9 Killer Halloween Costumes For Twins And Teens

Written by Florence Deffis, Modified October 22, 2018
Halloween Costumes For Twins And Teens

A costume must accompany the ultimate Halloween celebration. Halloween also was known as Allhaloween is a celebration celebrated in various countries on 31 October. This is a festival that is dedicated to remembering the dead among the Christians such as the Martyrs, Saints and other departed faithful. This is one of the United States favorite holidays that originated from the ancient Celtic Festival among the Samhain. In such ceremonies, people wear costumes and light bonfires to chase away roaming ghosts. Modern Halloween however, is not about ghosts but costumes and candy. The Halloween costumes for twins and teens are now in demand than ever because of the adoration of the festivals and the activities that encounter it. Teens have most choices when it comes to Halloween costume ideas. If teens had a genuine courage, they would wear the Halloween costumes every day throughout the year and not just on Halloween. Life would be interesting each day but since it no rule, people would like to preserve this day to commemorate with all the crazy costumes they would like to wear. The year 2017 has seen creativity going a notch higher with various costumes being designed. The costume idea being portrayed is one of a kind. Here is a list of nine best Halloween costumes for twins and teens.


1. Lisa Frank Spotty Dotty Dalmatio


Lisa Frank Halloween Costume


Among the best Halloween costumes for twins ideas, Lisa Frank can’t go unmentioned. Particularly, when Halloween costumes for girls come up. All you need is a white romper or dress and felt in different colors such as orange, yellow, green, purple, hot pink and green among others. You will also need a Hot Glue Gun, Scissors, and a paintbrush as well as a headband. You can take the color spots and stick them on the dress fading in a desired manner.


2. Sugar Sweet Cotton Candy


Halloween Costumes For Twins 2017


DIY easy Halloween costumest hat is sweet for twins. It is also among the best Halloween costumes for twins 2017. All one needs is to paint some cotton fluff in desirable colors, probably the color of the candy that your kid loves. Then you will have to construct a cone for the kids head with a rolled-up paper piece.


3. Classic Carrie Bradshaw


Halloween Costume For Girls


The Carrie Bradshaw costume in the iconic Sex and the City is one of the adorable Halloween costumes one can get or make it themselves. The Tutu skirt is easy to make as all you will need is a liner such as a vintage slip, white tulle, white satin ribbon, light pink tank and a sewing machine.


4. Candy Crush


Candy Crush Halloween Costume


Candy Crush costume can be a better way to stand out during the Halloween. This is one of the trendy Halloween costumes for twins and teens that can easily be made at home. One can crush to the Halloween parties with a full jumpsuit that resembles a candy crush board made from colored fabrics that are pasted on the suit.


5. House Of Cards


Halloween Costume 2017


This is a super easy to do a costume for the girl Halloween wear. For the costume, one would need a red or black dress. To make the costume work you don’t need to wear something that is too fancy. With the dress, you can add heart-shaped accessories such as heart-shaped rings and earrings. Apart that should not miss is a collar made of playing cards.




6. Katniss Everdeen Costume


Katniss Everdeen Costume


One can put together a DYI Katniss Everdeen Costume through getting a black jacket, a black T-shirt, Cargo pants and black boots. You can have a makeshift quiver using a black fabric and a detachable handle from a purse. This is one of the Halloween costumes for twins and teens that can be assembled through purchasing the inexpensive products.


7. Fast Food


Fast Food Halloween Costume


This is one costume that can satisfy one’s hunger during Halloween. The teens can get out in a crew and get various food and beverage costumes such as pizza, hot dogs, candy, cordimates, and various beverages.


8. Glamorous Holly Golightly


Glamorous Holly Golightly Halloween Costume


This costume must be the easiest one yet as all you need is a little black dress with a classic shape. The hairstyle should be a French twist. Pair your look with black gloves, sunglasses, and lots of necklaces to complete this essential look.


9. Pineapple


Twins Halloween Costume


Let’s say Halloween is tomorrow and you have not yet bought yourself a costume. Well, there is one DIY Halloween costume that can never let you down. This is the pineapple costume which is supper cute and can be put together in less than one hour. This is one of the girl costumes that can be a savior during such times. All you need is a yellow dress and leaves that can be cut from a green poster board.

These DYI Halloween costumes are easy to make with locally available materials. You don’t have to worry any more. Get ready to go out and enjoy your Halloween.

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