How To Get Rid Of Hiccups? Learn All The Easy, Idiot-Proof Ways

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated December 20, 2022
How To Get Rid Of Hiccups? Learn All The Easy, Idiot-Proof Ways

Now how does it feel when you go hick! Hick! four to sixty times every minute for say ten to twenty minutes or even days unending? Experiencing even the mildest bout of hiccups could be very discomforting most times and knowing how to get rid of hiccups surely should pose a delight to most persons.

Hick! Hick sounds your vocal cords when you irritate the diaphragm for known or unknown reasons and so you just need to know what’s up! So, here I present useful information on what causes hiccups and how to get rid of hiccups using some of the most amazing, easy ways and if you like idiot-proof ways to rid this near harmless but disturbing menace, read on!

1) What Are Hiccups?

synchronous diaphragmatic flutter
Hiccups or hiccoughs; also known as ‘synchronous diaphragmatic flutter’ (SDF) or ‘singultus’. The hiccup occurs when the diaphragm involuntarily contracts simultaneously with the voice box or larynx while the vocal folds close and suspends the passage of air through the windpipe. It usually interrupts the functions of the phrenic nerve in the process of taking in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide and involves the diaphragm, and lungs. When there is an involuntary stoppage of air at this level it causes the individual to jerk and make the ‘hick, hick’ sound. Though it rarely comes with physical pains but most times you feel the blockage in the throat region. Hence you need to know how to get rid of hiccups when they do occur.

2) What Is the Cause of Hiccups?

diaphragm contracts and causes hiccups
Several actions or activities could result in cases of hiccups but hiccup occurs due to the nervous system sensing an abnormality to the normal function of the phrenic nerve and the contracts abruptly. The left and right phrenic nerve located around the neck controls the functions of the heart and diaphragm in terms of breathing. Before we look at how to get rid of hiccups let’s find out first what are the causes of hiccups and what to do to cure the hiccups. The hiccup occurs due to some of the following:

A. Eating And Drinking Habits

Cases of hiccup could be the result when you consume foods containing a lot of spices, eating extremely hot meals, eating really fast. Other consumption related causes could include the consumption of fizzy drinks, alcohol, chewing gum, smoking.

B. Emotional Triggers

Emotional activities such as extreme excitement, fear, and stress can bring about hiccups.

C. Environmental Triggers

What causes hiccup could be as small as a sudden change in temperature. It could interfere with the normal function of the nervous system, especially the lungs and heart resulting in hiccups. An unbelievable occurrence such as a strand of hair tickling the eardrum could trigger hiccups, now isn’t that funny!

D. Medical & Health Triggers

The hiccup occurs also due to side effects or reactions from some class of drugs. Gastrointestinal issues (GI – heartburn, acid reflux, bloating), disorder to the metabolism (diabetes, hyper/hypoglycemia, unhealthy kidney, liver), respiratory issues (pneumonia, pleurisy, and asthma); central nervous system and psychogenic disorders make one prone to hiccups.

Continuous hiccups could result in eating disorders, insomnia, and depression. Brain-related diseases such as meningitis, tumors, stroke, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis encephalitis.

Male adults and children suffer hiccups more than females. Even unborn babies experience hiccups in the womb.

3) How Long Do Hiccups Last?

open and close glottis
A normal duration for a panic-free hiccup session should not exceed 48 hours. Anything beyond 48 hours you should see a doctor as it could be an early sign of a failing health. It could be an early sign of liver or kidney malfunctions.

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4) How Can We Get Rid of Hiccups?

liquid or fluid approach
How to get rid of hiccups pressure points. Now, I have come across this question often and I think it’s time we look at some of the simple ways on how to get rid of hiccups, so you could be free again.

The National Health Service recommends these simple ways on how to stop continuous hiccups including how to get rid of hiccups pressure points:

A. Liquid Or Fluid Approach

When you drink a glass of water it could help ease up oesophagus or reduce the chemical reactions in the body causing the diaphragm contractions. Fill a glass with cold or warm water and take nine to ten sips slowly.

Alternatively, gargle very cold water, allow it get to your throat and leave for a few seconds. Repeat the process again.

B. Physical Activities

Since hiccups involve seizures to breathing, holding your breath for a few seconds and breathing out could provide quick relief especially on how to rid of hiccups pressure points. Doing it three times or more within an interval of twenty minutes could provide relief when trying to get rid of continuous hiccups.

Also, you could use your right thumb to apply as much pressure as you can muster on the center of your left palm. The pressure helps inflict slight discomfort on the central nervous system to treat hiccups.

C. Nose And Mouth Method

Try this! Place two or three fingers on your nose and apply mild pressure. While doing that, try to swallow as if to take in substance. Or cover nose and mouth with your hands firmly but continue breathing freely to take advantage of the presence of carbon dioxide to stop the hiccups.

D. Diaphragm Contractions

To cause diaphragm contractions, place both hands on the diaphragm, bend forward to a ninety degrees position to apply pressure on the diaphragm. Sit and hug your knees closing in on your chest for as long as you can.

E. Breath-Holding Method

Take a deep breath to allow as much air in the lungs, and hold it for as long as you can. The presence of carbon dioxide in your lungs will cause the diaphragm to relax. Or if you can, you could hold your breath and tip your head down side up.

F. Paper Bag Method

Get and then breathe into a paper bag continuously for about 2-3 minutes covering only your mouth and not your head.

5) Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Hiccups

lemon and honey to stop hiccups

A. Vinegar

Swallow half a teaspoon of vinegar.

B. Lemon

Cut one lemon into two and suck the juice.

C. Sugar

Consume a teaspoon full of sugar orally.

D. Honey

Eat honey for relief

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6) How to Get Rid of Hiccups in Babies

remedies to get rid of hiccups in babies
The baby hiccup occurs even in the womb and after birth. And on how to get rid of hiccups in babies try any of these:

  • Give smaller but frequent food rations instead of a single heavy meal.
  • Try to burp the baby for two to three minutes after feeding.
  • Give the baby 5ml of gripe water to drink.
  • Give baby a pacifier to suck.
  • Lift the baby in an upright position for at least 20 minutes after meals.

Placing a white thread on the babies hair as a way to get rid of hiccup is an old wives tales that cannot be substantiated. It could do no harm to try though!

7) Other fast and easy tricks on how to get rid of hiccups

blocking ears trick to get rid of hiccups

A. Tongues out

Stick out your tongue to its limit.

B. Block ears

Use your finger to block your ears for twenty seconds or apply much pressure on the soft part behind and underneath the ears to make the vagus nerves send a relaxing signal to the diaphragm.

C. Scare tactics

Get someone to scare you for real, it puts pressure on the nervous system.

Now, you would hear or find a lot of old wives tales on how to get rid of hiccups but be careful what you do.
Except hiccup occurs due to medications or activities caused by you where you are sure of the causes, if it persists for up to 48 hours you need to see a medical expert for immediate diagnosis and how to treat hiccups.

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