Have You Ever Heard A Girl Went Through Menopause When She Was Just 17

Written by Emma Skylar, Modified October 24, 2017

“Your ovaries are not working” is one of the worst if not a bitter sentence on each woman’s tongue. Even though they prepare for it all their lives, when it comes knocking, they are never prepared. Menopause comes with huge and eminent changes in a woman’s life. If this is the real case, imagine if it knocks on your door as a teenage or a seventeen year old girl! I believe it can be termed as devastating and above all, a shock not all to that girl but also to doctors and gynecologists.






According to many professionals and experts, women start going through menopause at the age of forty seven (47) and fifty three (53). However, this is not entirely the case as other women go through the process earlier. Statistics claim that one percent of all women go through menopause at the age of forty (40) and another five percent undergo the process below the age of forty five (45). Menopause in women has not been associated with anything yet and professionals are still trying to figure out why it may come early to some women and later for others. What support levels and issues are there for women going through menopause and what remedies are available as well to smoothen out the process.






In some cases, going through menopause can result in the diagnosis and prescription for depression. This is as it occurred to Lou a 41 year old. She says that her mother had gone through the process at 39. However, just like any other woman, she never expected the process to start too early. That is why her doctor prescribed some antidepressants. The symptoms of going through the change did not stop and therefore, she sought the assistance of another doctor. Once the doctor heard of the symptoms, he said that they were signs and symptoms of menopause. There is only one way to verify it and that was through a blood test as she couldn’t believe what the doctor was saying.

Among the worst moments of her life was confirming that the doctor was right as the test came back indicating it was time. Even though her symptoms as she says are mostly emotional in nature which has reduced her emotional stability, she says that going through menopause has totally brought her down. She has hot rage and is highly temperamental which is difficult for her family and especially her husband. She says mentally, she wasn’t prepared for it which has become worse on her as an individual.

Lou says that she feels old, ugly and unwanted. She finds it hard to go out and has really bad cases of anxiety. Furthermore, it is quite lonely as she has no one to discuss the condition or situation with. It is apparent her friends are not going through the same process making it hard to come out and discuss it with them. Among all the bad symptoms and the major changes that occur in an individual, I believe this to be the worst of them.


Menopausal Causes




Gynecologists agree that there is no apparent cause for premature menopause such as what Lou is going through. However, they insist that once the symptoms start to manifest, it is important to see your gynecologists and have a full health and body checkup. Premature menopause in women can cause serious and dangerous health effects or complications in a woman’s health on a later date. Some of symptoms of going through the change include;

  • Reduced levels of your sexual libido or drive
  • Increased discomfort and itchiness especially during sex
  • Infrequent or no menstrual periods at all
  • Increased vaginal dryness and vaginal pain
  • Increased mood swings
  • Stiffness in your joints
  • Hot body flushes
  • Infections on your urinary tract



Teenage Menopause




Imagine the devastation on Lou and the effects that going through menopause are having on her and imagine what will happen for a seventeen year old! Emily was informed of her fertility condition at the age of seventeen. She was diagnosed with a premature ovarian insufficiency a condition that is also termed as premature menopause. She says that it has been tough on her to accept that she will never have children i.e. Biological children. She says that her doubt of a successful future has been nagging her and she is depressed and also suffers bad anxiety cases.

Emily began to suspect that her body wasn’t okay when she started her periods around five years later compared to her friends. At the age of fourteen, it was a bit late for her periods to begin. To add to that, her periods stopped after they had just began. She started going through some of the symptoms listed above. Hers were mainly hot flushes.

Visiting the doctor resulted in even worse revelations. They said that her ovaries had stopped functioning and that there was nothing they could do to help her. The question on everyone’s mind is what to take for menopause. For Emily, she has been issued with pills designed to remedy the hormones that her body is not producing.

However, psychologists point out that teenage menopause can be much harder for young girls to digest and accept that for other older women. In fact, it may end up causing distress especially for those that were hoping to have children at a certain point in their lives and weren’t able to do that on time.


Is There Any Relief?




Going through menopause is a natural process that has no apparent relief. However, you can be put under hormone replacement therapy if you s desire. However, replacing ovarian produced hormones is one of the means to remedy the problems and make the transition easier for young girls such as Emily. In addition, learning what to take for menopause protects and prevents some health conditions for plaguing the young girls. These conditions include cases such as:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Osteoporosis
  • Urinary leakage
  • Vaginal atrophy etc.



Going through this process is a major issue for young people. However, there is assistance if you seek it.

“Hope you find the post helpful and we excited to hear what you think of it!”

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