7 Ways To Hide Bra Straps From Showing

Written by Janella Domingo Diaz, Modified October 24, 2017
Hide Bra Straps

How To Hide Bra Straps

Won’t you love to put on sundress in the summer mornings? What else can be more exciting than the fashion freedoms offered by warm weather and simple sunshine? No more long sleeves or sweaters! But isn’t it embarrassing when you are unable to hide your bra straps? What do you usually do to keep your bra straps hidden?

Keeping your bra straps hidden is one of the fashionista problems encountered by females anytime they put on open tops. Read on to know some of the bra hacks to hide your bra straps.

Bra Connector

Get a bra strap connector

The connector works by hooking onto both straps on the back. With this, the straps will have no opportunity to slip down the side and off your shoulders. Numerous types of strap connectors exist. They can be purchased online or at various lingerie stores.

Paper clips

Convert paper clips

In case you are unable to get a racer back bra to put on under your tank tops, then a paper clip may turn out to be all you need. Pick up a paper clip off your desk. Pull together your two bra straps with the help of the clip. With this, they’re connected by their centers. By now, they should be visible no more.

Strapless Bra

Wear strapless bras

Another way to keep your bra strap from showing is by putting on a strapless bra. You can as well buy bras made of silicone. They neither have a strap nor a back. They are nearly invisible under sheer clothing.

Sewing Cups

Sew cups into strapless dresses

If you’re looking to put on a strapless dress, wear a strapless bra . If you are scared that it may slip down and expose your nipples, nothing stops you from sewing cups into your strapless dress. With this, you are guaranteed coverage.

Bra Clips

Buy bra clips

Bra clips work just like a paperclip, except that they are much stronger. They contain numerous colors. You can match the color of the clip to your shirt.

Invisible Bra Straps

Buy nude colored straps

On the off chance that you will like to wear a spaghetti strap shirt, that may reveal your bra strap. You can purchase a bra having see-through straps. Put on a bra the same color with you tank top. The color blends and they become unnoticeable.

Tank tops having thick straps

Wear shirts with thick strap

Avoid spaghetti straps in case you don’t want your bra to be visible. Buy more of tank tops having thick straps to cover up your bra straps. You can as well use fashion tape to connect both.

Your bra straps being visible doesn’t signify the end of the world . However, you will definitely look more fashionable if your bra straps stay hidden. You can achieve this by following the aforementioned techniques.

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