How To Get Rid Of Turkey Neck To Boost Your Confidence With Firmer Neck

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated March 10, 2023
How To Get Rid Of Turkey Neck To Boost Your Confidence With Firmer Neck

The best gift life can offer living more years. As we add the years we live on earth, we grew energetic during the youthful age, full of life and ambitions. However, as we get a blessing of more years, aging catches up with us. It leaves us weaker and vulnerable again, just as kids. That is the funny circle of life. The skin is one of the visible body parts that can prove how age has caught up with most of us. Most of us think that the hands are the only places that can show our age. That’s wrong! Get a mirror and focus on your neck. You might see some sagging skin. Well, that the sign of aging skin. Commonly, it is referred as the turkey neck. Although the neck might be the least favorite part of the body, having the Turkey neck’s sagging skin under the chin might ruin that picture of yours. The neck is one of the toughest areas to treat, and at times most of us wonder if there are ways on how to get rid of turkey neck. To understand how to treat the loose skin under the neck, we have to understand what they are and what causes them. Here, we got you covered.

  • What Is Turkey Neck?

    What Is Turkey NeckThe name turkey neck is a slang term that is given to loose skin that hangs under the chin. As we grow older, the skin becomes loose and looks like that of a turkey wattle thus the name turkey neck. The neck is supported by muscles and just like other muscles in the body, as we age up they weaken. The skin lying on top of the neck muscles are not supported adequately and are likely to sag.

  • What Are The Causes Of Turkey Neck?

    Causes Of Turkey NeckTo understand how to get rid of turkey neck, we first ought to know what causes turkey neck. They are as follows:

1. Genetics

The sagging neck can be as a result of genetics whereby if you have family members who had the same challenge, then there is a chance that you might develop it.

2. Weight Fluctuation

Cause Of Turkey Neck
Rapid and extreme weight loss doesn’t give time to shrink to its normal state. As a result, there is a lot of loose skin around different areas such as the hands, stomach and the neck.

3. Exposure To Harmful UV Rays

This is what causes turkey neck. The prolonged exposure to Ultra Violet rays from the sun damages the skin. The UV rays destroy the natural elasticity of the skin. UV radiation breaks down the connective tissue of the skin which contains collagen and elastin fibers. Without them, the skin loses its potency and stability.

4. Natural Aging Process

Natural Aging Process
Most people get the turkey skin as a result of aging. When we age the skins elastic ability is lost.

5. Gravity

This is another factor that affects the skins ability to hold itself up and puts pressure on the weakening muscles.

  • What Are The Treatments To Get Rid Of Turkey Neck?

    Treatments To Get Rid Of Turkey NeckThere are various ways on how to get rid of turkey neck. Some are home remedies while some may need professional guidance. Here are some of the treatment options.

    1. Turkey Neck Cream

    Various creams can be used to provide an improvement of the turkey neck condition. There are various creams with various ingredients that can be used. They include Tretinoin which includes Retin A and Renova which is a type of generic tretinoin cream. Others include Vitamin C products and those best creams for face wrinkles containing glycolic.

    2. Tighten And Toning Your Neck

    Get Rid Of Turkey NeckThis is one of the best treatment options used on how to get rid of turkey neck. They are best in treatment and prevention of sagging skin on the neck. It involves Radio Frequency skin tightening facials. The treatment is recommended at least once a week for around seven weeks. Radio Frequency skin tightening can be used for making the skin firm and remove the appearance of any sagging skin around the neck and other body parts. A gentle heat in the deep, collagen rich layers of the skin is applied. The heat helps tighten existing collagen thus stimulating the formation of new collagen over time hence reduces sagging.

    3. Applying Moisturizers

    This is an alternative way of how to get rid of turkey neck. The neck contains fewer amounts of oil glands compared to the face. Therefore, the skin around this area gets dry and wrinkled easily. Application of serum and moisturizers to the face will keep the skin replenished.

    4. Use Of Rollers

    Treatment For Sagging NeckFacial rollers are one of the quickest and most efficient ways to tone up your face and neck. The rollers are designed to aid lymph drainage and blood flow thus eliminating puffiness and kick-starting facial muscles as well as clearing out wrinkles. Rolling up the neck at least once a day will bring great results. When learning on how to get rid of turkey neck that is deep a facial Toner which is a home remedy device that firms tighten and lifts skin in the shortest amount of time.

    5. Stretching The Neck

    Stretching the neck on a daily basis can train the skin to be firm. When on a computer or laptop try to sit up straight holding your head up high. Sleeping with your neck long can help tighten it too.

    6. Flex Your Muscles

    Turkey Neck ExercisesVarious turkey neck exercises can also help in getting rid of the turkey neck. Regular exercises can help with the sagging neck. These exercises include facial yoga moves such as engaging your neck, keeping the mouth closed. You can also sit back on a chair with your back straight and slowly lean your head back until you’re in the position of staring the ceiling. Pout your lips as though you are kissing the ceiling and pose in that position for a few seconds. You can also turn your head gently to the right then to the left then relax the head down to the floor. The neck lift exercises should be done as many times as possible.

    7. Surgery

    Cosmetic surgery is one of the least options used on how to get rid of turkey neck. The neck lift surgeries that can be done are the cervicoplasty which is the removal of excess skin and Platymaplasty which involves tightening of loose muscles in the neck.

    8. Botox Injections

    Turkey Neck TreatmentThis non-surgical cosmetic procedure helps to lift and to tighten the skin around the neck and make it appear younger. The injection fills the wrinkled skin making it appear tauter. The Botox injection can be done in the platysmal bands which is a thin sheet that spreads from the chest to the neck.

    One of the effective skin products is a Beverly Hills MD Dermal Repair Complex. This is a well-researched repair solution designed specifically to correct signs of aging around the neck and areas around the chest. The solution ensures the youthful skin look is restored making the skin tighter and firmer.

Turkey neck can be treated with other various home remedies such as drinking green tea, applying olive oil, Applying cucumber paste and use of honey and other natural ingredients. Despite treatment of Turkey neck being frustrating, combinations of the treatments will always work best.

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