New Glitter Eyeshadow Looks You Can Easily Try For Best Party Look

Written by Emma Skylar, Modified October 24, 2017
New Glitter Eyeshadow Looks

Today, every stylish woman is seeking to make their eyes sparkle. Sparkling eye makeup provides a perfect way to improve your glam factor. You have the option to make your appearance subtle or use it as your entire makeup scheme’s focal point. For this reason, consider learning some of the best ways to apply your glitter eye makeup. The secret about glitter makeup is to keep it subtle with simple hints of shine.

According to makeup artists, glitter makeup should only be applied on specific face areas including the cheeks, eyes, and lips. However, if you are one of the few people who apply glitter makeup just everywhere, this glitter eyeshadow looks will help you get started with the best ways to apply glitter eyeshadow palette.


1. 24 Karat Eyes


24 Karat Eyes


This glitter eyeshadow look is worth trying. In fact, it is among best glitter eyeshadow looks out there. Prime your lids to get started with this look. Consider trying formulas meant to extend your eyeshadow such as the Decay Urban Eyeshadow Primer Portion. Ensure that you don’t excessively slather on as it will not absorb as well. Additionally, excessive slathering might make your eyeshadow to crease or appear uneven. A pea size primer amount for both your eyes is enough. Consider splitting it into two and apply half to each eyelid.


2. Applying The Base Shadow


Applying The Base Shadow

This is the second step to achieving the 24 Karat Eyes look. For this step, make use of a flat shadow brush and apply a dark brown shimmery eyeshadow all over your eyelid, from creases, to lash lines and from outer to inner corners.

Once done, it’s time to press on some metallic shade. Consider using a flat shadow brush or your finger to press onto your lid’s center a bronze metallic shadow. Consider packing it on until you achieve your desired intensity. This look should be bold; therefore, you may add another layer.

The fourth step is to tap on glitter. Consider dampening a small shadow brush then dipping it inside a loose, fine gold glitter. To dampen your shadow brush, consider spritzing with some water bottle. Similarly, you may dip it in water and pat it gently with a clean towel. Tap the shadow brush on top of your metallic pigment and along your lower lash line’s center. Be open-minded with your glitter, however; make sure you apply it carefully to avoid falling into your eyes causing irritation. Layer on your glitter until you arrive at the sparkle and shine you want. Remember to allow some minutes for your glitter to completely dry onto your lids before proceeding.


3. Line Your Eyelids


Line Your Eyelids


Eyelids lining is effectively done using a liquid formula or glitter liner pencil or a highly pigmented, loose gold glitter. When using a highly pigmented, loose gold glitter, ensure that you mix some Vaseline with the glitter. Do this on your hand’s back and using an angled liner brush, apply the mixture. If you opt for a glitter eyeliner, makeup artists recommend Heavy Metal Urban Decay Eyeliner Glitter in Midnight Cowboy. Consider lining the lower and upper lashlines. For an extra pop, try adding another layer. The final step is brushing on mascara. Curl your lashes and apply some black mascara on your bottom and top lashes.


4. Pastel Glitterati


Pastel Glitterati


If you are not into a gilded eye look, you may try this glitter shadow look. It is softer than any other glitter eyeshadow look.



5. Prime The Lids


Prime The Lids


For this step, consider trying formulas that will prolong your shadow and avoid slathering too much as it may cause the shadow to crease and appear uneven. Just split a pea-size amount of primer in half. On each lid, apply your half-split pea sized primer.


6. Press On Glitter


Press On Glitter


Consider using a shadow that has glitter flecks already in the formula. Although the effect will not be as bold, you will achieve a wash of glitter makeup over your eyelids. You may try On Eye NYX Roll Shimmer.


7. Line Lids


Line Lids


For this look, always use a dark brown pencil liner to draw your lines. Your line should begin thin and tightly smudged into your lashes inner corners. Don’t forget to make it a little thicker as you arrive at your eyes’ outer corners. Finally, brush on mascara on the bottom and top lashes.


8. Glitter Accents


Glitter Accents


After mastering the eyes, you need to transfer the glitter to other parts of your face such as the lips, cheeks, and brows. For the lips, you will need your favorite lipstick color and a clear or white loose glitter. Begin by applying your lipstick as you usually do then wet your lip brush by dipping it inside the glitter. Pat it onto your lips to arrive at your preferred sparkle. Consider concentrating the glitter on your lips’ center. Make sure you clean up any lipstick or fallout with a makeup remover or cotton swab.

For the brows, consider grooming and filling them as usual. Afterward, for dark toned brows, use a glittery bronze, for medium hue brows, use silver or gold pigmented shadow. Brush your shadow into your eyebrows with a flattened shadow brush. If you are having difficulties making it stick, consider dampening your shadow brush. Make sure you make your brows bold with a little of sparkle rather than dusted full-on glitter.



For many years, people have used glitter makeup for winter holidays and other special occasions. However, this trend is slowly changing. Glitter makeup is almost everywhere today including on street style blogs, runways, and red carpets. One thing about glitter is that it provides a fun way to gussy up your everyday appearance.

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