Girls First Period Guide: Things You Need to Know About Menstruation

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First Period Guide

Many women are got unaware by the questions their daughters ask them about menstruation or other changes they notice as they grow up. Therefore it is always advisable that you should talk to your daughter way before she experience these changes so that she understand that it is normal and go through them peacefully. This is because many of the young girls might find it a strange situation and won’t accept these changes.

The girl’s first period occurs usually when is about 12 years of age though some may experience it much earlier or after the age of 12 years. Breast development is known to start at about 9 years or 10 years and these changes should alert you that she is about to start her first period. Therefore you should start talking to her about it or find a mature person who is close to her to talk about menstruation to her. Before menstruation happens, you should be prepared for many talks about these changes both psychological and physical changes with her as to take her through this normal development.


1. Tips For Talking To A Girl Concerning Her First Period


Before girls first period, you should have talked with her about it so that she understands and take it positively when that day comes. You should educate her about the possible first period symptoms and other changes so that your daughter passes through this process without fear or any frustration. Through knowing the signs of first period, she may be able to open up to you when she experiences such signs or the period. The following are tips that help you talk about girls first period:


2. Begin Your Talks About Periods In General Terms To Her At An Early Age


Periods In General Terms


You need to explain to her about the changes that will occur on her body as she grows in the context of natural functions. This will help her absorb and understand these changes well. You can do this by telling her that as she grows to be a big girl, her breast will grow also like yours (this when you are her mother or close female person to her). You can also tell her the hair on your body parts that will start growing like the hair on your armpit. This will make her aware that having breast is a normal process that every girl will experience even to the hairs.


3. As She Grows Older, Let Her Know The Specifics


This is where you start letting her know the exact and specific things that will happen to her without hiding any fact. Explain to her what menstruation mean and how does it occur briefly. Explain to her how the first period will be like and you can also let her know the first period signs in advance. You should also make her understand that when she gets into sexual intercourse after menstruation, she will get pregnant. This is helpful because your daughter will take care of herself knowing the consequences that come with such activities.


4. Respond To Her Questions Using Simple And Factual Information That Is Suitable To Her


Understand Your Daughter’s Questions


When your daughter asks you about menstruation or other changes in her body, try to explain using simple language that she understands without going it detailed biological terms. When she asks you about tampons she found on your drawer, tell her that you use it monthly when on your period. If she further asks what periods are, explain her that at certain age, girls get periods, which is an indication that they will get pregnant and have children in future.


5. Allow Time To Understand Your Daughter’s Questions Instead Of Rushing To Answer It


Your daughter might have heard other girls talk about her first period experience or about bleeding. Let her tell you all that she thinks or understand about what she heard. After her explanation, clarify to her what was being referred to with simple language and learn to give her fats, dos and donts.


6. Use Your Own Experience To Make The Discussion Interesting


Explain to your daughter all she needs to know about first period, signs of first period and how to go about it when that day comes. Let her know how to use tampons through demonstrating how it is placed on her pant and how to wear it comfortably. Make her understand the importance of the tampon and let her know that you are there for her in case of anything like severe headaches, cramps or backaches that are linked to menstruation. You can let her understand this through explaining to her your experience while you were young as her age.



7. Avoid Answers Like “I Don’t Know”


I Don’t Know


Sometimes your daughter can ask you’re a question and you are not prepared or you don’t know how to go about it. “I don’t know” should not be your response, rather let her know that you will answer it later.


8. Don’t Give Your Daughter A Book Or Video About These Changes For Her To Read Or Watch By Herself


You can go through the book together or watch the video together while explaining to her. This is because she may not understand everything.



Menstruation and other physical changes that happen should be well explained to young girls as early as possible so that they may handle themselves well when that time comes. Mothers are encouraged to talk to their daughters openly about the experiences on menstruation and the signs that come with it. They should also let them know the materials used during menstruation such as tampons and how to use them through demonstration. This is a way of preparing these girls on the natural development they ought to undergo as they grow older. Talking about menstruation will also help them be open about their experience and prevent frustrations that might be experienced when they do not know where to start or how to handle themselves when the time comes.

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