Sexy High Waisted Bikinis Are In For This Hottest Summer Season

Written by Emma Skylar, Modified October 24, 2017
High Waisted Bikinis

Summer is here and what other better way to enjoy the sun if not in a beautiful or exotic bikini at the beach! It is about time that you let yourself relax under the summer sun. Give your body time to relax and let it enjoy whatever it wants this summer. Do this by staying in tune with the sexy and high waisted bikini current in the market today and now. Aim at looking cute and all geared up towards a beautiful day at the beach with these amazing bikinis and swimsuits. Here are some selections that you definitely want to have for your time at the beach.


1. Pastel Stripes


Pastel Stripes Bikinis


The stripped bikini is one that you want to have. It is designed to slim down your body and especially your waist with the vertical strips. Being a high waisted bikini, you are assured of this specific goal and guaranteed of it. In addition, the bikini offers space and freedom from bra padding and presence of an underwire. It gives your body time to regenerate and rejuvenate the affected areas by giving it the space it requires.


2. Stella McCartney


How about high waisted bikini bottoms and top that are embroidered! Of course, they are bold with beautiful flower embroidery making them what your need for your summer vacation at the beach. In addition, they have a bold color that will contrast well with your skin at this crucial time of the year. The classic high waisted bikini set is simply what you need to accentuate your body with this summer.


3. Padded Print High Waisted Bikinis


Padded Print High Waisted Bikinis


Why not add some color and some v- shaped strips while at it! This glamorous piece of high waisted bikini bottoms and tops is what you have been searching for. As a graphic print high waisted bikini, it will slim down your waist while cupping you firmly with its padded bra. Even at the beach, you guaranteed of appearing classy and sophisticated.


4. Missoni Mare


Need to add some fun and personality to your high waisted bikinis? Well, with Missoni Mare, you are about to do exactly that. this metallic bikini comes in an array of different color mix or blends or metallic threads. This catch the light distinctively giving you a bright finish suited for the beach. The high waisted swimsuits are adorned with a ring at the front of its top and are designed to promote a unique and individual high waist rise.


5. Red Polka Dot Beach Blanket


Red Polka Dot Beach Blanket


Looking to go for a beach party? Here is the best high waisted swimsuit for that specific event. The high waisted bikini bottoms are flirty in nature as result of their cut and the color is simply eye catching. The bikini top is also alluring and the red polka dot style screams style and flare. Get this high waisted bikini set for yourself and enjoy the feel of it on you.


6. Mikoh Loihi


If not into metallic high waisted swimsuits for your summer beach time, then it is about time that you enjoyed one of Mikoh high waisted bikinis. She brings on a flowery bikini that has an expandable spandex with adjustments. This makes it easy for different people to wear as all that is needed is to readjust it to fit you. In addition, the high waisted bikini bottoms are alluring and eye catching from a far. Imagine when worn!


7. Dawn Shell High Waisted Bikinis


Dawn Shell High Waisted Bikinis


Want to add some flare and personality to your high waisted bikini set? Well, the Dawn Shell high waisted bikinis are offering you exactly that. They have a ruffled trim giving you a bit of fashion style and taste to go with it. In addition, the grey stripped material adds to the choice and uniqueness of this specific high waisted bikini. Furthermore, it is perfect for wear at the poolside or on the sandy beaches.



8. Ruffled And Floral Bikini Set From J. Crew


Love flowers and ruffles together, well this bikini set gives you both. It has unique design and the flowery material makes it even more eye catching. The ruffles on the bikini top are device and the bikini bottoms are designed to fit and slim your down. Enjoy your day at the beach with this unique bikini set.


9. Drapped Bikini Set


Drapped Bikini Set


Want some details on your bikini top and high waisted bikini bottoms, this is the best high waisted bikini set for you. The bikini top has an interesting draping at the front, is padded and has underwire support for the cups and above all, its shoulder straps are designed to be adjustable. Furthermore, it can be fastened at loosened using the metal faster on the tops back.


10. Mara Hoffman


She brings her own stripped high waisted bikini set designed to accentuate your figure and slim down your waist. This fashionable piece has some unique adornment at the front making it unique to wear and enjoy the summer sun.


11. Bikyni High Waisted Bikinis


Bikyni High Waisted Bikinis


It is about time to own a crop top adorned with a high waisted bikini bottoms as a single high waisted bikini set. The top is designed to fully go with your body flow and seamlessly accentuate the right body places including slimming you down. In addition, it has a unique design and feel to it. Be sure to check out the Bikyni crop tops and high waisted swimsuits that are available for you this summer.


12. Sea Angel high Waisted Bikinis


Are patterns your thing! How about some flowery mix to the patterns? The Sea Angel then makes a perfect Hawaiian style set of high waisted bikinis. They are colorful in nature and will ensure that you achieve the desired outward look and feel as you relax in the summer sun.



13. Flagpole Elektra High Waisted Bikinis


Flagpole Elektra High Waisted Bikinis


It is about time to tan and enjoy that sun in a high waisted swimsuit that is supportive and seamlessly holds on to your body. The color blocked swimsuit or high waisted bikini set is definitely one fashionable bikini you should have this summer. Furthermore, it is designed with a stretching material and has adjustable straps and an underwire bra support.



Ensure that this time you are well prepared to withstand the heat. These bikinis will be your best choice. Get prepared before the sun strikes.

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