gesture. Unfortunately, Jaime was not prepared for the things the queen of Highgarden would tell him. As Olenna drank the poisoned wine, she reveals to Jaime how she planned for Joffrey’s death and how it was executed. This scene proved how cruel the queen of thorns could be.

Olenna is the true Queen! We can’t deny that she played the game of thrones well. Although she died, she left her adversaries a thorn in their throats!

After revealing her plot, all the while I thought Jaime would jump her and stab her a thousand times until she bleeds no more! But Jaime just walked away and kept his cool.


The Production


Olenna Tyrell


It’s a little sad that we will no longer see and hear the wits of Olenna Tyrell. But surely, the game of thrones cast would not be complete without her! She was a wise counsel to the late Margaery Tyrell and Daenerys. We would surely miss her sarcastic and spot on jokes!

I bet Diana Rigg will surely be missed by the game of thrones actors and production staff! But hey, what do you know? Maybe we could see some more of her in flashbacks? Who knows!



The Spoils Of War


game of thrones characters


Cersei sacrificed Casterly Rock for Highgarden. This took Tyrion’s strategy to a major failure as he never expected his siblings would give up their home. This is an unfortunate event for the Unsullied as they were left with an empty castle and an empty larder. If they stay, they will starve.

If they go back, chances are, they will be intercepted by Euron’s naval fleet. What can we expect on the next episode? Surely it will be the start of more action-packed events! Who would have thought that Jaime would use Rob Starks strategy in the Whispering Woods! Indeed, Jaime grew wise with his experience!

This episode was a huge twist and turn of events, especially for the Daenerys and her council. Who would have thought none of their plans would fail?

In this episode, we have lost one of the wisest Queens in the Game of Thrones. What do you think would happen to Daenerys’ plot to conquer the seven kingdoms? The odds are not in their favor today!

“Hope you find the post helpful and we are excited to hear what you think of it!”

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