Check Out New York Fashion Week Day One [The Hottest Trends]

Written by Michelle Montoro, Modified February 15, 2018
New York Fashion Week Spring 2018

Spring fashion conjures up images of light pinks, blues, and flowery prints. Apparently, this year is going to be a little different and we think Miranda Priestly would approve! New York Fashion Week 2018 kicked off today and we are loving what we see.

Colovos, known for its clean lines and traditional craftsmanship, made sure to include light layers to help shake off the final vestiges of winter. We’re seeing pops of bright orange hues amongst gravely grays and navy. Each models’ makeup mirrored their individual styles seamlessly. The makeup was subdued and natural with a pop of bronze on the lids and cherry red on the lips. Each item in the Spring 2018 Colovos line looks like the next must-have staple to elevate your style.

Along with unique colors, our furry friends are feeling the love this season too. Colovos has opted to ditch leather and furs to make room for innovative recycled pieces. They’ve introduce a lovely line of trench coats made out of material sourced from plastic bottles recycled from the sea.

New York Fashion Week Looks

Noon By Noor kept things sensible, but equally surprising for their 2018 Spring debut. Beautiful splashes of bright red and hot pinks acted as beautifully stark contrasts to black statement pieces. Ankle-length, form-fitting dresses seem to be all the rage this year and we are here for it! Much like the Colovos show, Noon By Noor made sure to include beautifully detailed transitional pieces to help keep the cold at bay.

In between shows, we were sure to check out this year’s street style. Models ran from show to show clutching small statement purses, which seem to be making their mark this week. Ranging from Louis Vuitton to Prada, these tiny purses pack a lot of punch. Trenches and large buckles could be seen on and off the runway this year as well. Oversized comfort also seems to be all the rage in street style this year. Layers and faux fur are key to staying toasty between runway shows.

New York Fashion Week 2018

Models for Tadashi Shoji were throwing off some serious Jessica Rabbit vibes today. Red hot, vibrant lips were the accessories of the night along with lots of bling. Impossibly high slits, unique cut outs, and one sleeved dresses were just a few sights to behold during this jaw-dropping show. Sequin covered party dresses and disco era pantsuits made a surprising debut towards the middle of the show, along with the most beautifully vibrant velvet wrap dress. We’re happy to see velvety textures aren’t going anywhere this season.

New York Fashion Week Spring 2018 Looks

One thing is for sure, this spring we’re packing away our paisleys, boring pastels, and flip-flops. Warmer nights are sure to bring out the glam goddess is anyone lucky enough to snag some of these styles off of the runway. If these shows are any indication of how the rest of the week is going to go, we’re gearing up for a really interesting week. Strap on those lace up sandals and over-the-ankle boots ladies, NYFW 2018 is just getting started!


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